Vancouver Business Coach | Becoming Active Online

Vancouver Business Coach | Becoming Active Online

Often, business owners think that they need to have a very large social media presence according to Vancouver business coach. In order to find the customers that they need to to sell their products and services to.

They may or may not have heard the statistic. That says 42% of failed entrepreneurs. Fail because they do not have customers, or are unable to find enough customers to remain viable in business.

But that does not mean they have to advertise in every single channel available to them. They simply have to advertise consistently, and effectively. If they want to know the best way to advertise.

They can always set up an appointment with Vancouver business coach. In order to create an effective marketing and advertising plan.

That can identify their ideal and likely customers. And what message they are consistently sending to them.

However, if business owners really want to be involved in social media. There are several things that can help them have a more successful experience.

Starting with ensuring that they are showing the human side of their business. Because as the name social media implies. People are on it so that they can be social. And not interact with faceless corporations.

Or getting inundated with ads. Therefore, the more businesses simply advertise on social media. Spewing out content about their products and services. They will be less likely to get results.

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Instead, they need to show the human side of their business. And interact with their ideal and likely customers as people. Rather than as a business. This way, customers will get to know, like and trust the business.

Which are the three factors needed to generate sales for the business. They can do this through introducing the business owners and staff through photographs and biographies.

However, most effective way to do this. Is through videos. Because not only will people see the human side. And feel like they are truly getting to know people. But also what is most important to them and their business.

Such as the businesses or values. Their mission, vision and purpose. And that will naturally draw in people to their business. That share those values and vision.

And will care a lot more about what the business has to say. Ultimately, when businesses share what is important to them as people. That can appeal to human sensibilities.

Which is why any brands have social causes. Because they are going to be able to attract people that share the same values. Think of a cosmetic company that advertises that they are against animal cruelty.

Or that their products are good for the environment. And they are reducing their carbon footprint. They will advertise that, and encourage people to follow them. Because they share the same values.

Doing this well takes a plan. In the best way to get a plan is to sit down with Vancouver business coach. And create a well-thought-out marketing plan.

Including their social media. So that they can have a consistent message. And attract their ideal and likely customers.

Vancouver Business Coach | Becoming Active Online

Often, business owners think that in order to be viable in business says Vancouver business coach. They need to have an active social media presence.

And while being active on social media in the right way can be very beneficial. If they do not know what they are doing. They can actually cause more harm to their brand than good.

A great example of this, is when business owners do not know how quickly they need to be responding to inquiries on social media. Because while some studies say within half an hour.

People definitely needs to get a response within one hour of sending an inquiry online. In order to feel valued, and so that they do not go elsewhere. And feel negative feelings about that business.

That they may never say. But will cause them to never buy from that business as well. Another thing to keep in mind. Is that when people are happy, they will share that information with their network of people.

However, when they are not happy. They also will be sharing that information with their network. And studies have also shown. That 70% of customers who are unhappy.

Will raise awareness and spread the word on social media. While this is unavoidable. And despite what many business owners try to do. And make every single customer happy.

Negative experiences will happen. And it is how they respond says Vancouver business coach. That will be important. The ideal scenario. Will be for the business owner to respond immediately.

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As soon as they see the feedback. And respond on that same message. So that people who are watching. Can see that the business is addressing the issue. And how fast they are addressing it.

Then, they need to fix the problem. So that the customer who is unhappy. And the people watching the interaction. Knows how important customer satisfaction is. And when they respond to that pain point, and fix it.

Not only will they turn that negative experience into a positive one. But they will likely cause that unhappy customer to turn into a fan. As well as all of the rest of the people who are watching that interaction.

If people do not respond to messages fast enough. And they do not respond to negative comments. They may be doing more harm to their brand than good. And definitely, more harm than they realize.

Also, it is very important that if people leave positive comments. But they are also responding. To show that they value that feedback. A simple acknowledgement of thanks, it was great to see you in our business.

Can go a long way to building that community and that relationship. Ultimately, when business owners want to be on social media. It is all about building relationships with their customers.

They need to know what they are doing. In order for that to be effective. Business owners want more information on how to be active on social media correctly. As well as help the rest of their marketing and advertising plan. They can contact Vancouver business coach for free consultation today.