Edmonton Business Consultant | Inspiring Customers to Trust a Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Inspiring Customers to Trust a Business

In order to help ensure that they can generate sales or their business, Edmonton business consultant says they need to build trust with their potential customers.

This can be done in a variety of ways, but one of the first things that an entrepreneur needs to understand, is that business owners have a personal face to their business. Because customers connect to people and not necessarily a brand.

In fact, some of the most successful and biggest corporations in the world understand how important this is. And while they have been well-known for decades or longer. The understand they still need to market their business. And that they need to put a face to their organization.

Companies such as General Motors, General Electric, Walmart and Coca-Cola for example continually build trust with their potential customers. In order to create raving fans.

This is why many companies continue to use celebrities to endorse their products or services. Such as the Canadian tool company DeWalt tools. By utilizing an expert in homebuilding, like homes. They leverage his familiarity with their ideal and likely customers.

And the traits that he is most known for, such as being a master homebuilding, his high-quality, and his attention to detail example. Are all qualities that their ideal and likely customers will associate with their tools.

In addition to that, Edmonton business consultant says these companies also know how to do is to tell their unique story. Which is why everybody knows the story of Cola, from their origins and Atlanta. To the reason why their bottle is shaped the way it is. And how the company got started.

Those are the details that create a brand identity that has customers identifying with them. Which is why business owners need to do the same for their small business.

And while small businesses cannot do this to such a massive scale. As long as they are doing that by being the face of their business, and telling their unique story. They will be able to create that connection with their ideal and likely customers. So that they will know and like the business.

As Gary Vaynerchuk has said, your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are, and preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.

One of the best ways that business owners can showcase who they are, and who is in their business. Is by using the team page of their website. Ten business consultant says this is the most clicked on area of a website. Next to companies homepage website.

This is because it is so important for customers to know who is involved in the business. That it is something that they are actively looking for says Edmonton business consultant .

If they do not have a strong team or bio page on their website. Customers start to question the business. Or not trust them. Because they do not know who they are, or where they are in the world. Or even wonder if there are real business in the first place.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Inspiring Customers to Trust a Business

It is not just enough for business owners to get their ideal and likely customers to know and like them says Edmonton business consultant. They also need to ensure that those ideal and likely customers trust them as well.

In one of the most significant ways they can create that trust is through testimonials and reviews. In fact, testimonials and recommendations from strangers are often more compelling than recommendations from friends and family. Because recommendations made by strangers are unbiased.

Not only that, but 88% of all customers will look at a businesses Google reviews prior to purchasing from that business. And most of those customers who look at the Google reviews will be influenced by those reviews. And base their purchasing decision on the information they find.

If there are not enough Google reviews for business, they will end up going somewhere else. Because they lack confidence, or trust in the business.

The reason why they lack trust in a business with you Google reviews. Is because Edmonton business consultant says they think that the business is not very good at what they do. Because they only have a few reviews.

Or that the reviews that they do have are from friends and family, and are not actual reviews from customers as well. So it is important for entrepreneurs to know what the minimum number of Google reviews they need to have is. In order to generate that trust.

Studies have shown that a business needs to have a minimum of forty Google reviews in their business. In order to inspire customers to trust that those reviews are accurate.

The reason why forty is the number, is because it can be very difficult to fake forty reviews. So that once a company has a minimum of forty reviews, that will inspire trust in their potential customers. That will current them to purchase their products and services from their business

However, it is going to take a lot more time a lot more effort to get forty reviews than many entrepreneurs assume says Edmonton business consultant. And if they do not have a plan about how they are going to do this, they might never get to that minimum number.

A marketing plan should include how a business owner is going to get forty Google reviews in their business. From training their staff to ask every customer, to having a script that is used for every customer who is paying a bill.

And even offering a percentage off their current bill if they leave Google review can be enough to get people who might not otherwise leave a review. To use the benefit of the percentage off their bill to agree leave a Google review.

Even companies can offer products for free, or answer people’s questions in exchange for a Google review. To help ensure that they are as aggressive as possible in getting the minimum number of Google reviews. That they can inspire trust with customers as early on in their business as possible.