Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is A Bad Idea

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is A Bad Idea

Multitasking is never a good idea according to Vancouver business coach. Because despite the fact that it helps people feel productive. It is actually the exact opposite of being productive in a business.

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Especially when business owners are new, and they need to get a lot accomplished. When people multitask, they will be farther behind. And will risk not getting everything done that they need.

The reason why, is because multitasking requires people to jump from one task to another. Very quickly, without accomplishing anything. Which means they are never reaching peak productivity level.

Scientific studies have been carried out. Showing that it takes the average person. Twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work. In order to reach their brains peak level of productivity.

When people multitask, they are not reaching that peak productivity. Which means they are simply getting less done. Then if they had worked on one of the tasks until it was complete. And then moved onto the next one.

Not only that, but when people are not focusing on one task. The quality of work that they do get done suffers. Which means that even if a person is able to get everything done that they need to.

It is probably not going to be very good. Or will require being redone, in order to make it a better quality. When considering things like doing sales calls, or reviewing financial statements.

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Business owners truly cannot afford to do these things poorly. Which is why they should avoid multitasking. However, Vancouver business coach says business owners do not know how to avoid multitasking.

Which is one of the common complaints they get, when they start working with new entrepreneurs. The answer, is actually time blocking. Which involves creating a schedule. With time set aside in the future.

For all of the tasks that a business owner needs to get done. This is a very important thing to do for many reasons. For example, it will help ensure a business owner has enough time in their day.

To get everything done that they need. And it will also help them avoid missing, or forgetting about something. Especially if it is something that they do not do every single day.

Vancouver business coach says an efficient time block schedule. Is one that repeats. Either every day, every week or every month. But the power of the time block schedule.

Is the fact that it is the same, and a business owner is not going to have to change it. Otherwise it will not be effective at helping them get everything done. While it might be difficult to time block.

It will ensure that business owners can see if there is enough time to get everything done that they want. And they are likely going to find out, that this is why they will need to work twelve hour day, six days a week.

Because otherwise, they will not have enough time. To accomplish all of their strategic priorities in their business. For this, and other helpful hints for businesses. They can contact their business coach for a consultation. The find out how else they can help. And how to get started.

Vancouver Business Coach | Multitasking Is A Bad Idea

Many people are aware that multitasking is inefficient says Vancouver business coach. But they do not know how to avoid this. They might have even tried to creating a schedule to adhere to.

But what is causing them to multitask, are constant interruptions, such as the phone or emails. This is a huge problem for small business owners according to Vancouver business coach.

Because they do not have the finances. To be able to hire staff. To help them do many of the tasks. That are currently interrupting them. How to avoid interruptions.

Can be very easy when they know how to schedule their time properly. For example, if they have a retail business. Is that people might be coming into any time of the day. The most important tasks, that need to get accomplished uninterrupted.

Can be scheduled for the morning, before their location is open. If an entrepreneur is working twelve hour day. Is what they should be doing, in order to get everything done that they need.

They will get to work at six, which means they have several hours. Of uninterrupted time. Before their business opens, and there is the potential for them to be interrupted.

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As well, they can have time scheduled for things like returning phone calls. And answering emails. And then letting the phone go to voicemail while they are working on tasks that need to time to be focused on.

It can be very hard. For entrepreneurs to let the phone go unanswered. But as long as they have time in their schedule. Devoted to listening to messages and returning calls.

They do not have to worry that they are going to miss something important. As well, to avoid distractions and interruptions. It is recommended, that business owners turn off their email notifications.

Because that can be a significant distraction. That can derail a business owner’s entire day. And they do not get any of their tasks done. Which is why it is important to also schedule time to read emails.

But also, avoid the trap. Of responding to emails with another email. Especially when it can be taken care of by a phone call. Often, when email answer, turns into another question being asked.

And dozens of emails later, and several days or longer. The answer is still not achieved. When a business owner could simply pick up the phone, and ask a question or respond to one.

This is a very easy hack, that many business owners can use. To stop being so inundated with emails. And get more accomplished in their day. This is white so beneficial for new businesses to work with Vancouver business coach early on in their business. And avoid problems, and help grow.