Edmonton Marketing | Google My Business Listing

Edmonton Marketing | Google My Business Listing

Welcome to the Inspired Method Edmonton marketing channel. I’m Trevor Samons. I am one of the co-founders of inspired Method and I’m glad that you showed up today. Today what I want to share with you is very foundational part of any marketing strategy, especially if you’re a new business. If you’re a new business, what you need to do is be found online. Now, um, it’s very easy to get started. Anybody can do this no matter what business you’re in. This is especially good for service based businesses. So if you’re starting up a storefront retail space or if you are, um, in the electrical trade or plumbing or something of that nature, is that something that you can do in  a few minutes a day? That doesn’t take a whole lot of time. So many of you, when you are looking for a product or a service, you go to Google, right?

I mean, it makes sense. That’s the number one search engine on the planet. Like now, over 90% of all searches happen there. So what you need to do is set up a Google my business account. Now if you don’t know how to do this, that’s why I’m here. So I’m just going to show you really quickly or tell you more rather what to do in order to make Edmonton marketing happen. So first thing, you have to have a Google account. So if you don’t have one yet, it’s really easy. It’s free. You just have to go into Google and set up your own Gmail account for your business would be preferable. So if you’re, um, ABC plumbing, so go to Google and set up the account under ABC plumbing@gmail.com password and then move on from there. Now the next place that you want to go is to www.google.com or slash business.

And that’s where you start setting up your business account. Now it’s really, really important to do this. Why? Well in particular if you have a local business, what will happen is when people are searching for, in this example we’re using plumber, you’re looking for a plumber. Um, someone types in plumber my city. Well, there’s a little box that shows up underneath with a map and the city, the general area where you are located. And underneath that is all the local listings based on your star ranking. And we’ll get to that in a few minutes. That’s very important. But where do you want to show up is in those local searches. And to do that you have to have a Google my business account and it’ll help you be listed in your city. And if you want or don’t want, you can have your address, your physical location posted there.

Now the next step after that is, um, you have to go in and start setting up this account. You will enter in a, you have to choose a category. So in this case it’s a plumbing service. So you’d go, there’s a drop down menu in Google my business and you just select your service on that page or closest to it. So if you don’t have something that’s not quite defined in there, it gets something that is as close to the description of what you do as possible that’s already listed there or what someone would be searching for on Google. Does that make sense? This is an important step for Edmonton marketing. After that, um, you’ll start putting in some information, like your phone number address, and if you have a website, your web address, and once you submit that and get that information in there, Google is going to send you a postcard in the mail.

Now when that postcard arrives and a few days, there’s a verification code on there. And then you just log into your Google my business account, follow the instructions, enter the very patient verification code and you’re there, you’re set. Okay. Now there’s a few other tricks that I’m going to share with you that’ll take you a little bit above and beyond what normal people do or what the average business does. Because at Inspired Method Edmonton marketing, we want to give you the slight edge over the competition and we want you to show up on page one of who will not page two. Right? Okay. So, um, what you do after that is fill out any information that might be missing in your profile. So if you add, when you started up, if you didn’t have a URL, which the beautiful thing about having a Google my business page set up is you don’t necessarily have to have a website yet, but you can still be found if somebody searches you on Google. Cool, I thought so.

Um, now fill out as much information as possible. Right under there is a tab where you can put in your hours. Most people don’t do this, they ignore it and just let it pass by. But it’s very important for people to know your hours of operation. If you have a 24 hour service, it’s great to put that on there and let people know about that. Um, then after that, make sure you have your phone number in there that you can be contacted with at Your Business and then your web address. Now from there, there’s some additional things that you can do and add to that. Um, Google, um, pain on the side when people do a search. Um, I forget what that’s called, but all of a sidebar listing, sorry, you can have that show up in the Google sidebar listing on the sun. So you can add in photos, videos, you can even put pictures of your team and even descriptions of your team members.

They’re on the Google sidebar. So the more information that you have there, the better. Um, now there’s another couple cool things that they added earlier in this year is there’s a tab there that says messaging. And what you can do is you can fill in your cell number or a cell number into that messaging tab. And if somebody clicks on that when they’re searching, because 99% of the time where, let’s say over 80% of the time, people are going to have their cell phone with them and they’re going to be searching you on, on their cell phone. And if they wanted to send you a quick message that they hit the messaging button and then they type in their messaging that goes directly to your cell phone. Pretty cool. Huh? So, um, with that, it’s a very powerful Edmonton marketing tool that shortens the amount of time in between you getting that lead and being able to respond.

So if you get a lead in it goes to a website and then they send an email or a message from there, there’s a, um, a long period of time between when they send a message and when you get back to them, the shorter amount of time that you can make that the better possibility of you closing that deal or getting that quote is much, much better. So, um, there’s another great thing that Google has done with Google, my business listings that I haven’t experimented a lot with, but I’m about to posts. You can post in your Google sidebar listing so you can put any specials that you have or any new information about your website or your services. There’s a, that’s a great tool that you can use. It’s free. You don’t have to pay for that. There’s no ad spend or add charge on that.

You can post a picture in there and add your information. Just like if you’re doing a post in a Facebook or any of these other platforms and it’s just another avenue for you to be able to promote your business using Google. So, um, couple of things about that is it lasts for at least seven days and after that you have to renew it, kind of a pain in the butt by you can use a recurring a ad, you can get notified of that and then make those changes. So that is the long and the short of how to get a Google my business listing set up. And um, we’ll share some more Edmonton marketing information on this in the future. But what I want to talk about right now is the reason why you want to have this Google my business listing. So I mentioned before in the video that you can use Google my business listing to promote your business online without having a website.

Now it’s always best to have a website. I don’t recommend not having one, but if you don’t have it yet, are still being built or you just not sure or you don’t have the budget for it, this is a place to get started. This is a great starting point for you and what you can do is you can get Google reviews, you can have customers who are excited about your service that you served really well and they’re glad that you, you help them out. You can instruct them or ask them for a five star review, say, Hey, Mr Customer, I’m so glad that we were able to help you in that you’re pleased with our service. We want to help more people. Could you do me a favor and please leave me a five star review on Google and the number of reviews that you have.

You can show up on that map section of Google when people do search for plumbers in your city and you will show up at the top of the list because you have the most five star ratings. So that’s a little tip, a little trick and tactic that you can use to promote your business. To start making that phone ring. And that’s what’s most important. We want to help you and want to help your business with Edmonton marketing. We want to make sure that you are staying in business for the long haul, and so you can serve more customers. So if you like what you heard here, I asked you to please subscribe to our channel, turn on the notifications, and on a weekly basis we’re going to have tips, tricks, and tactics to help you expand your business, help you grow your digital presence, how to use social media and little things that you can do to increase conversions on your website. This has been fun, is my very first one for you guys and I hope that you enjoyed it and I’m glad to be making more of these for you. We love you and we hope that you have an awesome day. Thanks. Bye.