Vancouver Business Coach | Finding Customers on Social Media

Vancouver Business Coach | Finding Customers on Social Media

While many business owners struggle with finding enough customers according to Vancouver business coach. Many entrepreneurs believe that social media can be the answer to their problems.

Unfortunately, while social media can be a great tool. That business owners used to find their ideal and likely buyers. Like any tool, used properly is effective.

But used improperly, can be more detrimental than good. Therefore, there are many things that business owners should keep in mind. When they decide to start using social media in their business.

Vancouver business coach reminds business owners. That the reason why people are on social media in the first place. Is to be social, and therefore not the appropriate place.

To push their products on people. And share sales and products. Without keeping it social to some extent. Therefore, business owners should know how to engage their ideal and likely buyers on this platform.

The first thing that business owners should do. Is show the human side of their business on social media. Not only because it is a social platform. And people want to be social with other people when they are on these types of sites.

But also, because customers do not want to do business with a faceless corporation. And would rather buy products and services from people they know, like and trust.

Therefore, showing customers the human side of their business. Will help them find more customers. Then simply pushing sales and products alone.

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They can start with sharing to the business owners are. Their pictures, biographies. And the story of how they got into business for themselves. The more that customers can relate to them.

The more they will be drawn to the business. Especially if they identify themselves with the business owners. The next step, is introducing the staff. Having their photos, and bios on their website as well as social media.

And while photos, biographies and stories. Are extremely important. The most important way to show the human side of the business. Is to use videos. It can help people feel like they are getting to know the people.

And show how they interact, how they talk. And how knowledgeable they are about their business. And when they have videos, they can share it on multiple platforms for a number of purposes.

However, showing the people is not enough as well. They also need to get the message across. Of what the business is. Such as what their core values are, and the passion behind the brand.

When business owners can share their mission, vision, values and their purpose. When people identify with those values and the purpose. They will naturally be drawn to the brand and the business.

If business owners want more tips about how to grow their business. And find their ideal and likely buyers on social media. They can contact the Vancouver business coach. For a free consultation, to find out how they can get started.

Vancouver Business Coach | Finding Customers on Social Media

If business owners think that they can simply put their business on social media and be successful, Vancouver business coach says. This is the fastest way to failing on social media.

It needs to be a well thought out plan. Of not only what to say online. And how to appear. But also on how to get customer engagement. And then turn that into people purchasing from them.

One of the first things that people should keep in mind says Vancouver business coach. Is that they need someone to answer all of the queries that they will start to get. From their social media presence.

Statistics have shown that 32% of customers expect a response within thirty minutes of sending a message. On any social media platform. And while not everybody will expect a response that fast.

If business owners take longer than one hour to respond. There closing rate will drastically drop. And their customers will have gone elsewhere by the time they do respond.

And if people go to the businesses competitors. Because they do not get a response on social media. They will typically have a very bad taste in their mouth. And will not likely return to that business.

Therefore, business owners need to be very careful. About ensuring that they respond to their messages and queries in a timely fashion. Some business owners think that there going to be able to use automatic responses.

Or chat bots, in order to answer social media inquiries. However, while this can bridge the gap in ensuring their customers are getting a response in a timely fashion. Before their real human can talk to them.

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Business owners also need to use this very carefully. And ensure that they have a person responding as soon after as possible. Because customers will want to talk to a real person.

And they can tell when they are not talking to a person. And are responding to a chat bots. So it needs to be very carefully used. And before a business owner gets on social media at all.

They need to ensure that they have the ability to respond to customers. Or else it may not be the right platform for them to be on at that moment. Their goal is to get customers, and not lose them.

Also, they will need to figure a to engage customers. Because being on social media is not about pushing information. But building a community within their brand. By getting customers to interact with them.

There are many different ways that business owners can do this. From competitions and contests. To inspire engagement, with a prize as the reward. But also, there could be things like exclusive discounts for people who participate.

Or events that people can have access to. What are exclusive to people within that community. This way, they can start to create an engaged community in their brand.

Business owners would like more information and tips about how to use social media in their business. They should contact Vancouver business coach for consultation today.