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Many of the people we help have been burned by digital marketing companies before. To be seen as unique and different, we decided to make it easy for small business owners to say yes. We provide high quality services as long as you’re with us. Should you decide to move on, that’s okay. All of your digital assets are yours, all of your passwords and logins are given to you so that you can continue growing your online presence.


There will always be a place for printed materials in some form. Large companies with large budgets can afford to spend on billboards, transit advertising, television, radio and direct mail. When you look at the businesses that run large traditional media campaigns, they are typically huge multinational companies with an established presence.

The problem local businesses have is that they don’t have a large presence. Nobody knows who they are, what they do or why they are in business. Small businesses should never spend money on these types of campaigns because they are extremely expensive and there is no way to track who saw the ads or if they resulted in sales. Traditional media also requires a large commitment of 3-6 months or longer for a company to see results. This isn’t financially feasible for a small business. Digital marketing and advertising is the great equalizer for small business.

We live in an amazing time in human history. Social media guru, Gary Vaynerchuk points out the advantages we have when he said, “Recognize that you have a much bigger chance and a better opportunity than your parents did to build a business around your passion and don’t take that for granted.”
A small business in Edmonton can take advantage of tools like Google and social media to promote their business to a targeted audience. This same business can see the results of their advertising and make adjustments to maximize results. If they were pouring money into traditional media they wouldn’t have the advantage of big data targeting and retargeting.


Because we want our customers to be successful, quickly.

Weekly strategy sessions set us apart from all other digital marketing companies. Anything worth building takes time and commitment. Our digital marketing success system takes most small businesses between 6-12 months to become a lead generating juggernaut. By having the business owner involved in the process along the way, it accomplishes two things.

  • The system gets moving faster.
  • The owner or manager is educated on how digital marketing works for their business.


When you visit our offices for the first time, you’ll see that we are different. You will see several workstations with three by three grids of monitors. We believe that having more screens helps with workflow and being time efficient. Plus it looks cool.
We will make you a cappuccino or latte after the tour and then we will take time to learn about your business. By asking questions about who you are, what business you’re in and a bit about your history helps us to understand how we can best help you.

Either Trevor or Karen, the founders, will walk you through our processes, systems and set up your weekly scheduled strategy sessions. What gets measured, gets results. We set all of our clients up with a method to track leads and sales, as well as an agenda to ensure continuous progress on our marketing efforts.

If your Google My Business listing isn’t set up, this is where we get started. We help you set up and optimize your listing so you can start getting reviews from your raving fans. If you don’t have any yet, we provide you with a plan on how to get your first one.


As a business owner, your time is very valuable. Do you want to be spending time writing blog content for your business? The average 1000 word blog takes two to three hours to write. That’s only if you are a great writer and an expert on the topic. Most business owners don’t have that kind of time.

You could hire a writer to create great, high-quality blogs, but each one would cost around $300 for a good blog filled with images, great writing, proper headlines, sub-titles and links. Or you could spend about $30 on a questionable blog that is probably plagiarized which doesn’t help your Google search ranking.

We help our customers create content quickly and easily with easy to follow templates and transcribed video content. In a few minutes a week, your site will have original, relevant and rich content that will help you get to page one on Google.