Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Aren’t More People Business Owners?


Edmonton Business Consultant | Why More People Business Owners

Even though 75% of adults between the ages of thirty-seven and fifty-seven say that they have a desire to own their own business, says Edmonton business consultant, the percentage of people that are actually becoming entrepreneurs is much lower.

The reason why, could be due to a number of issues. While they might not have a fully formed idea yet, or lack confidence, they might have other objections such as needing a steady paycheck in order to pay their bills, were not having the finances saved up yet.

However one of the most common reasons that many people actually do not take this step towards achieving their goal, is because they are waiting for things to be perfect.

There are many reasons why people might be inspired to become an entrepreneur says Edmonton business consultant.

But overwhelmingly, the majority of people say it is because they are unhappy.

In fact, 75% of people polled indicated that they were unhappy with their job. I there because they were not doing what they love, they are not able to make enough money, they found it physically demanding, or simply it does not give them freedom.

With so many people being so unhappy with their job, and so many people dreaming about being a business owner.

It is interesting to think that what is causing people the ability to actually pursue those dreams is because there waiting for things to fall in place.

Edmonton business consultant says that there is no perfect time for anything ever.

Life is constantly changing, and is soon as someone decides they are going to wait for things to be perfect, it is never going to arrive and they will never do it.

Therefore, rather than waiting for the perfect time to start a business, potential entrepreneurs need to understand that as long as they have the drive, desire and the energy, whatever time they picked to start is the right time.

However, it is important that people ensure that they have the means in order to pursue their dreams says Edmonton business consultant.

What those means are is going to depend on each person as well as the business that they would like to start.

It might mean they need to create a business plans that they can get financing for their business or their working capital.

Or, they might have to dip into their savings. Edmonton business consultant says that others, having the finances in place might mean they have a spouse able to bring in an income to the household while they are pursuing this dream.

Regardless of what finances the business needs, it is important that they ensure that they have it in place, because it can be difficult or impossible for person to follow their dreams if they are broke.

Therefore, people need to get started, but be smart about it.

By ensuring they have everything set up properly to start a business, Edmonton business consultant says that there is no perfect time to start.

And that business owners who simply choose the time to start are accomplishing their goals faster than those who never actually start at all.

Therefore, the goal to people living there dreams is simply taking a step.

Edmonton Business Consultant | It’s Not For Everyone

Even though the majority of people admit that they have a dream or a goal of being a business owner says Edmonton business consultant, not the same percentage of people are actually following through with it.

This may be due to the high failure rate for businesses in Canada which is 15% of businesses fail in their first year, 30% fail by their second year, and 50% fail by year five.

However, with the right plan in place, many people can come those odds and be successful.

One of the most common reasons people give when they failed to start their own business says Edmonton business consultant is because they have annoying deal what they want to sell in their business.

While some people become entrepreneurs because they are good at delivering a specific product or service. However not all entrepreneurs started the same way.

Therefore, when people are passionate about becoming a business owner, but they do not know what products they should sell, and can keep them from taking action.

However, when will are faced with this problem, one thing that they can do is start listening to people. This into people at work, or friends and family at home.

If they have a hobby, start talking to others that share the same hobby, or listened people on transit on the way to work. What they should be looking for is if people have a common problem or common need.

If they can figure away to solve that problem or fill that need, that is a great product or service that they can start selling in their business.

Not only will this solve the problem of what type of product or service that this is owner should sell, but it is also addressing the number one reason why entrepreneurs in Canada fail.

42% failed entrepreneurs say the reason why they failed because they were unable to find the right market for their product.

Therefore, Edmonton business consultant says that when they fill the need with their product and service first, they will have a built-in market for their product, and have a more viable business sooner.

Learning how to overcome the lack of a product or service can be especially helpful in helping a person discover what they want to do as a business owner says Edmonton business consultant.

Once a person has their idea, they can go forward with creating a plan, and learning what the next steps they need to take in order to make this dream of business ownership a reality.

Ultimately, not only do they need to have an idea and a plan, but they need to ensure that they have the energy, desire and drive.

That drive has to be strong enough for pushing them through when things get really hard and they want to quit. By pushing through when things are hard, they will be able to see the results and see success.