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Why you should use an Internet Marketing Service

When I started working out of college, my first job was to convince local small businesses that they needed to have a website. This was in 1999 when the internet was just in its infancy and the best play for a local business was to have the largest ad they could afford in The Yellow Pages. 

Traditional marketing still has a role to play for businesses. It is a fallacy to think that a small business will never require printed materials for their brochures, vehicle wraps, door hangers, flyers and uniforms as part of their marketing mix. 

By comparison, digital marketing in Edmonton is quite economical in comparison. A well developed website combined with effective online advertising will outperform print every time.

The internet has made it possible for local small businesses to compete with their larger competitors on a more even playing field when done well. If your business is not employing effective digital marketing, your business will not grow as it should. Relying solely on word of mouth or walk-in traffic will almost surely result in low sales and quite possibly business failure. 

Business owners who are serious about improving their organization believe business coaching and online marketing is an essential element to unlock hidden potential and opportunities and leads. The same Forbes study shows that 90% of business owners will see an improvement by hiring a business management coach.

Digital Marketing In Edmonton

50% of all Canadian businesses fail in the first five years. Inspired Method Digital Marketing & Coaching exists to change this.

What We Offer As A Digital Marketing Agency In Edmonton

Google Business Profile Management

This is one of the most powerful tools you as a small business owner can take advantage of. A well appropriated Google Business Profile you can expect an influx of calls, website visits and/or visits to your storefront. In fact 97% of users found a local business by “googling” it.

Search Engine Optimization

Google is the number one search engine by a large margin. Having a website that shows up on page one of the search engine results page is an art and a science. Inspired Method works with you to determine the search terms that are the most beneficial for your business. The goal is to increase the organic traffic to your website from your ideal and likely customers. This means you can make more sales without increasing your advertising budget.

Digital Advertising

PPC or pay-per-click is an advertising designed to attract traffic to your website. The advantage to PPC advertising is that it’s intent-based; meaning the searcher is actively typing into the search bar what they are looking for. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad and is determined by your daily budget. 

Retargeting visitors to your website is a strategy most other Edmonton digital marketing agencies and advertisers miss. What they don’t realize is that it takes potential customers seeing your ads an average of 4.3 times before taking action. We set up retargeting ads that “follow” visitors as they browse the internet to help nudge them into clicking on your ad.

Social media advertising involves companies like Facebook and Instagram to promote your business and its offerings.

Digital Marketing in Edmonton – An Affordable Way To Grow Your Business

Let’s face it. Operating a business can be quite costly and there are plenty of marketing companies out there who are more than happy to put your company on grocery bags or till receipts for thousands of dollars. How many people will actually see the ads AND buy something from you? 

Digital marketing in Edmonton is relatively inexpensive and you can collect real data that will help refine ad spend and delivery to make the most of your budget. Did we mention SEO?

WordPress Websites

WordPress is still the gold standard in website platforms for indexing on Google Search Engine Results. If you speak to other web developers and digital marketers they would insist that coding a website is better for speed, customization abilities and SEO, but what happens when you need to make a small change or if you decide to switch to a different provider? 

As a business owner your options are not great. It will likely end up costing you thousands of dollars and months of headaches. 

WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg to work with Google Search and is quite easy to manage with minimal training. This means the business owner has more options and won’t be stuck with a custom coded website they have no idea how to use.

Video Marketing

Video is highly effective and the most popular media distributed online today. Because most businesses don’t use video at all, this puts our clients in a good position to stay ahead of their competitors. There are many different ways to use video content marketing like long-form video, vlogs, podcasts to promote your brand, bring awareness and share client testimonials.

We Guarantee Your Customers Are Online – So Why Aren’t You?

Even if a customer finds you through a word-of-mouth referral, social media or tradeshow, they will do a Google Search on you to learn more about your business and read your reviews. If they do not find your business or worse, your business has a lackluster online presence you will more than likely not gain a new customer. 

Reach Your Customers Effectively

Digital Marketing in Edmonton connects you to your customers like traditional marketing never could. You can respond quickly to customer inquiries or service issues. It also allows you to create and implement systems to improve your relationship with your customers. It costs dramatically less to sell to a happy customer than to attract a new one.

What are you waiting for? The best time to start digital marketing was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. Our team members of business coaches, graphic designers and web developers are ready to get to work on your business. 

When searching for digital marketing services near me, look no further than Inspired Method! Schedule a consultation today and learn what Inspired Method Marketing & Coaching can do to help your business grow using digital marketing in Edmonton.