Vancouver Business Coach | How to Attract Customers

Vancouver Business Coach | How to Attract Customers

It is incredibly important to think about how the business is going to attract customers says Vancouver business coach. But to think about it right away, ideally even before a business opens their doors.

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The reason why it is so important to do this quickly. Is because without a plan to attract customers. Businesses might not attract enough customers to be around for very long. And may be forced to close their business.

According to industry Canada, 15% of Canadian entrepreneurs. Fail within their first year of business ownership. And 30% fail by their second year of ownership.

Therefore, there may not be later in the life of the business owner. If they do not think about who their ideal and likely customers are. And how they are going to attract them to their business.

And when they work with Vancouver business coach. They are going to be able to come up with great strategies. That will attract their ideal and likely buyers.

In a way that will help them liver a unique experience. That has great value to the customer. That will keep them coming back and telling their friends about the business.

A common mistake that business owners often make. Is thinking that the only differentiation factor that they can compete on his price. However, this is a losing plan for many reasons.

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In the best case scenario, they become extremely busy. But are barely able to cover their bills. And are not able to do things like hire staff to help. Or purchase equipment that can help them.

Therefore, not only is this business not scalable. It also is very precarious. And any mistake, or change in the economy. Could cause an entrepreneur to lose their business.

And at the very worst scenario. When business owners are competing on price alone. They are not covering all of their expenses. And it is only a matter of time before they are forced to close their business.

And in fact, while business owners think that most customers want the lowest price. This is not actually true. Because if they consider their own experiences. How seldom they actually make a decision. To purchase the most inexpensive products.

And most likely purchased products based on quality, customer experience. And even features of the product, but price is typically the least important.

They should think about the car that they drive, and why they did not pick the less expensive vehicle. It is likely because the car that they have. Has features that they want.

Or they got a great customer experience. Such as a free warranty, or free oil changes for example. That cause them to make the decision to go to that business for a different car.

Therefore, by working with Vancouver business coach. They can come up together with differentiating factors together. That can help the business owner figure out how to attract their ideal and likely buyers. So that they can grow a business and succeed.

Vancouver Business Coach | How to Attract Customers

Some of the most important things to keep in mind says Vancouver business coach. Is that if customers do not try to stand out, they will not. And it will become impossible for their ideal and likely customers to find them.

Seth Godin said it best when he said: in a crowded marketplace fitting and is feeling. Not standing out is the same as being invisible. Boring is invisible. Remarkable people and products get talked about.

And while it may be very overwhelming for business owner to try to think about what makes them unique. Or how they are going to attract their ideal and likely buyer.

Even confused or overwhelmed thinking about who their ideal and likely buyers are. This is why entrepreneurs should hire Vancouver business coach. They can help navigate these decisions.

In a way that is easy, and can help entrepreneurs understand. How they can appeal to their ideal and likely buyers. So that they can find the customers they need to stay in business.

The first thing that they should consider. Is who their ideal and likely buyers are. Business owners often make the mistake of thinking everybody has the ability to be there customer. But this is not helpful.

Instead, Vancouver business coach recommends thinking about who they would want. As their most ideal customer, and that should be who they targets.

And when they know who their ideal customer is. They should consider what things are most important to that type of customer. It could be customer experience, quality.

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Even convenience, or speed of delivery. Whatever is most important to them. Should be the business owners differentiating factors. So that they can attract those customers to their business.

However, it is also very important for business owners to know. That they need to provide excellent customer service. And they need to provide that customer service all of the time, to give an exceptional experience.

No longer is it effective. For business owners to compete by giving good customer service. Because customers expect that. So they must go over and above what is expected.

In order to provide that amazing experience, that will impress customers. They can think about engaging all five senses. In the customer experience. To give them as very impressive experience.

Or they can do things like attach their business to a cause. And attract customers that value helping the community, or the world in general. A great example of how this has worked in the past.

Is by looking at the shoe company, toms. And how they build their company. By the promise of for every pair of shoes sold, they would give a pair to someone in need.

This is so powerful, that wearing their shoes. Became a sort of social proof. That people cared about the world. And even people who did not like the look of the shoes. Bond them, to show that they cared about the world as well.

Entrepreneurs do not have to have such a huge cause. But attaching their business to an organization that does good locally, or globally. Can be a differentiating factor in and of itself.

For more great ideas on how businesses can stand out from their competition. Business owners should contact Vancouver business coach for consultation today.