Vancouver Business Coach | Building Customer Relations Online

Vancouver Business Coach | Building Customer Relations Online

Business owners should get their business online to help foster relations says Vancouver business coach. Instead of using it to try to sell more products to people.

Because the reason why customers are on social media in the first place. Is to be social, and not get inundated with ads that they did not ask for.

When business owners can keep this in mind. As well as learn other tips from their Vancouver business coach. That will help them be more effective with their social media interactions online.

They will be able to create a community around their brand. And raving fans. Who will spread the message about why they should buy from their business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind. Is that people want to interact with humans on social media. And not faceless corporations.

But also, people want to buy from businesses they know, like and trust. And not faceless corporations. So that when they reveal their human side on social media.

They are not just helping people ensure that their interactions are more positive. But people will also be more likely to buy their products and services as well.

Entrepreneurs need to start by showing who the people in the business are. Showing photos of the owners, and the staff. As well as their stories or bios.

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Next, they can talk about the company. But rather than things like the company history. More about the passion behind the business. The purpose of the business. As well as their core values.

When they share this on social media. It will draw in the people that share those same values and visions. And when they are paying attention. When business owners start sharing content that is important to them.

They will start creating that community. That will encourage more people to be involved in their online community. And potentially buy products and services from them.

It definitely is a long game. With people getting results from their efforts months, or years down the road. However, when persistence and consistency is used. It will pay off.

As well, the recommendation is for entrepreneurs to use videos. In order to inspire customers, to become involved. Because not only will they be able to use the videos to show their human side.

They can also use it to show their core values, and, vision and purpose. In a way that is very usable. In a number of different ways. And in a way that customers will be easy to relate to.

Entrepreneurs do not even have to worry about putting together a high production value video. Something as quick and dirty as taking a two minute video on a phone.

Will have higher return on investment. Then trying to put together a more professional -looking video. That people might find disingenuous. More than a homemade video. Of the business owner explaining why they love what they do.

Vancouver Business Coach | Building Customer Relations Online

While social media can be a great tool agrees Vancouver business coach. When entrepreneurs use this tool incorrectly, it can do a lot of harm.

Which is why business owners should know what they need to do before joining a social media platform with their business.

For example, Vancouver business coach says entrepreneurs need to know that it is of vital importance. To respond to customers within a certain amount of time.

So that they will feel valued and heard from the business. they are trying to buy products and services from. In fact 32% of customers expect a response within half an hour from businesses that a message on social media.

However, was not always necessary to respond that quickly. Vancouver business coach says they should be responding within one hour. Because that will help build trust between themselves and their customers.

As well as help customers feel as though they are valued. Makes them happy, increases the closing rate. And that is why they should always ensure that they have a plan. Even before they get on social media.

To have themselves, staff, or outsourced. Social media responses. So that they do not have customers waiting for a response from the business. And eventually leave, feeling undervalued. And feeling negative about the business.

As well, business owners need to be responsive to comments about the business on social media. Whether it is positive or negative. When someone has a great comment about her business.

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To not hear back from that business. Can be very discouraging. And make them feel as though they are not valued. Or their feedback is not important. Therefore, a quick comment of thanks, it was a pleasure serving you.

Or something like, I hope you are happy with your purchase. Can go a long way. In showing that customer, and other customers that are watching this interaction. That they are valued by the business.

Enough to warrant a custom comment. And while that can be very positive. Vancouver business coach says not responding to negative comments is even worse.

Because while many happy people will share that with their social media. 70% of customers who had a bad experience with the business. Will also post on social media.

Therefore, business owners need to respond quickly. Or risk looking as though they do not care. And letting that negative comment hang in the air, for anyone to see about this negative interaction.

Ideally, Vancouver business coach says entrepreneurs should respond very quickly. And have an effort to fix the problem quickly. So that people watching the interaction can see that the business cares about fixing problems.

As well, business cares about customer satisfaction. And when they fix that problem. By responding to the customers pain point. Then they will not only fix the problem.

But to turn them from angry customers into raving fans. And then the entire interaction can advertise how amazing that business is. Knowing what to do and what not to do is going to be key to ensuring that social media can be used effectively.