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There are a lot of business tips, tools and tactics covered in our monthly blog articles and videos below and we are always working on more.
Feel free to read our monthly posts or watch our videos here or on our YouTube channel. For more personalized advice, contact us directly. We’re always happy to help!

Don’t Try To Sell To Everyone

Don’t Try To Sell to Everyone

Edmonton Business Coach | Don’t Try To Sell to Everyone Know your target audience or customers. A common mistake new entrepreneurs make when starting out, according to Edmonton business coach, is they try to sell their product or service to everyone. This makes a lot...

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Get Seo To Work For You Part 2

Get SEO To Work For You Part 2

Edmonton Business Coach | Get SEO To Work For You Part 2 In part one, Edmonton business coach Trevor Samons talks about what SEO is, and some steps to start utilizing it in your business plan. Part two of this series delves deeper into SEO incorporating it into your...

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Get Seo To Work For You Part 1

Get SEO To Work For You Part 1

Edmonton Business Coach | Get SEO To Work For You Part 1 In part one of this two part series, we discuss with Edmonton business coach, Trevor Samons what SEO is, and how to start using it to your benefit to find your ideal and likely buyers. This is a great primer for...

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Websites Are More Than Pretty Pictures

Websites Are More Than Pretty Pictures

Edmonton Business Coach | Websites Are More Than Pretty Pictures While many business owners know the importance of having a website, according to Edmonton business coach. They don’t know what needs to be on a website to convert people into their customers. And with...

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What is the Business Growth page all about?

This page is a collection of our marketing strategies and insights that we have learned and use to help our clients build their online marketing presence. These videos are published here and on our Inspired Method YouTube channel so that anyone that wants to learn more about digital marketing for small business.

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Who are these videos for?

We are passionate about helping business owners succeed. The biggest reason we started this agency is that we realized that too many businesses are failing because they haven’t learned how to attract clients in the online world. There is so much information and misinformation surrounding digital marketing, we wanted to create a resource where we can help entrepreneurs make sense of it all. The goal is to distill the mass of information into small, easily digestible morsels of digital marketing goodness.

Why are you giving out free marketing information?

The short answer is because we know that it’s the right thing to do. Our agency has benefitted from free information and the generosity of mentors from all corners of the globe. Giving free information is our way of paying forward what we have received.
Providing great, relevant information is also good for our local economy. Knowing that 50% of businesses fail and 70% of our workforce is employed by a small business, it helps us all when we give free, helpful information. Though we may help our competition, a struggling economy is far worse.


Can I avoid hiring a digital agency if I watch these videos?

We do our best to provide up to date information that can be used by any business to win online. The videos are designed to shine a spotlight on relevant strategies to help entrepreneurs increase their understanding of the concepts. We don’t expect any business owner to do a deep dive into learning the practical applications of all of these tactics. Business owners have a million other details like, customer service, sales, HR, and managing the day to day operations.

If I am a client, do I have to watch the marketing tips videos?

It would be very helpful to familiarize yourself with our methods in between our weekly scheduled strategy sessions. This helps to make the sessions more efficient as we won’t have to spend time explaining the why and the what of the process. Additionally, if you can implement some of these strategies on your own, we can focus on the areas of the marketing plan to help accelerate your growth. You don’t have to watch the videos, but it will help maximize your time.

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What is the best way to absorb this content, I am so busy?

All of us have the same amount of time in the week. It is finite and we have so many things to do in that time. We have to fit in work, eating, sleeping, kids, and so on. We suggest you listen to a video while driving or on a lunch break. Do it in the pockets of your day when you can listen to the videos. The only time we recommend watching the videos is when we are unpacking a tutorial where watching is crucial to the learning. Our videos are around 10 minutes in length and are on a single focused topic which makes it easier to grasp the concepts.

Why don’t you have fancy graphics and polished scripting on your videos?

These videos perform a couple of functions. Firstly, they provide real, relevant digital marketing tips and strategies that can help any small business or solopreneur. Secondly, they are used to show our clients that they don’t have to be perfect when creating video content. Actually, viewers like videos that aren’t perfect and polished with high production value. They aren’t seen as authentic. So for our clients, this format is perfectly suited for their needs.


Do you take requests?

We try to keep our content and up to date with the latest trends and tactics. Some of our videos just skim the surface of a much bigger topic. Our intention is to circle back and go deeper, but we don’t always get to it right away. Sometimes another hot topic comes up that we feel needs to be discussed and shared, but we try to avoid the shiny object syndrome.

If you have a topic that you would like to see us discuss please contact us here and we would be glad to answer your marketing questions.

Are you looking for guests on your videos?

We love collaborating with marketing pros from around the globe. Some of our closest allies are from Australia, Europe and the United States. If you’re a marketing pro and have some great ideas on marketing for small businesses, we would love to have you on our channel.