Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found Online By Your Customers

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found Online By Your Customers

If entrepreneurs cannot be found by customers who are searching for them online says Vancouver business coach. They may as well not exist, and it puts the business in danger of closing.

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Whether entrepreneurs are not marketing their business at all. Or they are not marketing their business effectively. It is very important that they learn how vital this is to the success of their business.

According to an industry Canada survey that was done recently. They found that not only is the failure rate for small business owners across Canada there he high. But that the failure rate happens sooner than many people assume.

And it affects more businesses than many people realized. While 15% of small business owners across Canada. Their business after operating for only one year. 30% failed after their second year in business.

And an overwhelming 50% of businesses failed. After operating their business for five years. Not only are these very large numbers of businesses that are not succeeding. But many businesses are failing very early as well.

But what is even more surprising that industry Canada found. From there survey results, was the reason. Why entrepreneurs across Canada were failing. The reason why the results were so surprising.

Is because there were so few reasons. With most businesses failing due to one of three factors. But because all three of those factors are extremely avoidable with the right plans in place.

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The third most common reason why entrepreneurs failed in business. Which affected 23% of all failed businesses across Canada. Is because they could not find enough staff to work in their business.

The second most common reason. Why entrepreneurs across Canada were not successful. Is that entrepreneurs ran out of money. Which affected 29% of all failed entrepreneurs in this country.

And the third most common reason why businesses were not successful. Causing 42% of them to fail. Is the fact that they could not find enough customers to sell their products and services to.

This number represents not only businesses that were ineffective in their marketing strategy. But also businesses that did not have a marketing strategy at all. Which makes it incredibly important.

For more businesses to reach out to Vancouver business coach. In order to develop a great strategy. To help them find the customers that they need to stay viable in their business.

This is where search engine optimization comes in. Not only because most customers will do a search for product or service in order to find a business to buy from. But also, when an entrepreneur knows what business they want to use.

They also will do a Google search in order to find that business. And in both circumstances, if an entrepreneur is not on page 1 of the Google search results. They will not be found by those ideal and likely buyers.

Which will not only cause them to lose a sale. That it will cause them to lose many, since the majority of customers use Google before they buy anything. Therefore, entrepreneurs should set up a free consultation with Vancouver business coach today. In order to find out how to avoid missing out on customers.

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found Online By Your Customers

It can be very frustrating to put your life savings into a business to have fail says Vancouver business coach. However, most of the reasons why businesses across Canada failed. Are preventable with the right plan.

This is why entrepreneurs should set up a meeting with Vancouver business coach. So that they can come up with an effective marketing strategy. That will help them find the customers that they need to stay in business.

They will think of many different ways to market their business. That is effective. Such as search engine optimization. What this is, is working with the Google algorithm’s. In order to help their webpage rank higher in Google’s search results.

The first way that they can do this, is by utilizing the way Google likes information organized. And their business coach will be able to do this for them. Which means naming things correctly in their website.

Like the pages, pictures and headers. But also, having the right number of keywords on each page. So that it is easy for Google to find the information in that website. And then rank it in the results for people doing searches.

However, that is not the only way that entrepreneurs can rank higher on search engine results. So that more customers can find them. Another way that entrepreneurs can help their business.

Is by creating a lot of content for their website. The reason why this is so important. Is because Google views websites that have many pages to be more relevant to customers that are searching for things.

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Therefore, the more pages a business owner can create. The better they are going to rank on search engine results. However, many entrepreneurs do not have the time to write an article every single week.

Nor do they want to keep up a blog. However, they do not have to do any of those things. If business owners simply created one ten minute video every single week.

Talking about an aspect of their business that they are already a subject matter expert in. This can give the business enough content. As long as they are doing it every single week.

By adding one new page every week, entrepreneurs are going to be able to continue to rank high on Google’s search engine results. And they do not have to worry about creating a high production value video.

Using the camera function on their cell phone is good enough. To allow them to have the content that is relatable, and can help them rank higher. However, is very good for business owners to know.

That once they have those videos, they can do many different things with them. To continue to add content to their website. Such as transcribing the videos. And then putting that transcription as another page of content.

When entrepreneurs want to learn more information about getting found by their ideal and likely buyers. They should set up a free consultation with Vancouver business coach. And learn what they can do to help themselves.