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Edmonton Business Coach | Get SEO To Work For You Part 1

In part one of this two part series, we discuss with Edmonton business coach, Trevor Samons what SEO is, and how to start using it to your benefit to find your ideal and likely buyers. This is a great primer for all new entrepreneurs who don’t know where to start. Many business owners have heard the term SEO, says Edmonton business coach. They may even know what it stands for.

But do they know what it means, or how to leverage it to help them find more customers? Probably not, in fact says Trevor Samons of Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching, most entrepreneurs are trying to figure out their own digital marketing to start. Even though they don’t have any experience or expertise in the area. That leads to small businesses having an inefficient and ineffective advertising and digital marketing strategy when it’s the most crucial to have an effective way of finding their ideal and likely buyers.

Search Engine Optimization For Your Business

First, it’s important for small business owners to understand what it is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s all about ensuring your ideal customers can find you on a search engine when they are looking for the products or services you offer. So what is a search engine then? It’s a website devoted to helping users find online whatever they are looking for.

The largest search engine in the world is Google. It’s so well known and used, that rather than say you are searching for it online, you say you “googled it”. Google has over 80% of the market share by a very large margin. Google’s closest competitor is Bing, which has 15% of the market share. Google’s popularity stems from how it works, by indexing all webpages online, thereby reducing the amount of time it needs to find users the answers they are looking for.

SEO Helps Your Customers Find You

Thus, utilizing search engine optimization helps you get found by more ideal clients. Utilizing SEO can be done in a variety of ways, Edmonton business coach recommends optimizing for Google, since it’s what the vast majority of customers use when they are searching for products and services to buy. Contrary to popular belief, simply having a website does not guarantee search results.

Besides, says Edmonton business coach, Trevor Samons, it doesn’t matter if you’re on page three or even two of search engine results. If you’re not on the first page, you are invisible. Your customers aren’t going to go past the first page before making a purchasing decision. You don’t just need to be somewhere, you need to be on page one.

Edmonton Business Coach | SEO Can Be Complex

There are so many ways to optimize search engine results, that even if small business owners understood SEO, they may not be following the right advice, or implementing it effectively. This is why having an Edmonton business coach like Inspired Method can be so helpful. We teach our clients what can be done to increase their search engine results, and then we help them behind the scenes so to speak, to give their SEO a boost.

Best of all, entrepreneurs don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on a website when they’re first starting out if they utilize Google Places. Entrepreneurs can work on SEO even before they have a website, by the time they launch their website in the future, it will already be generating views. Step number one is to get a Google Places listing. It’s a service on Google that allows entrepreneurs to have a business listing that will appear in online searches don’t forget to enter your address, so you’ll appear in the map listing as well.

Just Having A Website Is Not Enough

This already makes entrepreneurs more likely to be found by their ideal clients than a website alone. But it also allows your customers to start giving you google reviews, which is also important. The more reviews a business has, the higher up in the search engine results they will appear. Edmonton business coach recommends getting that google business listing as quickly as possible, even before your business officially opens, and get good at asking for google reviews.

When you do go to build your website, it’s vital that your web developer helps you ensure that the website looks and functions well on phones and tablets. The reason is because the majority of customers will do a search for a product or service they want to buy on their phones. That means if they find your company through a search, and they visit your website on their phone, if it doesn’t work well or look good, they may go elsewhere.

The SEO Basics

Edmonton business coach Inspired Method Marketing goes one step further. They ensure that all websites they develop not only looks good on mobile, but the websites they create are designed to organize all their information the way Google prefers to ensure quick indexing for fast searches. This is just one way that Inspired Method Marketing helps businesses be found by their ideal clients. Not only does the content need to be high value, says Edmonton business coach Trevor Samons.  But business owners need to use keywords on their website.

Why good keyword are important

Using keywords on each page of their website will help the search engines, like Google determine if that particular website contains information valuable to the person doing the search. This is often why Wikipedia articles are shown very high on search results, not only is the information organized well, but they have words on the page relevant to the search. To learn more in depth information about SEO and how to utilize it in your business, please watch for part two of this series!

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