Vancouver Business Coach | Finding Customers Online

Vancouver Business Coach | Finding Customers Online

Many entrepreneurs understand that their goal will be finding as many customers says Vancouver business coach. And they believe that using social media online. Can help them significantly.

And while social media can help. And many businesses can use it successfully find their ideal and likely customers. And to grow their business online. It needs to be used very thoughtfully and carefully.

One of the first rules of social media. Is that this is where people come, interact with other people. Therefore, they need to show the human side of their business in order to interact with anyone.

And while this can be done with photos of the business owners, and telling their story. Putting why they are passionate about their business for people to read.

They also can introduce their staff, showing their pictures and biographies. On social media, and to their website. So that people can see who we humans are in the business.

Not only will that help the business owner engage with people on social media platforms. But it will also help their ideal and likely customers see that there people behind the business.

Because they would rather deal with people, then buy products and services from a faceless corporation. However, there is something else that people can do.

That will help their ideal and likely customers see. The human side of the business better than anything else. That is through the use of videos. Many business owners may be very hesitant to be seen on video.

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But this is a very fast way. To ensure that customers see the owners and the people in the business. See that they are human, and how they interacted talk.

That people can feel as though they are getting to know people through their videos. And they are extremely effective at ensuring customers know who the people are in the business.

They can use the videos and number of ways, and on the number of platforms. In order to share who they are, and their passion behind the brand. So entrepreneurs should get over their camera shyness quickly.

However, Vancouver business coach also offers of caution. That when they are active on social media. They will start getting inquiries online. And how they respond is very important.

Studies have shown that 32% of people who send is messages on social media. Expect a response within half an hour. But that if businesses do not get back within one hour.

Therefore, business owners need to be appropriately staffed. And ready to answer social media inquiries. Within an hour, to make customers happy, increase their closing rate and grow their revenue.

It also is a very were way to build trust with customers and the business. Therefore, when they decide to take their business on social media. They need to be prepared for responding to the messages they get.

So that all that hard work can be utilized. However, there are many other ways that entrepreneurs can learn how to use social media effectively. And by setting up a consultation with Vancouver business coach. They can learn all of the different ways that they can start growing their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Finding Customers Online

Ultimately, when entrepreneurs take their business on social media, Vancouver business coach says the goal. Will be to increase sales and grow their revenue.

However, just being online is not enough. To start increasing sales. And in fact, is not used properly. It can end up upsetting for people in the long run. Business owners need to be very careful how they use it.

A great example of this according to Vancouver business coach. Is the fact that when customers are happy. They will share their experience with their network on social media.

However, when they are unhappy. They will also share that information with their network on social media. And in fact, 70% of unhappy customers share that information with their network.

And that can be very detrimental to a business. Especially if they do not know how to respond to complaints online. First is responding as quickly to messages online.

Whether they are happy or negative. When they are positive, it shows customers that the business values them as a customer, and what they have to say.

And when it is negative. It gives business owners an opportunity. To fix the problem. And turn that negative experience for that customer. Into a positive one. And if the business owner is successful.

Fixing that problem, not only will they turn that angry customer into happy one. They will also likely to become a raving fan of the business, for having their problem addressed.

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However, for this to be successful. Business owners need to respond to those comments as quickly as possible. And then fix the problem on social media. They should not try to take it off-line.

And show other social media users. That business is trying to work to fix the problem. So that they can see how important customer satisfaction is to their brand.

But a business owner cannot wait several hours or several days to fix problems. They need to fix them quickly. So that they do not let that negative message stay out there for a long time.

And one way that customers can be happy with the products and services that they get. Is when the business goes above and beyond for them. Giving great customer service is not enough.

The reason why, is because customers actually expect great customer service. Therefore, to exceed their expectations. Businesses have to do more than just give great customer service.

When businesses decide to get on social media. It should be very planned, with planned messages about what they are going to say. And how they are going to engage their ideal and likely customers.

And if they need help with this, business owners can contact Vancouver business coach for free consultation today. To find out how they can use that information to grow their business.