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Hi, welcome back to the Edmonton business coach, Inspired Method Marketing tips here on YouTube. Today we’re going to talk about work your dream 100 list my name is Karen and this, is my husband Trevor from Inspired Method Marketing, your Edmonton business coaches and today we’re going to share a quote from Dave Ramsey. He says people are in, are in such a hurry to launch their product or business that they seldom look at marketing from a bird’s eye view and they don’t create a systematic plan.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Another quote, it takes an average of 18, one-eight calls to actually connect with a buyer and that’s coming from HubSpot. Wow, that’s a lot. That is a lot. Yeah.

So one of the hardest things for business owners to do is actually to pick up that phone. Unless you don’t want to be in business, you have to overcome the call reluctance. Yes. So true. Like some of the easiest ways to do that is just a role play and practice, I think. Yeah, 100% and just actually picking up the phone. So what are some questions?  Yeah. Let’s break this down. How do you get that phone in your hand?

What is the dream 100 list?

The dream 100 list is a list of people, your ideal and likely buyers that you compile all this stuff, whether or people who can help you find that ideal and likely buyer, right? So it’s compiling that list so you, if you don’t know who your ideal and likely buyers are, where they might be, then you won’t know how to do this. But that’s part of what we do as an Edmonton business coach. We help people to create that dream 100 list and help them with the scripts and things they need in order to take that leap and call people.

Yeah, just get a piece of paper, right. Every person you can think of that you know, don’t make any decision yet, just write them down. Yeah. And just go from there. And like you said, they opened up the door to other networks of people. Pretty cool.

How do you start building that list then, Edmonton business coach?

Well, you start building a list. Go by your warm list first. I started there. Um, just go through your phone and talk and look at friends, family, old acquaintances, people that you’ve done work with in the past or business with in the past. Uh, suppliers can be any number of people that, that know you, like you and trust you and then you can just connect with them and get started talking with them and letting them know what you do.

Right now you’re not trying to close people in this call. You’re just trying to meet with them and just go over, you know what you’re doing now. And then it’ll come up in the conversation, what you’re up to and then you’ll have the opportunity to share your new business idea.

Now if you already in business and you’re noticing that sales are a bit lack luster and things are kind of taking a dip, then you need to go into, you know, your customer list, your previous clients, people who’ve done business with you and just talking with them, revisiting because it’s easier to get business from someone who’s already worked with you in the past than it is from somebody brand new.

And if you don’t have that list, then it’s a matter of finding people that you would like as your customer and you compile that list either in a Google drive or in an excel spreadsheet. Get there, the company name, owner’s name, the website, email, phone number, and start making that list. Easy as that. And if you don’t put someone on the list, you’re likely not going to reach that person. So think about the dream clients that you would want.

Edmonton business coach, what do you do with that, once you have that list created?

Well, once you’ve got the list created, then you just have to start dialing for dollars. You pick up the phone and start smiling and dialing in which you have to do is actually really important. The smiling because just goes right through the phone. It’s incredible. Yeah. I think about opening up the mouth.

Yeah. People can hear it. Well and you, um, there is a, someone who did a study and came up with the 7/38/55 principle. So our communication, 7% is what we say. 38% is how we say it. And 55% is body language. So there’s all of that that goes into human communications. So you can get 45% worth of your, uh, your emotions, your feelings and how you say things over the phone. They can’t see you, but they can hear you.

So if you answer the phone, Hey, oh, this is me from ABC company and you know, I, I really want to, you know, have a meeting with your boss, blah, blah, blah. Very boring. Right? And people are going to not be excited to talk with you. So if you have some energy and you smile, then people can get that feeling.

So, Edmonton business coach, how often do you have to call that list?

You call them regularly until they cry, buy or die. Okay. You buy that’s right. So you keep calling them until they either cry, buy or die. That’s it. Like grant Cardone and a, so you can call you email, you can do personal visits. There’s a lot of different techniques that you can use to get in front of those people. But you should continue on until you, you get a meeting with them and then keep building the list. Keep making it larger. Yeah, that’s right.

Are there other ways to reach out other than actually calling, picking up that phone? Are there other ways, Edmonton business coach?

Yes, you can do other things and I recommend doing multiple different things, but you can’t just do the same thing over and over and over again and expect a different result. So sending them an email, I’m sending them a video text message, her video, personal message, video, email. You can send them, you know, a box of cookies if you want. It doesn’t matter.

There’s a lot of different ways you can get to that ideal and likely buyer. It all depends on what is that client worth to you and how much do you need them to become your customer. That’s what’s going to motivate you. You might even be able to use girl guide cookies or something like that.

Can I have a list of more than a hundred, Edmonton business coach?

Yeah, absolutely. You can make a list of 10,000 it doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re contacting the list, the list is only as good as how often you are contacting them and doing something with that list. Yeah.

So how many deals can expect from a dream 100 list?

Good question. You can expect between one and three. Wow. Yeah. You need a 10,000 yeah. Yeah. Between one and three is where you’re going to land in a list of a hundred people. Go for the 60 rejections. Yeah, go for it Edmonton business coach. The more rejections, the better because it’s just a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more numbers you dial, the higher your odds are going to be to get a meeting with someone or to sell them something. Yeah. So it’s a numbers game.

And the better that you get on the phone to better use, smile and dial and you know, use your scripts and adapt them to your style, then you’re going to be more successful. Right? That’s how you can do it. Yeah.

Edmonton business coach, can I ever stop with the dream 100 list?

You should never stop having that list or changing that is because your business needs will change. You might need a dream 100 for something else. Maybe not for a sale, but maybe you’ll need a dream 100 list for a, a contact that’s going to help you with personal growth. Maybe you’ll need project or, yeah, or something new that comes down and you don’t even know yet. Yeah, exactly. So you should always have a list of people that can make a dramatic difference in your business today. And as Edmonton business coaches, we really want to help businesses to grow beyond where they’re at.

Now, a lot of businesses when they come to us, they aren’t, they aren’t usually winning big, but usually smaller. And they are great technicians in their business, but they don’t know how to expand and grow that business beyond their own capabilities. So having this dream 100 list gets them out of their comfort zone a little bit and has them see beyond where they’re at and gets them actively pursuing new business so that they can afford marketing services they can afford to advertise. And they can then shift from strictly doing the cold calling stuff into doing more advanced marketing and advertising initiatives.

So that’s where we excel in our business. That’s what we want to help you to do as Edmonton business coaches to grow your business, to expand, to market yourself to more and more people. And if you don’t know what your dream 100 is or how to build that list, then you need to give us a call. You need to reach out to us, either on our website at forward slash contact, or you can call me (780) 937-2939 and I’ll be glad to take your call and set up a free consultation with you.

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