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Take the guesswork out of how to effectively grow your Instagram and YouTube Channels with the easiest and best social growth tool, Social Info. It is the one place where you can get real-time, raw data for Instagram and YouTube. If you are looking to grow your brand and get it in front of your target audience then Social Info is the software for you.  By using this tool you can increase the valuable content you post and in turn increase your following. You will also notice a decrease in time needed to gain brand awareness when you use the proven growth tools and methods found inside Social Info.

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So Many Tools

I am a social media manager and marketer that uses tons of tools and software to help me grow my social channels as well as my clients’. I’ve tried more tools than your average social user that’s for sure. You could say I was pretty excited when I heard about this new app and software Social Info. Anything that can help me do my job faster and easier is worth checking out. Immediately upon sharing its benefits with my colleagues, they were excited to jump on board and started using it right away. Brilliant!! That’s when I knew I had stumbled onto something pretty valuable. It was worth the time and effort to check it out in-depth and see what it was all about.

OK, so I need to share with you, what I found was gold in the social media manager’s world. Bonus: Social Info is easy enough for nearly anyone to use and implement into their own marketing strategies. You could be a social media manager like me, or maybe you are just starting to grow your brand, business or personal presence on social media. This product is hands-down the right one for you.

Product Feature #1 Instagram

The first thing you will notice when you hit the Instagram button inside Social Info is the top 25 accounts on Instagram.  You can peruse around in these accounts to see the public data on each account. Things like how many followers, how many following, the increase/decrease of each on a daily basis are just a few points of interest available to view. You may be thinking, “what does this have to do with my business? How does Justin Bieber relate to me?” Well he probably doesn’t directly, but the idea is that you can take real-time info from any account and use it for research. Rather than figure things out from scratch (which takes a long time and a lot of data) you can investigate into any account that is public.  This is a pretty cool feature.

What Happens When you Search An Account?

When you open up the search bar and look up any public Instagram account holder’s handle one of two things happens.

1) If they are not already in Social Info’s system, they are immediately added and their public data is collected from that day forward.  You won’t get much for old data but the next time you check them out, you will get any updated data from the day they were added. You will get a week’s worth of posts showing numbers of likes and comments.

2) If the account is already in the database, you will receive even more data.

These next photos showcase my account in Social Info.

This is a snapshot of @inspiredmethod: (As of the day I took this pic I had 1003 followers, 1204 that I’m following and 140 posts.)

You will be able to view a statistics table to analyze the growth of the account you’re viewing.

In this next picture you will see the gains and losses and graphs for further analysis:

This next image shows you:

The software shows you post by post data plus it provides links to the exact posts for further analysis. On the right side you can see the average likes, comments and most importantly engagement rate for my entire account. Why is this data helpful? Well if you look at my data @inspiredmethod above you can see on May 28th I had my highest engagement (likes and comments) for the week.

The cool thing here is the view post button takes you to my post so you can see what was so engaging about it and use that info for future posting ideas  The great thing is, you can do this with any account to see what kind of posts go viral and use that research for ideas of what people engage with. That alone is worth the price of Social Info software. And as I’ve mentioned before everything is always real-time data.

Now that I’ve shown you how valuable this data is you can imagine how to apply it to whatever your business is. You could use the tools help you attract your ideal clients.

Still not convinced? Watch what Anthony had to say about using Social Info.

Feature #2 YouTube

The YouTube feature works somewhat the same as Instagram but of course it is all about YouTube.

Again you just hit the search button and put in any name you want and it brings up all the suggested accounts that are a close match. Find the one you want and click on it. Once you do you’ll see this: (my personal account)

Above you can see, it shows total views for all videos I have uploaded, total subscribers and total number of videos I have. Also, you can see the button where you can click to go to the user’s channel. This is where you’ll have to go to see individual videos of the channel. Now, once you scroll down you’ll get more data. I actually think it’s fun just to look at my own data (you can see I have a lot of views and only 15 videos; one video has nearly 45,000 views alone.)

Above you see data on a daily basis.

Above you see the channel’s specific data/analytics.

Below the image shows the most recent videos and their statistics and it includes a link to each video for further investigation. The last section shows you Averages for likes, dislikes, comments and views for the last 7 days.

One last thing to mention about this feature is that you can choose to view for the last 7 days or 30 days.

Feature #3 Premium Tools

This is the best part of the Social Info Tools: The Premium Tools

There are 3 parts to this section and more to come as the software expands.

For now, this section pertains to Instagram.

1.Hashtag Finder:
If you are like me you want people, specifically your target audience, to find you and your posts. The biggest issue for businesses is being seen, known and liked.  The most effective tool to help with this in Instagram is the hashtag. The hashtag is used to categorize your posts (they are placed in the caption or the first comment ). Other users look up, and follow the hashtags they are interested in. For example if you are a ketogenic diet fanatic you would probably want to follow and use hashtags that contain the keyword “keto”. When you want to find something you search for the hashtags to find the content.  If you post you want to use keywords that people use to find your type of content. When you use this strategy, you’ll have a better chance of  popping up in the top 9 posts for the specific hashtag. This increases your visibility exponentially. Contrarily, Instagram will not push your content to more accounts if you don’t make the top 9 because it doesn’t find you relevant for that category. Can you see how this is a vicious cycle? You can’t get seen when in competition with so many others using the same hashtags, YOU NEED to GET STRATEGIC!

Let  Social Info’s hashtag finder help you.  

If you are a small account ( > 1000) you’ll want to use less competitive hashtags to be able to compete for the top 9 spots on Instagram. And that’s how you get discovered and increase your reach. Social Info gives you this data in it’s hashtag finder. Then you can copy and paste the list to your own document for further use.
2.Media Finder:
The next premium tool is just as it sounds you can copy and paste a post from Instagram by pulling it up inside Social Finder. Once you have the URL for the post you pop it in the search bar and the image is pulled up. From there you can copy and paste it to your computer. If you want to reuse the media, be sure to ask permission from the original account and give credit where it’s due.
3.Viral Finder:
This is the final premium tool. Once again, you’ll type in an account’s handle into the search bar and hit enter. What happens next is pretty cool. The entire account will be scanned for viral posts. This means it will average the likes on all the posts and from there it will show only posts that have hit higher than the average amount of likes. For example, if the average likes for all posts are 95, the tool will show you only posts that were greater than 95 likes. This is helpful because you can see what the post is and figure out what about it made it viral for this user’s account. You can use this info to plan your next viral content. Pretty cool hey?

So now that you understand how Social Info works, you can see how valuable a software tool like this is for you and your business.  It will save you hours of researching hashtags, viral content and media examples. You can hit the top 9 on the explore page much easier and more often. It is as easy as that. I have started to show up in the top 9 more often on my hashtags since using Social Info.

Go here to start using it today and watch your social media efforts be cut in half. Watch your account grow exponentially and organically.