Vancouver Business Coach | Conducting Group Interviews

Vancouver Business Coach | Conducting Group Interviews

A common struggle for many Canadian small business owners is not being able to find or keep staff according to Vancouver business coach. And in fact, this is the reason why many businesses fail.

Industry Canada did a survey in order to find out how many businesses in Canada failed. And found that within five years, half of all the businesses that opened remained.

They conducted another survey in order to find out why business owners were not succeeding. And found that there were three common reasons why the majority of all business owners failed.

The third most common reason, affecting 23% of the failed business owners. Said that they were unable to find or keep staff in their business. Which is why they were forced to close the doors to their business.

This is extremely important to note. And if business owners were able to learn a different way of recruiting and retaining staff. It may be able to help a significant number of business owners keep their business.

Luckily, thank you for business coach teaches entrepreneurs how to conduct a group interview. Which will help business owners not only save time during the interview process.

But more importantly, help them identify better quality candidates for the job. So that they can hire better people in their business. Which will typically results in a lower turnover rate in their business.

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The first thing that business owners need to learn when they are starting to conduct group interviews. Is that they need to be looking for people, even if there is no immediate job opening.

The reason why, is because they need to meet a large number of people. In order to identify the ones who are going to be a good fit in their business.

Surveys show business owners need to meet hundred people for every one person they hire. Therefore, Vancouver business coach says group interviews on a regular basis will help business owners meet the right number of people.

In order to have a regular group interview time. Business owners need to set aside that time in their calendar. But then ensure that they have a help wanted ad running regularly.

When this happens, they should expect to get a large number of resumes every single week in their business. And instead of reading each one in order to determine suitability of each candidate.

Vancouver business coach recommends simply inviting every single candidate to the group interview spot. And immediately, that is going to save a business owner a lot of time.

It is also important to note that resumes are a terrible way of figuring out if someone is going to be a great employee or not. Especially since 85% of all people lie on their resumes.

By doing this, business owners can start to meet candidates on a regular basis. That will help them meet the right number of people, to know when they have met the one right person for their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Conducting Group Interviews

Canadian businesses are experiencing a higher turnover rate than ever before according to Vancouver business coach. And while an employee used to state an average of five years with a company.

Business owners are finding that their staff will leave after two point three years on average. Which means there turnover rate is double what they are used to.

Therefore, business owners are often struggling to find or keep people in their business. And when they are utilizing a on one interview method. That can make it even more difficult.

As it is a very time-consuming method, taking an average of twenty-three days from start to finish per employee according to the website glass door.

However, Vancouver business coach recommends conducting group interviews. Because not only is it more efficient. Requiring only one hour of a business owner’s time each week.

But also, helping business owners meet a larger quantity of candidates. So that they can meet enough people to increase the chances of one of them being the right fit for their business.

When they hire the right fit in their business. Instead of the best person out of all of the applicants that showed up. Business owners often find that there turnover rate drops.

During the group interview, Vancouver business coach recommends reading out to businesses problem, it should and vision statements. As well as the values of the business.

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The reason why, is because this is an important way to build culture in the business. With all employees who will ever be hired. First hearing about the mission and vision and values of the business.

Right from the job interview stage. But also, what it will do is help identify applicants who are drawn to the mission and vision or the values.

In Cooper business coach also recommends that when business owners right their values. That they ensure that there polarizing, and that they do not appeal to everybody.

And the reason why is because it should not appeal to everybody. And the people that do like the polarizing values. Are going to fit in a lot more with the company. And people who do not share those values.

Employees will often stay longer if they feel strongly about the company’s mission and vision. Or if they are aligned with the values of the company. Which can help build that longevity that business owners need to.

And finally, Vancouver business coach recommends asking each applicant at the end of the interview. Why do they want to work for the business. And the answer that they are looking for.

It is not about the job itself, or why they want to be employed in the industry. But rather, what is it about business that they feel strongly enough about to want to work there.

Business owners should keep that in mind when they go around the room asking each applicant. And if the people do not answer correctly, then they are not the right fit for the business.

And the group interview process can continue for the next weeks. This way, a business owner does not have to feel pressured into choosing a person who would not be the right fit for the business.