Edmonton Business Consultant | What Is Important to Customers

Edmonton Business Consultant | What Is Important to Customers

One of the most important aspects to any businesses marketing plan, is showing the people behind the brand according to Edmonton business consultant. The reason why, is because customers typically want to know, like and trust the businesses that they purchase from. And it is easier to build that trust when customers know the people behind the business.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that they need to appear like a huge corporation in order to find customers. And therefore, build a large corporate looking website, and then wonder why they are getting the leads that they are expecting.

It is going to be much easier for any entrepreneur to start building trust with their ideal and likely customers if they show the people. As well as tell their unique story. This will help customers identify with the company. And develop a connection to the people find the business.

In fact, according to Gary Vaynerchuk, he said “your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are. And preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.”

Therefore, rather than making a faceless corporate website, a business owner should focus on showcasing the people within the business. In fact, Edmonton business consultant says that the second most clicked on a area of a website is the team page. And it is second only to the homepage of a website.

This shows that knowing the people behind the business is incredibly important to customers. And they are wanting to make that emotional connection with the business.


However, once a business has a great team page, showing photos and biographies of all of the people in the business. Business owners as well as staff. They do not have to stop there.

They can start putting information about their staff on their social media, and start making videos for YouTube, their website and a variety of social media platforms.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that they do short daily videos. Or fewer longform videos. That they will be able to cut up in a variety of ways, and share with customers. So that they can truly starts to understand who is behind the business, what their story is. And what they are all about.

In fact, most large brands understand how important this is. Which is why they use celebrity endorsements. Those celebrities can be the face of the business, to develop that emotional connection with customers.

And by using a celebrity that has traits that they want associated with their brand. Can help ensure that they are developing that connection with customers, to sell their products and services more efficiently.

And while it is not possible for small business owners to use celebrity endorsements to market their business. Showing their own face, in the face of the people that they work with. Can help them develop that trust, so that customers will get to know and like the business. So that they will be more likely to purchase their products and services.

Edmonton Business Consultant | What Is Important to Customers

Since customers want to do business with companies that they know, like and trust says Edmonton business consultant. Knowing what an entrepreneur has to do to build that with potential customers is extremely important.

This is why creating a marketing plan is so important. Because companies are not going to be able to build that likability and trust by accident. They will need to know what they should be doing in their business. Even before they open the doors to their business. To start developing that relationship.

One way that entrepreneurs can start the relationship with their ideal and likely customers with trust. Is through positive reviews of their business. For example, the majority of customers look at a businesses Google reviews. Prior to making their purchasing decision.

And not only do they look at the Google reviews, but it actually influences their purchasing decisions. And if there is not enough Google reviews, these potential customers often go to another business. Because they lack confidence or trust in that business.

Edmonton business consultant says the number of reviews that a business should have that will inspire that confidence. Is a minimum number of forty reviews in their business.

Less than forty reviews, and customers often make the assumption that they either are not very good at what they do, because they do not have a lot of reviews. Or that the reviews that a business has, are likely from their friends and family.


And once a business passes forty Google reviews in their business, customers than think the reviews are real and accurate. Because it can be very difficult to fake a larger number of Google reviews.

Therefore, knowing what entrepreneurs need to do to start generating Google reviews is extremely important. So that they can start generating these reviews as quickly as possible. Because it will often take longer than many entrepreneurs assume it will take. To get to that minimum number of reviews.

They will also need to come up with a plan on how they are going to get those reviews. Because if they do not have a plan, or ask their customers to leave reviews, customers will be less likely to do so.

This is why it is so vital for any business to create a marketing plan. So that they can start building their brand that ideal and likely customers can no, and like. And then continue to grow their brand and their customer base.

The not nor does not yet have a marketing plan in their business. Or if they have a marketing plan, but it is not generating the results that they think that they should be getting. Business owners should contact Edmonton business consultant. And find out what they could be doing better, or different to attract those customers.

And build that trust, so that they can grow a brand on service, likability and trust. So that they can grow their business.