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Edmonton Business Coach | Get SEO To Work For You Part 2

In part one, Edmonton business coach Trevor Samons talks about what SEO is, and some steps to start utilizing it in your business plan. Part two of this series delves deeper into SEO incorporating it into your entire website and digital marketing. We left off discussing the importance of creating content strategically to utilize the keywords that will help you get found on search engines. The more keywords that are used, the more likely that entrepreneur’s website will be likely to show up in search results done by their ideal and likely buyers.

What is Keyword Research for SEO

This is another strategy that Edmonton business coach company Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching can help business owners with. They can do some research to figure out what terms people are searching for, when looking for those things that an entrepreneur sells. This can sometimes be difficult, says Trevor Samons, the Edmonton business coach at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. It’s hard to do, because people are unpredictable, trying to anticipate what words people will use can be tricky.

Picking The Right Keyword Is Tricky

In fact, according to Google’s statistics, 15% of all searches that are performed, have never been done before. And while that might seem like a small number, Edmonton business coach reminds entrepreneurs that trillions of searches are performed each year. Which means a minimum of 150 billion searches have never been performed before. This is the exact reason why getting help from a knowledgeable professional can be invaluable.

The search terms our business owners need to use often not industry correct terms. And of course, business owners are the experts in their field, they may not realize that their consumers do not know these industry terms. And of course, there is also some trial and error involved, says Edmonton business coach Samons. We can be watching the website metrics on our end, and see if a particular keyword has no value, and we can change it. And although small business owners can take the time to learn what they need to do, their time is very important, and they have very little of it, so it makes sense to hire experts like Samons and his team.

Start Using SEO Before Buying Ads Online

Edmonton Seo Process By Inspired Method

Once you are ready to start spending money for online advertising, these keywords will come in very handy. Driving traffic to your website using the most used keywords, so it helps having those keywords identified and utilized on your website. You can drive traffic using a variety of keywords, but for small businesses, they should definitely start small, and focus on one keyword at a time. You don’t want to spread your marketing efforts too thin to start, says Samons, the Edmonton business coach.

Once you have more of a marketing budget, you can increase ad spend by adding a keyword. Start slow, and keep your marketing efforts steady. It’s also important to be patient with your results, advises Samons. Too often, business owners wait until they are struggling with finding customers, and then they want fast results. No matter what marketing efforts you utilize, they will all take time. Be wary of any company or marketing manager who can promise fast results. They are expensive, and the results will not last. It’s better to start marketing when you start your business, to ensure it has the time to get the results you need to increase your revenue.

Content Is King – Get Started Now

And if business owners have heard the phrase “content is king” that refers to having original and great content on their website. While it might seem daunting to business owners that not only do they have to own their business and everything that comes with it, but they also have to provide content for the website, Edmonton business coach can help with that too! This is the reason behind their video strategy. By shooting long form videos – videos of approximately 10 minutes, that can give them the content web crawlers are looking for.

Not only can long videos be repurposed in so many different ways, but they can be transcribed and put onto the business’s website, giving even more content. Since you are the authority on content, it shouldn’t be hard to talk about one aspect of your business for ten minutes. And this isn’t something that should be done once and forgotten, Inspired Method Marketing will help you develop a strategy to continue developing great content for your business, without being overwhelming or difficult.

What Are Internal and External Links

Ensure you are using links in your website, as another tactic, says Samons, the Edmonton business coach at Inspired Method Marketing. You will want a variety of internal and external links. Internal links are ones that point to other pages on your website. And external links are ones that point to another website. This helps establish your authority and credibility, not only to your consumers, but the search engines will see the number of links as further proof that you are an expert in your field.

Not only that, but your consumers who are doing the searches to find the best company to buy products and services from will find value in the information on your website. Lots of links will help them find the most appropriate content, and thus, the best product or service to buy. Link to high quality websites that are also an authority in their field to ensure linking works effectively.

How To Use Metadata

Other search engine optimization tactics can be done by the Edmonton business coach team. They can utilize metadata, have great links and backlinks, and use alt tags. If all of these things sound confusing, never fear, this is why hiring a great team like Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching is helpful. Not only will they help with these aspects of marketing, but it’s not an additional price, like most other companies.

Get Help From The SEO Experts

While getting found by your ideal customers sounds hard, it doesn’t have to be. Work with the experts, so you can do what you do best. Inspired Method Marketing will help you end up exactly where your clients are looking, so you can be found. Get started today, don’t wait until you are struggling in your business! Reach out for your free initial consultation and find out all the ways we can help you win in business!