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Hi everyone! This is your Edmonton business coach Trevor and Karen from Inspired Method marketing and coaching. We are here today to talk about having a company onboarding process, I think is Karen’s might as the treasurer and Seth Godin, he’s here with this quote. If you could bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind status or one or the other most desired emotions, you’ve done something worthwhile.

Quote of the day

The thing you sell is simply to achieve. And we let everyone down when we focus on the tactics, not the outcomes. Who’s it for? What’s it for? The two questions, all our decisions. Quick Stat, every second, a million minutes, minutes, million minutes. Ip Networks by 2021 so a million minutes per. That’s amazing. Wow.

Well there’s nothing worse than when you need a vital piece of information and you’re still waiting for from your clients. We’ve been there and all. And all it does is delay the project. Yeah, huge. That’s a killer. So what is the onboarding process? An onboarding process is quite simply a system of gathering information from your client so that you can begin working. Things like log in codes.

Onboarding Process

Keep things flowing

Two months later we’d still be waiting for that. It just slows everything, makes logging credentials for our clients. And, uh, so yeah, it’s very important part to making things flow. And also another type of effective onboarding process for new hires would be for employees getting them up to speed as an Edmonton business coach. We’ll talk more about that.

Yeah. So what’s the biggest problem Edmonton business coach? Biggest problem I found is asking all the right questions, making sure that you’ve got all the information you need because we’re starting from zero. Like I asked a lot of, you know, people who have agency saying, okay, what are you doing for a good onboarding process automation?

Make sure you have all the information

And nobody had one. They were like, what do you mean I don’t have that? So how do you get all the information you need so you can log in and work on your client’s stuff? Um, and it was myself there. So we’re flying blind and you know, you’re working for a client, let’s say you’re a month in and you’re like, oh, well I need this login to get into that part of it. So that work on that section, whether it’d be here’s your Google analytics or something like that, and you’re just missing pieces of information can answer most things down.

Training can be a waste of time

It’s a big time suck and it’s a big time waster. Or training. So how does it affect your Edmonton business coach customers then? Man, it makes it harder because you know, clients don’t always have this information at the tip of their fingers to just give it to you. It’s almost like you have to schedule time to do this morning in order to make it efficient. So, um, you know, it effects them, ask any projects done for them.

Don’t waste valuable time

It affects us having the ability to do it and then when we are hunting around for yourself and you’re just wasting valuable time that we can be working on their stuff or working on somebody else’s stuff, what we’re really just, you know, spinning our wheels trying to log in Info and you have more than one Edmonton business coach onboarding checklist. Yes, absolutely. Um, so like I alluded to earlier, you can have an onboarding checklist for new clients.

Know your employees well

You can also have onboarding checklist for new employees and you know, really any, any type of business that you bring it up can be a subcontractor, can be an employee or not. You just need to be able to have a checklist in place that asks all the relevant questions that you need answered.

It can be, you know, get to know them and you’re meeting tax you’re going to be and where you find all the information you’re going to be giving them. And uh, you know, just having that set system in place, that’s advice the process for everybody.

Need to safely store all information

When you’re doing a new hire onboarding process, they’re telling you about the expectations are, um, going through like an employee manual, getting their information, showing them every place where we’re going to be. How are we going to be storing Edmonton business coach files with client data, all that kind of stuff.

Keep it simple, stupid

So just making it stupid simple so that you’re not having to have the conversation in a second time. How do you get started with an onboarding system? Um, get started just by getting started. So writing out all the information that you could possibly think of that you might need from a client and just write it out.

Onboarding Process

Getting started is the hardest step

And as, as you were working with more clients and you’ve come up against a scenario where you know, you, you might miss something and the pastors go back and update it on your checklist so that you can even use Google drive or unnecessary. Edmonton business coach, I would say yes to get started. You can just wreck site, which is fine.

Have a file sharing software plan

You don’t have to buy an expensive CRM, get started, you can do it with the Google drive or in Dropbox or something like that. You can create these checklists and great these systems and get customer data. Put it in there because it is, you know, password protected and all that. So you can do that. But eventually you get large enough now enough clients, um, kind of the CRM to store their information.

It’s ok to get started with Google Drive

Yeah. Google drive does allow you to share about it because then everyone can access information. Yeah. What are the consequences of not having an onboarding system in place, Edmonton business coach?

Avoid being unproductive

Well, it’s really the biggest problem is you, you’re unproductive, right? You’re in the middle again trying to get some, some work done on a client file up, you know, whether it’s their website or starting to roll out some ads for them and you’d be correct. Yeah. Or you don’t have, you know, their  log in where they changed it. Yeah, that’s a big one, right.

Not having an onboarding process for new employees can be an issue

They change and they didn’t, they didn’t update it on your side just to make time waster time sucking thing and you know, it doesn’t help the client and it doesn’t move the ball is the same thing where, you know, let’s say you have uh, uh, let’s take a electrical company. If you didn’t have all of the information that you needed to get started with our client, that their name, their address, phone number, contact. If they have no credit card information that you need to order materials or products.

Keep a checklist of what you need

If they don’t have their, depending on the type of, you know, just getting all that information ahead of time so you can have the right permits in place. All of that stuff. Only he didn’t have an Edmonton business coach checklist to gather that information. Then you’re going to be making several phone calls. You get all the way down, you’re trying to pull permits, and then you’re like, I’ve got to try and call a client. Well, they’re not available on the phone. You know?

It just snowballs into knowing what you need ahead of time, creating a list, getting that information and storing it, and really that, that’s what you have to do is what if it’s not perfect at the beginning of your new employee onboarding process flow? You know, what does it have to be perfect? Just get started. Just get started making it and as you need to make changes to make changes along the way. Yeah.

Yeah. What’s the biggest benefit happening on the system?

Well, it gives you peace of mind that you know, you have all the information when you’re on worrying. See a new designer or web developer in our case. Yeah. Um, the information is there. We don’t have to try and get it again. We don’t have to, let me just say, here’s the client. There’s where all the information it isn’t. It’s created in such a way that it’s easy to be found by whoever’s working on it.

There’s no question, Edmonton business coach, and you don’t have to keep that happening conversation over and over and over again with every new person, the same person, or even the same day. Okay. Well, thank you so much for joining us today here on all things about onboarding process and how make your job easier, make your team’s job easier. Thanks for joining us to the channel. We got some good stuff out of it.

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