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Edmonton Business Coach | Is Digital Marketing Important

Many business owners recognize the importance of being online, says Edmonton Business Coach, Trevor Samons. He created Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching to help businesses navigate the complex world of online marketing, as well as serve as a coach to help entrepreneurs find their footing. The catalyst for this, he said, was learning how high the odds of business failure actually is. According to Forbes website, 20% fail in the first year, an alarming 50% fail by year five, and if they reach a decade in business, only 4% are still around.

If people knew how likely they would be to fail, perhaps fewer people would take the plunge into business ownership. However, people also tend to think that failure won’t happen to them, so maybe not. The same Forbes article says the number one reason for business failure is not finding enough customers. And that is exactly what Edmonton Business Coach, Samons and team do to help small businesses succeed: find customers. Most business owners know they need customers but make several mistakes early on.

Do Not Rely on Word of Mouth Referrals Alone

They think finding customers will be much easier than it actually is, they’re so excited about their product or service, says Samons. That they almost have blinders on, or they are in an echo chamber. Everyone they talk to says it’s a fantastic idea too, so they think they’ll get instantly busy. Or that word of mouth will have their business busy right away, but it doesn’t work like that. Then they realize almost too late that they need help finding customers. Start marketing your business early, even before you open most experts advise.

The other half of the problem, according to Edmonton business coach, is that entrepreneurs don’t know how to effectively market their business properly. They have very little time, and very little money, and it leads to an ineffective marketing strategy. One of the tips that Samons teaches their entrepreneurs, is that customers need to see your ad four to seven times before they take action, so consistency is absolutely the key.

Edmonton Business Coach | Online Marketing Is Important

Also, business owners know they need to be online, but don’t know the best way to go about doing that. They think the first thing they need is a website, says Samons. But if they end up on page 10 of Google search engine results, they will have a beautiful website that no one will see. And while a good website is important, not to mention expensive, business owners can start getting found online even before they build that important website.

Then by the time they’re ready to build their website, they will be more likely to be found by their ideal and likely buyers. That’s actually the key component to the online marketing strategy, says Edmonton business coach Trevor Samons. They need to be advertising where their customers are going to go, when they are ready to purchase the product or service the business owner is selling. The business ads will show up, and the customer is far more likely to buy.

Edmonton Business Coach | You Will Flourish With A Coach

No one ever said that business ownership was easy, says Edmonton business coach, Trevor Samons. It’s hard work, but it can pay off, if you make a plan. Unfortunately, few new business owners make that plan, and their business fails to do as well as its potential. This is what we help business owners do – we unlock their potential and help them obtain the best.

And while studies show that having a business plan can make entrepreneurs more likely to succeed. Edmonton business coach Trevor Samons says that only a small fraction of business owners actually take the initiative to create one. Often because they don’t know how, they don’t think it’s necessary, or they are focusing on urgent matters in their business.

Put together Your Marketing Plan Early

And business owners won’t just stumble upon this method, it was carefully crafted by learning from the most successful entrepreneurs in Canada, and utilizing their methods. When business owners open the doors to their business, hiring Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching can significantly increase a businesses’ odds at success, because they will have that important roadmap of how to find the customers they need.

And they will get a dedicated coach, who will teach them, motivate them, hold them accountable, so the business owner can focus on exactly what they need to do to succeed. It’s not just knowing the information that entrepreneurs need, it’s someone to check in with, offer encouraging words, or help them pivot when something goes wrong. Call or email Inspired Method Marketing today to schedule your free consultation to learn more!

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