Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Strategies That Aren’t Effective

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Strategies That Aren’t Effective

It can be extraordinarily overwhelming for entrepreneurs to understand how to Market their business says Edmonton business consultant. Many business owners get into the business of they own because they are passionate or knowledgeable about the industry that they are in. And not because they have prior business ownership experience.

In fact, even people who’ve been to business school might think that they are even more qualified to be a business owner. But they need to realize that business school teaches people how to work within a business. Not be a business owner.

Therefore, learning what marketing strategies to avoid is just as important as learning what strategies they should utilize in their own business. I’ve been 10 business Consulting says the wrong marketing methods not only can waste time and money. But it can also end up upsetting the client base that they are aiming to get to buy their products and services.

In fact, business owners may be shocked to discover that failure to properly Market their business is the number one reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail. Edmonton business consultant says that industry Canada did a survey and discovered that half of all Canadian entrepreneurs failed. And they wanted to discover why these businesses were failing.

They found three most common answers when they were asked why their business was not successful. And the number one reason, the reason why 42% of Canadian businesses failed is because they were unable to find customers to buy their products and services.


This is not likely because there were no customers for that product or service. But more likely because they were unable to find the customers for that product or service. This is either due to ineffective marketing. Or a complete failure to Market their products and services as well.

Therefore, business owners need to understand not only that they needs to Market their business systems and Business Consultants. But they need to Market their business effectively. This also means avoiding methods that are ineffective. Or can be damaging to their business.

When great example of a terrible way to advertise a business is using clickbait. Edmonton business consultant says that while people might not know the term clickbait. Chances are quite high that they’ve experienced it for themselves. And can understand why this form of advertising is ineffective. As well as frustrating for customers.

Clickbait either uses a sensational headline. Or a completely misleading one to encourage a large variety of people to click on the ad. They are hoping that the large number of people that are going to click on the ad will eventually be interested in the product or service that they are selling. But because they do this using deception. It ends up angry most of the clients that they are trying to get.

While large organizations can afford to use clickbait. And upset a large percentage of the people that see their ads. Small entrepreneurs don’t have the same luxuries as Edmonton Business Consultants. And should only utilize methods that have proven to be effective that will help them advertise their product and service to their ideal and likely buyers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Marketing Strategies That Aren’t Effective

Marketing should be seen as one of the most important things that an entrepreneur does and their business according to Edmonton business consultant. And it’s so important, that there should be a marketing component of an entrepreneur business plan. My planning out what they’re going to do to increase their revenue and against their products and services in front of their ideal and likely buyers. Is one of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do.

In fact, it’s the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail in this country. Is because they are unable to get their product and service in front of enough people to grow their revenue. And while many entrepreneurs get into the products and services that they are selling because they are extremely passionate about them. They are less passionate about marketing. Which is why so many entrepreneurs struggle with it.

Therefore, business owners need to understand how to reach their ideal and likely buyers consistently. And while this sounds like an impossible tasks is Edmonton business consultant. It’s not if they know exactly where they need to look. Google is not only the world’s largest search engine. It’s also the world’s largest website in general. And is responsible for 94% of the organic internet traffic.

It’s where most consumers go when they are looking to purchase products or services. And simply needs to know where they can go in their area to find those products and services. Edmonton business consultant says if entrepreneurs are skeptical about how this works. They needs to only look at their own personal experiences.

For example, business owners should take into consideration what they would do if their engine suddenly stopped while they were driving home from work. Unless they had a mechanic in their family. Chances are quite high they would Google mechanics close to me. And then that’s where they would take their car.


Same thing is true no matter what product or service they’re looking for. If they’re basement is flooding for example. Arrington business consultant says most people would go to Google and look for plumbers. Rather than going to Facebook and looking for the same thing.

Therefore, business owners should take into consideration that advertising on Google is one of the most important ways to Market their product or service. The product that Google offers for advertising is called Google AdWords. And it’s very simple how it works.

Google AdWords well allow business owners to purchase key words that are associated with their business. They can buy only a few or as many as they want. And every time a person searches on Google and fuses those keywords. And add that has chosen those same key words will show at the top of the search results.

Because they will appear at the top, Edmonton Business Consultants says the ads have a very high click-through rate. And as long as the ad is honest and straightforward. Most people will click on that ad first.

this way, an entrepreneur is only advertising to customers that are looking to buy those products and services immediately. This way, they don’t have to use invasive ads or clickbait. In order to get customers to click on their ads.