Edmonton Business Consultant | Getting Customers to Like a Business

Edmonton Business Consultant | Getting Customers to Like a Business

In order for businesses to build a brand and gain customers according to Edmonton business consultant. They need to get potential clients to know and like them. And that will help them trust the business. So that they will feel comfortable buying products and services from them.

Branding and marketing is something that business owners needs to work on consistently, for the lifetime of their business. So that they can continue to build their customer base, and continue to grow that trust.

Many famous brands have been working at building trust with their customers for decades, or even longer. And know how important it is not only to be doing it consistently, but as a regular part of building their brand.

One of the most important ways that a business can start getting potential customers to know and like them, is to show who the people are behind the business. If they are not showing who they are, it could make a customer think that is a corporate business.

Or that it could be owned by anyone, and from anywhere. And often can make potential customers sceptical, on why will not they put their face on the business, or wonder what they are hiding.

In fact, Edmonton business consultant says the team page is the second most clicked on area of a website. Second only to the main homepage on a businesses website. This shows how important knowing who the people are in a business is to potential customers.


Therefore, coming up with a strategy in their marketing plan. On how they are going to start showing the people behind the business. Not just the owners of the business. But the staff involved as well. So that they can start building that important trust with customers.

Other than building a great team page, with great pictures and bios of all of the people in the business. Edmonton business consultant recommends that business owners start using videos. Either short videos every day.

Or shooting a longform video, that can easily be cut up and repurposed for a wide variety of things. By putting these videos up on their website, and a YouTube channel, as well as on social media. Can start showing customers not only the people behind the business. But what they are all about as well.

This is an important way that they can start building that trust. But also building an emotional connection, that customers typically need in order to start making purchasing decisions.

Once they have this strategy figured out, they need to ensure that they implemented consistently, and never stop building that persona behind their brand. So that they can continue to build their customer base, generate sales, and grow raving fans for their business.

This does not happen by accident of course. And this is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to have a well-written marketing plan. So that they know exactly what they need to do to market the people behind their business. And how they are going to get the word out about who they are.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Getting Customers to Like a Business

Business owners should understand that building trust with potential customers will be important in order to generate sales according to Edmonton business consultant. And it is going to be much easier to build that trust as a person, rather than a faceless brand.

It will be difficult for a customer to know, like and trust a business, when they do not know who the people are behind that business.

Large brands are aware of how important this is. Which is why they often get celebrities to endorse their products and their business. So that they can use all of the traits associated with that celebrity, and attract customers who want to have those same traits.

For example, Canadian tool company DeWalt wanted to sell more tools. And used celebrity endorsement from Mike Holmes, and his reputation as a master builder. Not only is Mike Holmes considered an expert in his field. But he has extremely high standards, and is a perfectionist and what he does.

Therefore, when customers looked at the DeWalt tool brand, they trusted that the brand would provide high-quality tools. Because an expert master builder was recommending them.

And while this tip of marketing is not necessarily achievable for most small businesses. Small businesses can use the same idea, to build trust with their customers.


By showing the people behind the business, and providing exceptional service. Small businesses can start to build that trust and likability with their potential customers, to start building that relationship. And getting potential customers to buy their products and services.

They can also deepen that relationship, by getting more Google reviews in their business. The reason why this is important according to Edmonton business consultant. Is because customers want to know that a business is good at what they do.

In fact, the majority of all customers will look at Google reviews before purchasing from a business. And actually use those Google reviews to guide their purchasing decision. And if a business does not have enough Google reviews. They often will go to another business.

A business needs to have a minimum of forty Google reviews in order to demonstrate to potential customers. That not only they are good at what they do. But they have enough customers who are so impressed with their products and services, that they would be willing to put a review online.

Often, a customer will value of recommendation from a stranger more than a recommendation from friends and family. Because the strangers recommendation is completely unbiased.

Therefore, to help build that trust. Entrepreneurs should also have a plan on how they are going to start generating Google reviews in their business as quickly as possible says Edmonton business consultant.

By showing the people behind their brand, and building trust. His how small entrepreneurs are going to start building a brand. That customers know, like and trust. So that they can sell more products and services, and grow their business.