Vancouver Business Coach | Best Hiring Practices

Vancouver Business Coach | Best Hiring Practices

If business owners are struggling trying to find qualified staff, Vancouver business coach recommends utilizing a group interview. In order to meet more candidates, and be able to hire a more qualified person.

In fact, many small business owners in Canada struggle with this issue. And 23% of all failed small business owners say that this is the reason why their business failed.

And many business owners are only aware of the one on one interview method. Which not only takes an extraordinary amount of time to find one person. According to glassdoor, it takes almost 23 days.

To find one person from the beginning of the process, until someone is hired. Which is more time than a small business owner can afford to spend.

The reason why large corporations are able to use the one on one interview method successfully. Is because they have two things that a small business owner does not.

They have unlimited time, and can hold as many one on one interviews as they want. Until they are able to find the most talented candidate for their organization.

And they also have unlimited resources, to be able to pay a huge HR department. To interview as many candidates as is necessary. To find the right fit for their business.

This is also why large corporations can find the most talented candidates. And why small business owners struggle. However, Vancouver business coach recommends implementing group interviews.

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Because these can help a business owner meet a larger group of candidates. To increase the chances of meeting the right person for their business.

It will also help these small business owners save a lot of time. Because to implement group interviews effectively. A business owner only needs to work on them a few hours each week.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind with group interviews. Is to do them efficiently and effectively. They need to block one hour of time in their schedule each week.

In order to hold group interviews on an ongoing basis. The reason why they need to have group interviews every week. Even when they are not immediately hiring people for their business.

It is so that they can meet the right number of candidates. In order to find the one who is a good fit for their business. And in fact, according to studies, business owners need to meet one hundred people.

In order to find one person who will be the right fit for their business. So hosting group interviews on an ongoing basis. Increases the number of people that a business owner is able to meet.

Holding group interviews can be interesting for a business owner to understand. But once they learn how to hold them. They will be so impressed with the efficiency of the process.

And when they are able to find a higher quality person for their business. They will never go back to one-on-one interviews again.

If business owners want more tips on how to conduct a successful group interview. They can contact Vancouver business coach, for this and any other question about how they can run their small business efficiently and effectively.

Vancouver Business Coach | Best Hiring Practices

Even though most small business owners use the one-on-one interview method to find staff says Vancouver business coach. This is not effective, especially when looking at the industry Canada statistics.

Industry Canada did a study and found that half of all small business owners in Canada failed. And third most common reason why these small businesses were not successful.

As because they were unable to find or keep staff in their business. Proving that a one interview is not the best way to find qualified candidates to work in small businesses.

Because business owners have very little time, they need to be able to find qualified candidates quickly. And with the average one on one interview process taking an average of twenty-three days.

This is not going to help business owners find great people, or be able to run their business effectively. While they are searching for someone. Unless they change how they do interviews.

Not only will group interviews help a business owner make more efficient use of their time. Because to effectively hold group interviews. Business owners only need to set aside one hour of time in their week.

To interview candidates, whether it is one person showing up to the interview or twenty. But they will also be able to meet more qualified candidates, in a way that allows them to see all the candidates have the same time.

The first way that holding a group interview can help a business owner save time says Vancouver business coach. Is because they can stop reading resumes immediately.

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This often would take a significant amount of the business owner’s time. Even before they got to the interview stage. Even though resumes are a poor way of judging how good candidate might be.

Especially since 85% of people lie on their resumes. Which means it can be very hard or impossible. To figure out to who is the best candidate based on the resume alone.

With a group interview, business owners can meet all the candidates at the same time. And get a better sense of who would be the best person for the job, without having to look at individual resumes.

Also, since a percentage of candidates will show up for the interview at all. Even if it is a on one interview. It can help save a business owner a lot of time.

Because they will be waiting for a candidate who is not going to show up. And in addition to that says Vancouver business coach. A percentage of the candidates will show up late.

Further wasting a business owner’s time. Since business owners should not consider hiring people. Who are okay showing up late for the interview.

This way, business owners can meet all of the candidates at the same time, and all people who would have not shown up at all, or show up late. Simply are taken out of the running.

Group interviews can be incredibly effective. And save a large amount of time for business owner, so that they can focus on running their business.