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Most entrepreneurs have never owned business perforce is Vancouver business coach. Which means they are learning how to run a business. While running their business, for the first time.
Vancouver Business Coach

This means there is virtually no room for error. And if they make missteps, they may end up. Failing in business. Within a relatively short amount of time. This is actually such a common scenario.

That according to a recent study done by statistics Canada. They found that 15% of small entrepreneurs in Canada. Failed within the first year of business ownership. While 30% failed in year two.

And only half the businesses that started up. Will continue to be around five years later. The phenomenal failure rate in Canada. Was investigated by stats Canada. Who wanted to find out the reasons.

Why so many small businesses in Canada failed. What they discovered, was that there were only three main reasons. Why most entrepreneurs in Canada failed. Not only are these obstacles common.

Two almost every single business that failed. But that these obstacles are also easily avoided. When entrepreneurs knew what to look for. This is why Vancouver business coach is able to help so many entrepreneurs.

Because they know what those reasons are. And how entrepreneurs can avoid them. The first reason why Canadian small businesses failed. Which actually effect a very large percentage of them.

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42% failed entrepreneurs. Gave this reason as why they were not successful. Not being able to find customers to sell their products and services to. There are several reasons why entrepreneurs.

Could not find customers, and it has nothing to do. With the customers not existing. And has everything to do. With not marketing their business effectively. Or marketing their business at all.

Therefore, entrepreneurs will be 42% more likely to succeed. If they are able to follow Vancouver business coach advice. And implement some inexpensive. Marketing and advertising strategies themselves.

One of the first things that business owners are encouraged to do. Is actually complete a profile on a Google places listing. What this does, is allows businesses to be found. By people who are doing a Google search.

For the type of products and services that they sell. While they might not appear on the first page. Of the organic listings. A Google places listing. Will allow them to appear on the first page.

Where the map listings show. Being able to be found on the first page of Google. Is very valuable. Despite the fact that it costs an entrepreneur no money. And only a few minutes of their time.

In fact, many entrepreneurs can utilize this. For the first few months in their business. As their webpage. So that they do not have to poor thousands of dollars. Into the development of a webpage.

That will not get ranked on Google until they implement. More advertising strategies. For more details, entrepreneurs can hire Inspired Method today. By picking up the phone, and arranging a consultation.

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Customers want to buy from businesses they trust says Vancouver business coach. And it is hard to build trust with a faceless corporation. Which puts small businesses at an advantage. If they utilize it.

Large corporations such as Ford, Coca-Cola or General Motors. Have been advertising. With million-dollar budgets for decades or longer. And many people still would not be able to say. Who the CEO of any of those companies are.

Whereas small businesses. Will have an easier time to get their potential customers. To know not only the business owners face. But the story behind their business. What inspired them to follow this dream.

That most Canadians share. However, in order to do this. Vancouver business coach says an entrepreneur must be willing. To be the face of their business. Which means having their picture on their website.

On their Google places listing, and social media. This is actually such an important tactic. Because the second most visited area. Of any businesses website. Is actually the team page.

Showing business owners. That it is actually very important to customers. That they know who the people are. Behind the business they are buying products or services from.

A common mistake that many entrepreneurs make. Is trying to appear larger than they are. And setting up a faceless, corporate looking website. Thinking it will fool people. Into believing that they are huge.

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When all it is doing is alienating them from their potential clients. Rather than try to appear larger. Entrepreneurs should position their business. To appear relatable, and likable.

Another way to do this. Is by implementing the YouTube video strategy. Vancouver business coach helps entrepreneurs do this. Not only is putting videos on YouTube free. But it allows people to show up.

On the second largest search engine in the world. The first of course is Google. But YouTube is second. And also owned by Google. Since very few companies put content on YouTube.

It is very easy to appear on the first page. Of YouTube search engine results. And when they appear here, Google will place them. Higher up in Google’s search engine results as well.

This strategy has two benefits says Vancouver business coach. First, they will get better search engine optimization. By putting content on YouTube. But also, their ideal and likely clients will see is so owners.

And relate to them, and start to like and trust them as well. Therefore, the YouTube content strategy. Can help entrepreneurs not only find clients. Start building that important trust factor.

That they need, in order to sell their products and services more effectively. Any marketing strategy will take anywhere between six months, to a year. In order to become effective.

Which means entrepreneurs who start even before. They open the doors to their business, will need to work at this strategy. Consistently for months, or more. In order to see the fruits of their labour. And sell more products and services than their competition.