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Why you should employ Business Coaching Experts

It is not common for business owners to hire a business coach. In fact only 1% do so according to Forbes Magazine. If you are able to swallow your pride, there is a good chance you will benefit greatly from hiring a business coach.

Business owners who are serious about improving their organization believe a business coach in Edmonton is an essential element to unlock hidden potential and opportunities. The same Forbes study shows that 90% of business owners will see an improvement when getting business coaching.

Business Coaching Edmonton &Amp; Vancouver
Business Coach In Edmonton

Let the professionals help

A good business coach can help by providing an alternate point of view and help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses including the overall outlook of your business. Sometimes there are things that are difficult to see from within the organization, even if you have a good team surrounding you. A business coach can work with you and the team to develop systems and tools to help grow your top line and hire the best people.

Inspired Method Marketing & Business Coaching takes a different approach to coaching in that we include the marketing tools that your business needs, so you don’t have to waste time and money sourcing out your digital marketing Edmonton, graphic design, online advertising and video content production.

Business Coaching Helps You Win

Inspired Method will help you:

  • Define clear goals and vision for your company.
    • We help you define your five or ten year goals and develop a road map to get there.
  • Develop relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s).
    • What is measured is what gets results. We help you focus on the things that matter and put less attention on the things that don’t help you achieve your goals.
  • Identifying internal & external influences.
    • It can be difficult to look at your business objectively from within to see some of the threats or opportunities. By bringing them into focus, a good coach will help you make better decisions.
  • Defining your “why”.
    • Do you even know why you are in business? It can be difficult to put into words the reason for your businesses existence and why you work so hard to make it successful. We can help you articulate your “why” in a clear and concise manner so you can communicate it to yourself and the team.
  • Repeatable systems development.
    • Every successful business has standardized “franchise” type systems in place. This helps them easily train new hires, maintain consistency in deliverables and scale the business.
  • Hire the best team in 4 hours a week or less.
    • Most small businesses do not have a good system to hire great people efficiently. Our systems will allow you to spend your time doing more important things than setting up interview appointments for people who don’t show up.

 Why Should You Hire Inspired Method Marketing & Business Coaching?


The return on investment is always something to consider. Business coaching is no different. There are some recent statistics that demonstrate the benefits outweigh the costs. Some of the most important numbers being:

  • 53% increase in overall productivity
  • 23% lowered costs
  • 22% increase in profitability
  • 61% increase in job satisfaction among employees and executives
  • 34% reduction in client grievances

Weekly Strategy Sessions With A Business Coach in Edmonton


Our system is different in that we meet weekly at a pre-scheduled time with our clients. For some, this is a problem as they do not have a weekly repeatable schedule in place. Their life is dictated by the immediate, rather than planned, intentional time to focus on what is important. 

Bill Campbell, the coach to the silicon valley tech giants met weekly with his clients which included Steve Jobs. We like to emulate the most successful people and use the systems they employed so we too can become better at what we do.