Hi. Welcome back to the Inspired Method Marketing & Coaching channel on YouTube. We’re your Edmonton business coach and today, we’re going to be talking about communicating your company values often.

My name’s Karen, this is my husband, Trevor. We are the co-founders of Inspired Method. And Seth Godin says marketing is the generous act of helping others become who they seek to become. It involves creating honest stories, stories that resonate and spread. Love it. Yeah. His quotes spread too, like just amazing. 92% of buyers trust referrals from people they know.

Absolutely. I mean, that has always been true Edmonton business coach. I think more people trust the recommendation of a friend over any advertising that you can do.

And even pre-social media days, that was the main way, right? Absolutely. And of course it’s just amplified that on social media. Yes. Your referrals, right? Business owners often assume their employees know what the vision of the company is simply by working in the business that we know that as not true unless the message is communicated well and often the team can get off track or lose sight of the goals completely.

Edmonton business coach, why do you instruct all your businesses that you helped to write out their problem, their vision, their mission, and their values?

Well, the reason that we tell them to do that is many of them don’t know what their purpose is. They don’t know what their business is. When you ask them who is your ideal client? They’ll usually say, everybody. Everyone is my ideal client. Sure. For anyone, right? So you have to sort out what is the problem that you’re solving and who are you solving it for? And the next thing is what are your company values, Edmonton business coach. What is the vision that you have with a number?

So how many people do you want to reach? Who do you want to touch? Can be a monetary goal, can be a number of people, health goal, whatever that is. If you don’t have a target to shoot for, then you’ll hit it every time, right? You don’t know what you’re aiming for. You’ll hit it every time. So you have to definitely, you know, have these written down.

So many companies don’t have this written down and figured out. And then if you don’t know what your business is all about and what your vision is, what your mission is, how can you expect your employees to know what their objective is as a company and how are you supposed to get them behind the mission when there isn’t one written down? People cannot read your mind. So yeah, you have to do a good of writing it down. True.

Do most business owners communicate these very well to the team, Edmonton business coach?

You know, in a lot of cases they don’t. They do not, they do not communicate their mission or their vision very well at all to the team. They know. They just think that once they did it in the, initial meeting with them when they got hired, that was good enough. The owner might be thinking about it and having it internalized and living at our everyday.

But if you’re not telling people and regularly communicating why you do what you do, then they’re just not going to pick that up there. What I find as an Edmonton business coach is the owner often assumes that they know the vision when they don’t. Right. They’re just not going to automatically follow the leader, when the leader hasn’t told them what the point of all of this is. So yeah, no, they really don’t.

Do business owners lose sight of the fact that we, one of the major motivating factors is doing meaningful work?

Absolutely. A lot of business owners think that money is the way to motivate people to getting better performance out of them. When studies show that most people want to be involved in doing something meaningful, at the end of the day, when they go home, they feel like they’ve accomplished something in the world. Like, look at how many people work for non-profits for the either volunteer or they work for very, very low salaries because they believe in what they’re doing.

And you’ll see more and more people, millennials and so forth that, you know, would rather know they’re doing something, they’re making a difference and make less money than to make all kinds of money and do something that they hate or they don’t believe in. So if you want people on your team who are behind you 100%, then I’m telling you as an Edmonton business coach, you need to communicate why you’re doing it. Yeah, it’s true.

Is it best to set short term goals while working on your long-term vision recommended?

Yes, absolutely. You know, sometimes we have a long-term vision and dream for what we wanted to accomplish, but it sometimes seems too far off in the distance. So we need to have almost like mileage markers along the way to know we’re on the right path to getting to that final destination. So you should definitely set some goals along the way so that your team knows where they need to be and what they can shoot for and what they can attain.

Right? There’s nothing wrong with shooting just above where you can see now so that when you get there, you can shoot a little bit higher on the next one. That’s a good way of thinking about goal setting, Edmonton business coach. I can visualize that.

So why are your standing huddles so important to building culture at the office Edmonton business coach?

Well, so many people talk about how do I build culture? How do I build culture? Well, you’re not going to build culture in your team if you only meet with them once a month and then that meeting usually gets rescheduled. Right? So you, the reason we do it every single day is so that people can understand who we are, what we do while we’re doing and on every single one of our whiteboards and we put our mission right.

Our mission is to help Canadian businesses beat the odds and we want to help our team to understand that and if we don’t have it pervasive throughout the space, then they’re not going to know and they’re not going to pull in the same direction that sending huddles a connection to everybody’s connected together going in the same direction. It makes a difference for sure Edmonton business coach.

How do you manage daily huddles when people start at different times?

Well, that can be simply done with having a, whenever they start that there is a manager there to go over the, the mission with them for the day, what they’re supposed to be doing. So if you have a shift that starts at 7:00 AM and you have a shift that starts at say 11 or something, just have that, that quick, you know, three minute to five minute meeting. Um, just to get everyone on board and go over the plan for the day.

Now it used to happen with retail when I worked retail. When you got to the site, you would go in and you would meet with a manager and the manager would tell you what, what your positions are, what our goals are, how many sales we are to meet or how many people were supposed to engage with and so forth. And if there’s any special promotions and, and all that stuff. So we would talk about that right before we got out onto the sales floor.

The same thing can be done in a number of different industries. Of course, it’s not going to work with everyone, but in those types of industries, it’s going to work very well. Yeah.

So is a monthly team meeting and enough to build culture Edmonton business coach?

No, absolutely not. When we are being Edmonton business coaches to our clients, we cannot just have them meet with their team once a month and expect to build culture. Think about that. If you and I, if we only talked once a month, how good of a relationship would we have? It wouldn’t be very good. We would be very like slow to grow and exactly. It wouldn’t be very good at all. It would be terrible if I only talk with my wife one time a month and then I’m supposed to, she’s supposed to know what I’m thinking, feeling and, and what’s going on in my life, if we only talk once a month.

Same thing with your team. You’re with your team usually more often than you’re with your family. So you need to talk with them regularly. We have a large meeting every week here and we have the daily standing huddles. So there’s a lot of opportunity there for people to ask questions to interact and to, you know, catch the, the culture of, of the place. As an Edmonton business coach, I highly recommend meeting with the team regularly.

So is a weekly staff meeting a waste of time?

No. A lot of business owners think that it’s a cost to getting these things done right and when really it’s an investment in your team. Now can you imagine having 10 people who are on board, they understand their purpose, they understand why we’re here, why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Then they’re able to put that right into the customer service side of it. Whereas if you have people who are disconnected, disjointed and they don’t really care, then that passes through to your customers as well. So you’re going to actually save money by meeting with your people regularly.

Should the company mission to be displayed throughout the business space, Edmonton business coach?

I already know the answer.

Yeah, absolutely. We need to be putting that everywhere so that people understand, they see it and it just becomes ingrained inside who you are in every customer interaction and interaction with each other. It just helps to facilitate a better team atmosphere. Sure.

Does your marketing strategy need to communicate the vision, mission and values?

Yeah, for sure. Being an Edmonton business coach, I recommend that we definitely need to communicate that through out all of our marketing, because that becomes your brand, your message, what’s your message to the masses, is your message to your ideal and likely buyer. So yeah, absolutely.

You need to have that mission, vision, your values, and just communicate that throughout all your messaging so that people will understand your company and you’ll attract the right people to your business. Great. Great stuff. Thanks so much. Hopefully you got something out of that. Don’t forget to subscribe like the video. Give us some thumbs up and some comments. We’d love to see you again on the next one. Bye.