Vancouver Business Coach | Growing A Successful Business Takes Time

Vancouver Business Coach | Growing A Successful Business Takes Time

Many people start a business with the end in mind says Vancouver business coach. Focused on the fruits of their labour. Such as accumulating wealth, and having the freedom to plan their schedule.
Vancouver Business Coach

Without truly understanding, what it will take. To get that level of success. They have a great idea. Or a great location, and think that it is going to be. Very easy to grow a successful business.

And succumb, to a lot of the common obstacles. That most businesses face. And half, actually fail because of. Statistics Canada wanted to find out. Why half of all small businesses in Canada failed.

They did find out, that 15%. Of small businesses, failed within a year. 30% failed within two years. And while an alarming 50% of small businesses in Canada. Failed within five years of doing business.

The truly alarming statistic says Vancouver business coach. Is that 96%. Of small businesses in Canada failed. By the time they had their business for ten years. They also decided to ask thousands.

Of small business owners in Canada. To write a survey, in order to explain. Why their business was not successful. They expected an extremely wide variety of reasons. But overwhelmingly, what they found.

Was that there were truly only three main reasons. Why businesses in Canada failed. And not only are three reasons. Responsible for so many failures. But that these obstacles, are incredibly easy to overcome.

The key however, says Vancouver business coach. Is helping entrepreneurs understand. What these obstacles are, so that they can be. More likely to overcome them. Because they know how often.

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These obstacles claim victims. The first reason. That causes entrepreneurs to fail. According to the surveys that statistics Canada commissioned. Was that businesses failed, because they could not find enough customers.

While some business owners might look at that. And conclude, that. They had a product or service, that simply did not have. A customer base. Unfortunately, that is not likely to be the case.

They more often, would not be able. To find customers, because they were not spending any time. Or effort on marketing their business. Or, because the methods that they used. Were ineffective.

Inspired method marketing and coaching, has an extremely good. And proven marketing system. That first of all, leverages. An entrepreneurs time, and not their money. Since they have less money than time.

These methods that they can do for free. Not only help them. Find more customers. But will be an important foundation, for all other marketing activities. The next step, is overcoming.

The next obstacle. According to the surveys, commissioned by stats Canada. 29% of entrepreneurs. Failed because they ran out of money. This is generally because many entrepreneurs.

Do not keep track of their finances. Or review them, before making. Any financial decisions in their business. And a business coach can help entrepreneurs learn.

Fast and easy ways. That they can review their finances. And understand them, so that they can make better financial decisions.

Vancouver Business Coach | Growing A Successful Business Takes Dedication

Many dream of owning a successful business admits Vancouver business coach. Fewer people are willing. To put all of the hard work in, needed. To grow that successful business.

They think they are going to be able. To work eight hour days. And work five days a week. And grow amazingly large business. That is not likely. If it was that easy to grow a successful business.

More people would be doing it. In fact, most successful business owners. Will tell you that it will take. Twelve hour days, and working. Six days a week, to achieve that success.

However, what an entrepreneur does. With all that time, is important. They cannot just show up. For any twelve hours. And expect that to work for them. They must plan out what they are doing.

With those twelve hours. In order to ensure. That they can grow their business with them. Vancouver business coach recommends. A time block to schedule, where an entrepreneur.

Slots in time devoted. To every single task that they are going to do in the future. Typically, they will work backwards. From their business, financial. And marketing plans. To figure out what tasks.

Need to be done, and how often. In order to create this time block to schedule. A good rule of thumb for people to keep in mind. Is that their most difficult tasks. Should be done, first thing in the morning.

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Not only because their brain. Will be at its best capacity. But because if they are working. Early in the morning, it will be. The time of day, with fewer interruptions. The recommendation is to start work.

At six in the morning, which will allow them. To get a significant amount done. Before they start getting interrupted. With clients, employees and suppliers. Is also why they recommend starting so early.

If they tried to work. By starting at nine in the morning. The most difficult tasks. Would either be constantly interrupted. Or, they would do them at the end of the day. When their brain, is tired.

They also need to schedule time in. For sales and marketing. So that they do not fail. To find enough customers. Time to do their bookkeeping. And review their financial statements. So they can make informed financial decisions.

They also need to schedule in. Time to create systems. And processes, that will allow them to scale their business. And even schedule time. For client meetings. Even if they do not have clients scheduled yet.

By putting in the number of slots. Needed to meet the right number of customers. They will know, how many customers. They still need to get. In order to reach their goals. Just a few things.

That entrepreneurs should remember. When creating their time block to schedule. If entrepreneurs have any other questions. About how they can grow their business. They can hire Vancouver business coach to help them today.