Edmonton Business Consultant | Why People Don’t Like Ads

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why People Don’t Like Ads

Many people don’t like advertisements according to Edmonton business consultant. Because too often advertising is misleading. Or it is invasive. Popping up in locations when people least expect it. And when they are not interested in looking at ads.

However, business owners should know that this is not how advertising needs to be. And they can search for solutions that will help them get their products and services no. Without upsetting their ideal unlikely clients.

One of the first things that business owners should understand, are the advertising types that are most frustrating to Consumers and to business owners alike. The first one says Edmonton business consultant is invasive ads. These are the ads that show up and demand to be looked at. Even when people are not making purchasing decisions.

A great example of an invasive ad is a television commercial. Edmonton Business Consultants says the reason why pvr’s are so popular these days. Is because it will allow people to skip over the commercials. And just get to watching the television show that they are interested in.

The next form of advertisement that people do not like AR social media advertisements. The reason why advertising on social media is not a great idea according to Edmonton business consultant. Is because typically, people are on social media to connect with friends and family.


As well as to be social. And not to make purchases. Therefore, ads that pop up in between social media posts. Are often ignored or scrolled through without being given any consideration.

Many marketers convince business owners to advertise on Facebook for example. Because so many people are on that social media website. But it is not an effective way to get a product known. Facebook makes it very user-friendly to advertise this way. But it’s often very user-friendly. Because it is not effective. If it was not user-friendly, then business owners would not typically use it.

Marketers use the fact that so many people are on social media to excel advertising spots on social media websites. But business owners should instead spend their time and money advertising on websites that people go to when they are ready to buy products and services.

The next type of marketing that business owners and consumers hate our clickbait ads. Many people may not know what the term clickbait is. Despite having lots of experience with them. And ultimately, it’s an ad that is either vague or misleading. And when people click on the add to find out more. It’s either advertising something completely different. Or people keep having to click through numerous sites in order to find more information.

Ultimately, business owners need to understand that they should Market their product and service where p point to make purchases. And to be upfront and honest about the products and services that they are selling. When they do this says Edmonton business consultant. They will be far more likely to sell their products and services and grow the revenue of their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why People Don’t Like Ads

Advertising is one of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do according to Edmonton business consultant. And if businesses simply don’t advertise it. Then they typically will not find the customers they need to grow their revenue and stay in business.

A great example of this is according to a study done by industry Canada. This study found out that half of all Canadian entrepreneurs were failing in business. By the time they got to be around for five years. And when asked why their business failed, 42% of all failed entrepreneurs went on to say. That’s the reason why their business failed was because they were unable to find customers to buy their products or Services.

Often, business owners are so overwhelmed when it comes to marketing their business. That they end up not making any decision says Edmonton business consultant. And not marketing their business anywhere can be just as disastrous in results as marketing in the wrong places.

Not only should business owners avoid the marketing styles that consumers hate. Such as clickbait ads, empty promises, and invasive advertising. But business owners As much as they know what’s they don’t like for marketing. Business owners also don’t know how they should be advertising.

One Great rule of thumb that Edmonton Business Consultants Des business owners should live by. Is Market their product and service where their ideal and likely buyers are going when they are ready to buy that product or service.


Google is one of the top websites in the entire world. Where consumers go in order to find products and services when they are ready to buy them. Edmonton business consultant says a great example of this, is for a business owner to think of where they are going to go. When they all of a sudden have an electrical problem in their home.

Unless they have an electrician in their family already. Business owners are likely to go to Google, and search electricians in their area. This shows how effective being on Google is. And where entrepreneurs should be advertising their products or services.

My advertising on Google, business owners can easily find their ideal and likely Byers. That is the people who are most likely has to buy their products and services. And to advertise to them when they are looking for that business owners products and services.

While consumers might not know they want the products and services from that company. They are looking for those products and services. Because they are going to Google and searching for them. Edmonton business consultant says showing consumers the ad at this point not only is effective because they know that those consumers will be looking for those things currently.

But also, they are only being shown the ad when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. They’re not being shown the ad will there on Facebook. They are not being so mad when they are watching TV trying to unwind. They simply will see the ads when they are looking to make a purchase.

My advertising here, Edmonton business consultant says business owners can avoid the most disliked ways of marketing. So that they can be far more likely to find customers to sell their products and services to.