Vancouver Business Coach | Customer Service is Important

Vancouver Business Coach | Customer Service is Important

When entrepreneurs are trying to find their niche market, Vancouver business coach says they often focus on the wrong things. And not only does that leads to them not finding the right customers.

Vancouver Business Coach

It actually often leads to entrepreneurs not finding enough customers at all. And end up having to close their doors, and in a very short amount of time. Although this is very avoidable.

According to a study done by industry Canada. They found that the failure rate for Canadian entrepreneurs was extremely high. With 15% of small businesses going out of business.

Within the first year of business ownership. And 30% of small businesses that have opened their doors. Fail within two years of business ownership. However, the failure rate skyrockets.

Once an entrepreneur has been in business for five years. The failure rate for Canadian small businesses after five years is at 50%. This means that when people start their own business.

They have got a 50% chance of succeeding or failing. Therefore, Vancouver business coach says every decision they make is critical to their success. Which is why they want to see entrepreneurs very early in the process.

Even before they open the doors to their business ideally. And the reason why, is because they can properly prepare entrepreneurs. Not only to focus on the right things.

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But to understand what makes them unique. And help them stand out in a sometimes crowded marketplace. So that not only are they more likely to be noticed.

But because they also will be able to send the right message out. To their ideal and likely buyers. Which will help them find the customers they need. In order to save viable in business.

One of the biggest mistakes that Vancouver business coach says entrepreneurs make. Is thinking that they can stand out on price alone. This may sound very attractive, because who does not like a deal?

Unfortunately, that is likely going to result in entrepreneurs not turning enough of a profit to be viable in their business. But even if they can keep their heads above water.

They likely are not going to have a scalable business. And growth will be next to impossible. Because they will not have any wiggle room for errors, or growth plans.

Besides, entrepreneurs should consider how important price is to their purchasing decisions. And may be surprised to find out. That it is not as important as they thought it was.

There car for example. It is probably not the cheapest car on the market. It probably has a lot of features that are important to them. Despite the fact that they paid a little more for them.

Perhaps they went to the business to buy the car that they did. Because they were offered free tuneups, tire warranty. Or free oil changes for life. Therefore, there are other reasons why they are more important.

That have absolutely nothing to do with price. And in fact, are probably something that entrepreneurs are more than happy to pay extra for. Figuring out what that is for their own business is key.

Vancouver business coach | customer service is important

Standing out from the competition has never been more important says Vancouver business coach. And this is what they help entrepreneurs do. In order to get noticed in a saturated market.

The reason why this is so important. Is because without standing out, they might not be noticed at all. And this will result in entrepreneurs not finding the customers they need to stay in business.

In fact, 42% of businesses in Canada that fail. Are unsuccessful because they were not able to find enough customers. And that is not because the customers do not exist, it is because they cannot be found.

Vancouver business coach helps entrepreneurs define who their ideal and likely buyers are. So that they can not only gets the message out to that customer base. About their business and what they do.

But because they will be able to figure out what is most important to these customers. And deliver that consistently. And to a high degree of excellence in their business.

This means not only do they need to know who their ideal and likely customers are. And know what is important to them. But Vancouver business coach also helps their clients.

Figure out how to deliver it to an extremely high degree of excellence. This way, when they do get their ideal clients walking into their business. They are going to be able to give them a wow experience.

That not only are they happy to pay a little bit extra for. It will also keep them coming back. And help them become loyal and dedicated fans to the business.

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When way business coaches recommend entrepreneurs do this. Is by engaging as many of the five senses as possible. To creates that wow experience.

It goes much farther than just having a pleasant display, and clean store when customers walk-in. Engage their sense of smell, particularly if it is a restaurant, or a bakery for example.

Even offering samples of their most delicious foods. Can not only encourage people to come in. But once they smell and taste. They are far more likely to buy. Even if they were not in the market for that product.

A great example of this is the example of when people walk by a cinnamon bun bakery in a mall. People cannot resist the delicious smell.

And when they are handing out free samples, the people who take a sample. Are generally going to buy. Even if they had not intended by cinnamon buns during their trip to the mall.

There are many ways that entrepreneurs can engage all five senses. To make an exceptional customer experience. From beautiful surroundings, and sounds.

To music that is going to be exciting and enticing for their ideal and likely customers to hear. That can set the mood for an exceptional experience. When entrepreneurs need any help with this.

They can contact Vancouver business coach for help. For these and other ways to stand out, and attract customers in their business.