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Why Business Coaching &Amp;≪Br /≫
Digital Marketing Services Go Together

Why Business Coaching &
Digital Marketing Services Go Together

Our approach to small business marketing is different than the typical website development company.

We discovered early on that most business owners need help identifying their goals and opportunities for growth, and being held accountable to those initiatives.

We are passionate about helping businesses succeed. We’re so confident in our proven strategies that our new clients don’t have to pay for any of our digital marketing services until they get their first lead!

Business Marketing
Edmonton Graphic Design | Edmonton Logo Design


By having well designed graphics and logo on your website and printed materials, potential customers will see you as polished and professional. Even if you are a one-person company, great design gives the perception of a larger, established brand.


Having a pretty website on page 8 of Google is like advertising on a billboard in the forest; nobody is ever going to see it. Designers like to “custom” code websites to put their skills on display, but few truly understand what is really important for a website to produce leads.
Not only does your site need to appear at the top of relevant search terms for your business, but the site must be thoughtfully designed to generate leads and sales. We have learned that 80% of your website will never be seen, so why focus so much attention on pages that won’t be viewed by a human?
If your website is just a fancy digital brochure, you’ve already lost. We have seen too many clients who paid tens of thousands of dollars for a custom website and are held hostage by their web developer. Our method focuses on the details of your website that are most important to generating leads and sales.

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Ads Management


There are so many different options available to businesses when it comes to online advertising and marketing. Most business owners aren’t digital advertising experts and are often frustrated by the complexity of it. We help our customers focus on what is important and where to advertise online.


Search engine optimization is a complicated topic, when you don’t know how it works. We have learned from the top experts in SEO the core elements to winning on Google. The strategy is simple, but the execution is where it becomes difficult for business owners to take on the task themselves. That is where our proven system helps business owners focus on growing their business.

Search Optimization
No Brainer


A No-Brainer is something that a company or business would offer to its potential clients. Being that it’s usually free or close to it, it just doesn’t make sense for ideal clients to say no to it. This offer is something that will help solve a problem and it doesn’t cost anything to get it. When it’s given away, whatever it is, it becomes enticing for people to come in and eventually become a paying customer.


Our approach to business coaching is quite different than most other business coaches. We don’t care about your feelings. We want you to be successful.

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs and business advisers KNOW the common reasons for business failure and the key strategies that all successful businesses use to overcome them.

The biggest objection to adopting our strategies is that business owners think their business is so unique, that it won’t work for  them.

The truth is that our system only works if you do.

Feelings Based
Fixed Monthly


Most marketing agencies work on a project basis and charge fees for edits, changes and additions to your website. Some will charge a monthly fee for search engine optimization after they’ve billed you thousands for your website. We include website design, SEO, and all of our services for one flat fee. We have no hidden fees or contracts that could hurt our business coaching clients.


The common reasons for business failure are predictable. Growing a small business is easy, when you follow a proven, predictable path. The strategies that we use to help our business clients was developed over decades of studying what makes a business successful. Not only do we recommend these strategies to our clients, we implement them in our own businesses.

Step By Step
Weeekly Strategy


For any business initiative to be effective it must be ongoing. Business owners often lack the accountability necessary to reach their goals and objectives. By having weekly in-person or online business strategy sessions, the likelihood that you will reach your business growth targets increases dramatically.


No business can survive without sales. Having well developed sales scripts for your team will dramatically improve sales in your business. Just as an athlete or musician must practice in order to perform at the highest level, your team must also practice to and rehearse to make the most of every opportunity. 

Sales Training
Hr Team Building


The inability to grow a team is the third most common reason for business failure. The HR strategies taught in business school are developed for big business with a dedicated HR staff. We help small businesses attract and hire quality applicants without wasting hundreds of hours on sub-par applicants.


In order for  your business to scale, it must have systems in place that make the complicated simple. We help you determine the vital systems, templates and checklists that will allow your business to begin operating without you.

Video Content Strategy


Content is the reason that search engines were created. The criteria that the search engines use to determine what is good content and what is irrelevant content is advancing all the time. What is certain, is that providing relevant and consistent content is still the best way for your website to be seen as a source of authority and relevance in the eyes of Google. We work with our clients to help them create content in the most time-efficient way possible using video. In a few minutes each week, your content will be fresh and SEO friendly.