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Thanks for joining the Edmonton business coach on YouTube. We’re going to be talking about what does a business coach do?

My name is Karen and this is my husband Trevor and I’m going to share another quote with you from Jim Collins. Again, he’s an author of six books. He says, we expected that good to great leaders would begin by setting a new vision and strategy. We found instead of they first got the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus and the right people in the right seats and then they figured out where to drive it. Awesome. Oh, that’s a really that’s actually a deep quote.

Yeah, that’s really good. That’s a really good book. If you have never read good to great, you should definitely pick that up. Yeah. So many great things in there. They took a, they did an in depth study of 11 of the top performing top 11 companies that outperform the stock market over a certain date range and compared them with companies that didn’t go from good degree ones, any of their failed or stayed stagnant and they found all the commonalities that made them, yeah. So you should definitely read it. It’s a great insight into what you need to do to make your business great. So that’s, that’s definitely a winner for me.

What Does A Business Coach Do

So coming from Palo Alto, 64% of businesses who do a business plan, who make up business fun, grew their business compared to 43% of businesses who didn’t have a business plan and even though they might’ve grown. Yeah. So it’s definitely the plan is, Yeah, it’s huge. Planning is huge. Planning is you plan to win, then you will win.

Yeah. You fail to plan, you plan to fail. You’re even planning, you’re going to making a decision when you don’t plan that is your plan.

That is your plan to non plan plan, not a good one. So when you have a story to share on this, absolutely. So the highest performing athletes, musicians and CEOs get coaching to be on top and stay on top. We use coaches for fitness and personal performance. Having a coach for your business is something that you need to get to the top and stay there. Okay. So what are some questions you have for me? Care.

How does a coach help athletes improve their performance, Edmonton business coach?

Well, how coaches help athletes is they’re able to get them on the right program. They’re able to look at their performance with to see where their weaknesses are and see how they can improve. And they apply strategies to help them improve in those areas because they’ve been there and done that before. And they know what it takes to become a winner. They know what it takes to strengthen certain muscle groups.

They know how to compensate for injuries, they know exactly what they should be taking in for rest as well as nutrition and all of these things because they have tried and true methods and practices that work. So that’s how they help their athletes to become top and elite performers. Yup.

Edmonton business coach, how do coaches help teams to improve their ability to win?

So similar to how an individual coach will help an athlete. Coaches are the same way with their teams. They know what a, where the strong, who the strong players are, who the players that are, are not as strong. They know the unique talents and abilities of different teammates. And they know how to match them together with different other athletes so that they compliment each other and have the best chances to, to score and to win the games.

They have a set rules that they know or plays that they know will work and they work together with the team and other coaches in order to create those strategies and the right place in order to give their team the best chances of success.

And when the team loses, they go back into this, into the routine of training, drilling, rehearsing, refining, and going back and executing the plan. It’s all about planning, execution, preparation than getting the job done, putting the right people.

Just like Jim Collins said, it’s getting the wrong people off the bus, getting the right people on the bus and putting the right people in the right places. That’s what a coach does for a team.

So what’s the role of the Edmonton business coach?

Exactly the same. That’s exactly what a business coaches to do is to help you implement winning strategies to help you grow your business. It also to help you get wrong. Things out of your mind, wrong misbeliefs and myths about business that you may have adopted from, you know, looking at things online and following the shiny object syndrome or perhaps you know, seeing some, a, a misbeliefs that you can start a business and immediately you are going to be a millionaire.

Those types of things you’ve got to get rid of. And then implementing the strategies that actually work, tried and true methods that work time and time again day after day, year after year.

It’s just a matter of the Edmonton business coach. I’m looking at your business and seeing where the weaknesses are and applying pressure on those areas where you need to strengthen up and then helping you to implement strategies, systems, templates and all of that so you can become successful.

What do a lot of business coaches do?

I’m not going to throw all of them under the bus cause there’s some good guys out there, but a lot of business coaches, they provide advice that they read somewhere. They provide. You know, they talk about feelings or they’ll just have a discussion with you and help you, you know, arrive at a conclusion that you already had in your head already. A lot of stuff isn’t very useful, isn’t very practical. It’s all, you know, talking about your feelings and just touchy feely. How do you feel about that?

And very, very, you know, slow progress. Right? and you know, a lot of what I would say is if, if your business coach has been unable to grow their own business, you shouldn’t be taking advice from them. So for your business coach is a one man show with half a secretary, you should probably look for another Edmonton business coach. Okay. That’s just, you know, makes, makes sense. If there had been unable to grow their own business and create a team around them, then you should probably not take advice from them.

If you’re trying to grow your business, then a life coach is different. Yeah, let’s go do something different. An Edmonton business coach is somebody who knows the way, has been there and will show you the way right now when, when it comes to, let’s say a football coach, whether it’s Vince Lombardi or you know, any of these coaches Bill Belichick, if you’re looking at these guys, they, they don’t take suggestions from the players when they’re not feeling well, I’m not feeling good today.

Maybe I’m not going to run this road. No, you’re, they’re going to come. They’re going to do the work. They don’t take the suggestions. They know it works. They just need you to get on the bus. And that’s what an Edmonton business coach should do is they know what works. Just get on the bus and let’s go. So how is Inspired Method different from other coaching programs?

Well, we have a proven set of systems and processes that have been tried and true, not only by us, but by multiple other multimillion dollar businesses. We use the same strategies and planning that has been used by some of the top business coaches in the world. And we use that to help our customers to win. Why? Because we know they work, we test them on ourselves, we implement the strategies and they just work. Right? That’s, that’s how it is. Sorry I said Tom, it’s Bill Belichick from the Patriots. Oh my bad bills.

So how do systems, templates and processes help businesses to grow?

Well, if you’ve ever read the book, the e-myth or the e-myth revisited, that will book is talking about creating systems templates, checklist to automate and systematize your business. Basically creating a franchise model or a franchise system for your business so that it’s repeatable, duplicatable, and really anybody could run it. Right? that’s, that’s really what it means.

It’s creating systems that you can hire new people or always have new people waiting to enter in, join your business and have those systems, processes, checklists and templates in place so that anybody that you hire can learn any position that you hired them for. You don’t have to always hire the top level. That’s a big mistake people make is they always think they have to hire, you know, the top, top level, you know, multiple years of experience, degree, Yada, Yada.

To do work when really if you have a duplicatable system with checklists and processes, you can teach almost anybody to do those jobs and that’s what you want to do so that you’re not held hostage by your employees.

What are the benefits of systematizing your business, Edmonton business coach?

Well, having a systems and checklists and processes, I can’t think of kind of already said that having a system in place or it’s multiple systems in place for everything. Have a system for hiring of a system, for firing. Have a system for onboarding new customers, systems for everything so that everything is not up to chance so that it’s not a new customer experience.

Every time somebody comes to your company for, for help or you’re doing any work with someone that it’s always repeatable. Think about McDonald’s. They didn’t have systems that every single McDonald’s followed. You’d never have a consistent experience and they wouldn’t be the giant that they are. Right.

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How did we get started with Inspired Method?

It’s very easy to get started with inspired method. You go to inspiredmethod.com/contact/ or just click on the button that the, let’s do it button on the home page and fill out your name, phone number, email address, and I will be in contact with you and we can get you started with what you scheduled in for your a consultation and get you your first month of Business Coaching and marketing coaching for a dollar. And that’s as easy as it is,
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