Vancouver Business Coach | Engaging Customers on Social Media

Vancouver Business Coach | Engaging Customers on Social Media

It can be very easy for many small businesses to want to get on social media quickly says Vancouver business coach. However, you must do so with a plan. To ensure that they do not make a number of mistakes.

When social media is done well, they can create a community for an entrepreneurs brand. And get their ideal and likely customers to want to be a part of it. Can help them feel included and valued.

And ensure that they are using their voice on social media. To share the values of the business with others. However, when it is done poorly, those same people can use their reach on social media.

If they do not have positive things to say, business owners can and up. Trying to fix problems, more than they are active on social media. So then important that they know what they should do. And what they should avoid.

One of the first things that businesses should keep in mind. Is that when they are on social media. Customers will reach out to them on that social media platform. And how they respond.

From how quickly, and in what manner they respond. Will impact the relationship with that customer from that point on. And in fact, according to recent studies. 32% of customers expect a response within thirty minutes.

Therefore, if business owners are not able to, or cannot commit to responding that quickly to customer inquiries. They are better off not being on social media at all. Then risking upsetting the people they are trying to attract.

And some business owners think that they are going to be able to automated responses, and chat bots. In order to get back to their customers that are sending inquiries.

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And while child bots, and automated responses can be okay to a point. Business owners need to be very careful according to Vancouver business coach. In order to switch to a real person responding as quickly as possible.

The reason why, is because customers can tell very easily. When they are talking to a real person. And they will prefer talking to a real person rather than a robot. If they interact to often with that robot for too long.

Then they might feel like the company is being disingenuous. And may take their business elsewhere. Instead of using the chat bots to bridge the gap, between getting that message.

And being able to respond in person. Vancouver business coach recommends entrepreneurs trying to get back to all customers on social media. Within an hour and that automated response can bridge that gap.

Another thing that business owners should keep in mind when they are contemplating getting on social media in their business. Is that when customers are unhappy. They will also communicate that on social media.

And how businesses respond is important. The best thing to do, is for business owners to respond quickly. And respond right on social media directly. To fix the problem as quickly as possible for the customer.

social media can be a great tool for businesses. But it also is just that, a tool. And when used properly, can help businesses grow their business, brand and fans. They just need to know how to do so.

Vancouver Business Coach | Engaging Customers on Social Media

Many business owners are not sure what message they should say on social media is big business coach. And think that they can simply put out messages of sales and products.

But the most important thing for entrepreneurs to keep in mind. Is that social media, is where people go to be social. So businesses should be showing their human side on these platforms.

As well, when people see Vancouver business coach to help them grow their business. They are told that customers want to do business with people, and not faceless corporations.

So it is the perfect opportunity for businesses to show just who they are. And who the people are that work in that company. But to share things like their purpose, their passion for why they do what they do.

As well as things like their core values, their mission and vision. As well as their purpose in life. When they share that, those ideal and likely customers that identify with it. Will naturally be drawn to the business.

The next step, is engaging those people who are now drawn to the brand. By getting them to respond. Through the use of questions, polls, and discussions says Vancouver business coach.

And a great way to make them feel like their input is valued. Is to share those customers thoughts and posts. On the businesses social media. To make them feel like they are a valued part of the community.

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Business owners can also think about creating exclusive discounts for people that follow them on social media. Promotions, or events. Such as giving a percentage off everything in the store for people on social media.

Or events, that are exclusive to only the people who are in the community online. And make it intimate, and high-value. To make them feel like they are getting something special.

Ultimately, Vancouver business coach wants entrepreneurs to know. That going above and beyond is actually the expectation in customer service these days. So that even if customer service is extraordinary in a business.

That is actually expected. And they need to be delivering at least that. In order to just meet expectations. Therefore, business owners need to ensure that their customer service is even better than that.

So that they can give that wow factor to customers. When a business makes a customer say wow. They like the business, and start to trust the business. And those things cannot be created any other way.

When they know and like and trust the business. And feel like they are part of the community. They will share with their contacts on social media how amazing the business is. And that is how social media can help business owners find customers.