Edmonton Business Consultant | Setting Goals in Life is Important


Edmonton Business Consultant | Setting Goals in Life is Important

The reason why setting goals is important for everyone, regardless of if they have a according to Edmonton business consultant, is because people with goals are 14% more successful than people who do not have any goals according to a Harvard business study. However, it is also important to note that people with goals that are written down, become three times more successful than those who have goals but have not written them down. Goals are such an important tool to help identify what a person wants, that simply by creating goals can help a person achieve what they want most in life.

Edmonton business consultant has found that asking people to put this on a six main goals can help their clients establish a good foundation for goals for their entire life. They call them the F6 goals, and they are faith, family, fitness, friendship, finance and fun. By establishing goals in these six areas, a person can identify what they want most in life, so that they can be more likely to achieve them.

A great example of a family goal is not only be able to spend more time with them, but setting a goal to be present with their family when they do spend time with them, either through giving them undivided attention, meaning their technology down. Or, dedicating to spending a certain amount of time with them, like spending their day off once a week with their family. Families extremely important, and are often the reason why business owners decide to start a business, so that they can provide for their family, or spend more time with them. Therefore, they should ensure that they are not forgetting them as they are building for a better future.

Even though faith is listed in the six goals, many entrepreneurs may think that this does not apply to them, if they do not have a specific faith. While people that do have a specific faith they be able to set goals like praying daily, or regularly attend a worship service, it might be more difficult for people with no specific faith to set goals here. However, Edmonton business consultant says that all the school means, is being able to connect their spirit, to the rest of the world. However they decide to do that can be up to them. They can choose to be kind and loving are good citizens, such as doing volunteer work, joining a service club, or donating money to a good cause.

By learning how to set efficient goals, as well as write them down can help entrepreneurs achieve what they desire, and we even more successful. When they are able to articulate it clearly, write it down and focus on it, they are most likely to see it come to fruition. Although it is not a guarantee that they are going to reach their goals, it will help them focus, and achieve greatness.

Edmonton business Consultant | setting goals in life is important

The reason why it is important to set goals in life says Edmonton business consultant, is so that people can have a direction in how they live their life. While many entrepreneurs have a lot of goals associated with their business, it is also important that they set goals for the rest of their personal life as well. That is going to bring meaning to their life away from work, that will help them get the most out of time away from work.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that business owner’s focus on what they call the F six goals, and the F’s stand for the family, friendship and fun, as well as fitness, finances and faith. By coming up with goals that they can write down and focus in these six areas, can help a business owner get the most out of their life.

The reason why Edmonton business consultant suggests having a fun goal, is because entrepreneurs time is not only very scheduled, it is also very precious because they have very little of free time. Setting a fun goal can help ensure that they are using fun as a reward for the hard work that they have been pouring into building their business. It can be a great big goal like travelling or a vacation, or could be something smaller that they can do on a regular basis such as a sporting activity that they love, or laying or listening to music. As long as it can feel like a reward, it can be a great goal.

It is also important to have a fitness goal. Entrepreneurs spend so much time building their business to better their family, they need to ensure that they are taking care of their own health, so that they can continue achieving their goals in building their business. Having a fitness goal does not necessarily mean that they are dedicating themselves to becoming an athlete, it is meant as a way to ensure that they are engaging in regular exercise, so that they can stay healthy to grow business and be around for their family. It might be as simple as dedicating to be active on a regular basis, or it might be something like learning how to play a sport, or running 5 km. Having a written down goal can help an entrepreneur ensure they have a plan that they can stick to to help them avoid putting things get difficult or boring.

By coming up with goals in these six areas, can help an entrepreneur ensure that time away from work is meaningful, and has a direction. If an entrepreneur does not think of these things ahead of time, they may end up going home and spending their time not engaging with their family, or wasting time on electronics. In order to have meaningful time with her not at work, so that they can recharge their batteries and get back into a long, difficulty of growing their business, business owners should have personal goals set.