Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found in Google Results

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found in Google Results

The reason why Vancouver business coach likes to teach their entrepreneurs. How to get found on the first page of Google results. Is so that they can find more customers for their business.

Vancouver Business Coach

The simple fact of the matter is. Most businesses do not focus on marketing enough. Which will cause them to not generate enough revenue to stay in business. Or, will cause them to run out of money.

Because they will not be able to sell enough products and services to pay their bills. This is a much more common problem than many people might realize. And according to an industry Canada survey.

50% of entrepreneurs that own small businesses across Canada. Will fail within five years of opening the doors to their business. And 42% of these failed businesses. Will have failed because they could not find enough customers.

This is an extremely high failure rate. For a reason that is not only predictable. It is also avoidable, with a little bit of work. There are several reasons why business owners they not find enough customers.

First of all, they often think it is going to be easier to find customers then ends at being. Perhaps they think they have the perfect location, so they do not need to focus on marketing.

Or, they think that they will be able to focus on marketing. After they open the doors to their business. Once they have the hang of running things, pricing and doing their own bookkeeping for example.

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However, if entrepreneurs do not focus on finding customers as soon as they open the doors to their business. They often are not able to stay viable for very long.

Whatever the reason is, Vancouver business coach says by not focusing on marketing immediately. Many business owners are at risk. Therefore, they should work to overcome this obstacle as soon as they open their business.

There are several ways they can do this. However, entrepreneurs should keep in mind. That the majority of customers will Google a business for buying from them.

As well as the majority of customers that are ready to buy a product or service. Will Google that product or service. In order to find the company to buy them from.

And if an entrepreneurs business is not on the first page of Google. They will miss all of this interest. From their ideal and likely buyers. Who are ready to make a purchase at that moment.

In order to find customers. By appearing on the first page of Google. Entrepreneurs need to learn how to utilize search engine optimization techniques. The reason why entrepreneurs should do this on Google.

It is because the overwhelming majority of searches done on the Internet. Our done on Google websites, such as 94% of all searches in the world. Therefore, businesses can find out more about search engine optimization.

By calling Vancouver business coach, and setting up a free consultation. To find out this, and other strategies. That will help them find their customers
To help them grow their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found in Google Results

There are many things that entrepreneurs can do to market their business says Vancouver business coach. However, doing them in the right order is very important. To ensure that businesses can get as much benefit, for as little cost as possible. Especially when they are first starting out.

Search engine optimization is all about helping businesses. Get their websites to rank on the first pages of search engine results. When it comes to search engines, the only one that business owners really need to be concerned about.

Is Google, because 94% of all searches are done on this website. The rest of the 6% of all searches in the world. Our done on all of the rest of the search engine websites combined.

Google continues to be the most popular for many reasons. Not only are they user-friendly. With a very simple, and easy to use website. But also, because it delivers great results.

The reason why Google can deliver such accurate results. When people do searches using this website. Is because it indexes every single webpage on the Internet. So that it can easily find that information when it is needed.

Therefore, Vancouver business coach recommends. Business owners organizing the information on their website. The way they like to have their information. So that Google can find that business owners website faster.

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This means talking to Vancouver business coach, and finding out how to name their pages properly. Having the correct headers, and naming pictures accurately, as well as having the right keywords the appropriate number of times.

Once they have their website’s information organize the right way. They will continue to get results for this effort, for several weeks, months and years. However, the next step in the process.

Is creating a lot of content. So that Google will see the business as an expert in their field. And rank them even higher in the search engine results. Therefore, adding content quickly is important to know how to do.

How they teach entrepreneurs to do this. Is through the use of videos. A quick, ten minute video on a subject that they are an expert in. And then uploaded to their website, can be how a company adds a lot of content quickly.

Entrepreneurs should aim for one video a week. And do this on an ongoing basis. So that not only will they have fifty-two videos by the end of the year. They will continue making videos for the next year as well.

What they can do with these videos can vary greatly. From transcribing them, to cutting snippets out to be used in advertisements for their business. It does not have to be professionally produced video.

Just the fact that they have new content coming out regularly. Means that they are relevant, and will help websites get searched hire. Then websites that do not add content regularly.