Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Sales Strategies

Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Sales Strategies

Many entrepreneurs struggle with marketing says 7-10 business consultant. Because there’s many different kinds of marketing. Both online and offline. And if the marketing is not effective. It can end up with an entrepreneur wasting lots of time and money with no results. But also, business owners can risk upsetting their potential customer base. By having annoying ads.

Many marketing companies sell a variety of marketing techniques that they promised will work. However this is unfortunately not true according to Emerson business consultant. There are several different online marketing techniques that not only are ineffective. End up wasting time and money. While upsetting the customers that they are a 2 bring in.

A great example of this, would be invasive advertising. Large corporations spend millions and billions of dollars every year on this type of advertising. Because they understand that repetition is he. However, they also have the money to be able to afford upsetting customers. My these invasive ads. However, small entrepreneurs need to understand that they do not have that kind of luxury.

One of the most common forms of invasive advertising is commercials in the middle of a television program says Edmonton business consultant. Most people use that time to go to the bathroom or to get a snack. And those who have pvr’s race through the commercials never having to see one.

Not only do small businesses don’t have the money for that kind of invasive advertising. They also can’t afford to have their customers racing through their ads not seeing them. They need to make sure that every single marketing dollar that they spend is useful.


Other types of invasive advertising that business owners should avoid would be advertising in the wrong platform such as marketing on a social media site. Radio advertising which is also invasive because it doesn’t give people the opportunity to say yes they want to hear that advertisement.

There’s more than just invasive advertising that upsets customers says Edmonton business consultant. Also clickbait is something that business owners need to be wary of as well. Many people have experienced clickbait advertising even if they don’t know it by name. This is when an ad has a very Sensational claim. That people click on to find out if it’s true or not. Only to understand that it is an advertisement for something different.

Another type of clickbait is when it promises something too good to be true. And when people click on it, they find out that it’s advertising something that is not upfront about what it is. Edmonton Business Consultants says an example of this would be if people see in the ads to make thousands of dollars every month from home.

When people actually click on that ads, they see that it is selling a seminar. Not advertising a job for example says Edmonton business consultant. Therefore, business owners should avoid marketing agencies that utilize clickbait in their marketing efforts.

Well marketing can be overwhelming experience. Edmonton business consultant says it doesn’t need to be. As long as business owners know what to avoid. their marketing activities can work in comparison.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Great Sales Strategies

Business owners not only have a difficult job says Edmonton business consultant. Because they have to learn how to be an entrepreneur all while learning how to grow their business. Because many business owners get into the business that they own because they are passionate about the industry. And not because they have previous business ownership experience.

This can be overwhelming it to a lot of entrepreneurs. Trying to figure out how to Market their business at the same time they learn how to run their own business. In fact, it’s such a struggle that many entrepreneurs don’t succeed in this endeavour.

Industry Canada says it best when did a survey and discovered that 15% of all entrepreneurs failed in their first year of business ownership. They also discovered that 30% of businesses fail within their second year of owning a business. And by the time 5 years rolls around. Only half of the entrepreneurs that started their business are still running their organization.

Industry Canada wanted to find out why the failure rate for entrepreneurs in Canada was so high. And what they discovered was truly shocking says Edmonton business consultant. There were three main reasons why most businesses failed.

23% were unable to find or keep staff in their business and they say that’s what caused them to fail. 29% of the failed entrepreneurs simply ran out of money. There were a number of contributing factors to this. But ultimately, not having enough money was the reason why they failed.


And finally, the single most significant reason why businesses failed in Canada was because they were unable to find customers for their product or services. Edmonton business consultant says this is proof that marketing is an exceptionally important activity. That business owners need to get good at. And get good at fast, if they want to succeed.

However it can be very overwhelming for entrepreneurs to understand what the most effective marketing strategies are. While they know what marketing strategies they should avoid because they are annoying such as invasive ads and clickbait. The alternative is for business owners to find their ideal unlikely Byers. And sell to them when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Well this sounds like it’s going to be a complex and difficult ordeal. Edmonton business consultant says it really isn’t because most consumers use Google when they are looking for a business to purchase a product or a service from when they are ready to purchase it.

A great example of this says I’m a 10 business consultant is when a business owner has a broken pipe and their house is flooding. They are most likely going to go to Google and search for plumbers in their area. Same thing is true no matter what they’re looking for because 94% of all customers go to Google to find businesses to buy products and services from.

This is extremely powerful areas and a good realization for business owners to advertise on google career for advertising animals on me and furious avoid bed and that they will be able to find buyers to purchase their products and services.