Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Do Not Identify With Brands

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Do Not Identify With Brands

Business owners need to understand that marketing their business is more than simply advertising their product, and attracting customers says Edmonton business consultant. It actually requires getting customers to know the company, so that they can like the business and trust them in order to buy their products.

The reason why this is so important, is because studies have shown that customers want to do business with companies they know, like and trust. And it is going to be difficult for a company to get customers to get to know them if there is no persona behind the brand.

Since people typically identify and relate with people. An entrepreneur must market the people behind their business, as well as their unique story, to help customers identify with them.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, he has said “your number one goal is to tell your story to your customer wherever they are, and preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.”

He says this, because he knows how important it is for customers to identify and relate to a business. So that they can know, like and trust a business. If a customer does not relate to them, it can be hard for them to trust the business. And may never purchase a product from them.

In fact, that is the mission of Edmonton business consultant to inspire businesses to tell their unique story and attract raving fans. In order to generate raving fans, they have to really identify with the business on a personal level.


As is actually why many large corporations use celebrities to endorse their products and services. Because they understand that customers will never buy their products if they are this faceless monolith.

By using celebrities, potential customers can relate to the business, and like them. And especially when that celebrity exudes traits that the company wants to be associated with them. This can help ensure that customers associate those qualities with their brand. And be more likely to buy their products and services.

And while this strategy requires millions of dollars, not only to pay for the celebrity. But to put their brand on everything, and everywhere both traditional media as well as digitally. This is a strategy that is out of reach for most small businesses.

However they need to understand that the concept behind that strategy can be duplicated by them. which is why they need to have a marketing plan that outlines how they are going to do this. And by using their own face, and the face of the people that work in their business.

They will be able to have their ideal and likely customers to know them, their unique story. So that they can like the company. Which will go a long way in generating sales for their business.

Therefore, if an entrepreneur does not have a marketing plan in their business yet. Or if there marketing plan does not outline how they are going to create a connection with their ideal and likely customers. Entrepreneurs should contact Edmonton business consultant and figure out how they can create a marketing plan that will be more likely to help them succeed.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Customers Identify With People Not Brands

Marketing plan is vital to the success of the business says Edmonton business consultant. But it is more than just figuring out where and how a business is going to advertise their products and services. And more than identifying who their ideal and likely customers are.

They need to come up with a way that they are going to consistently market themselves, that can help their ideal and likely customers get to know them, like them, and trust them.

A great start to this is putting the entrepreneur as well as the entire staff on their team page. The reason why, is because next to the main homepage, the team page is the most visited section of any businesses website. This is because customers want to know who is behind the business.

They are looking for a connection, because customers want to see the people behind the company. And identify with them in order to purchase products and services from them.

However, simply creating a great team page is just the start. Business owners can start creating videos of themselves, and their staff. Talking about their business, their products and services. Talking about who they are, and what their unique story is. So that their customers can start to like them and identify with them.

They can either take short videos every day, or take a long video that they can cut up into smaller pieces for a variety of different purposes.

They can put this on their website, put it on YouTube. And even share it on all of their different social media platforms. To start really getting a cohesive personal brand for customers to relate to.


And while that is going to help customers get to know and like a business. Trusts is also important. And can be achieved easily by an entrepreneur getting reviews and testimonials in their business.

Edmonton business consultant says customers trust testimonials and reviews from strangers over and above recommendations from their friends and family. Because strangers views are an unbiased opinion.

Not only that, but 88% of all customers look at a businesses Google reviews before they purchase from that company. And not only do they look at Google reviews, but those reviews influence their decision. And if they have no reviews or very few. They will often take their business elsewhere.

The reason why they will take their business elsewhere, is because they lack confidence or trust that the entrepreneur is good at what they do. Therefore it is incredibly important that business owners get as many Google reviews as quickly as possible.

So that when people look at those reviews to make their purchasing decision, they will have trust that they are good at what they do, and purchase products and services from them.

Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to ensure that this is outlined in their marketing plan. Because even if they understand this concept. They might not know what steps they need to take each day to achieve these goals.

So if they do not have a marketing plan, or their marketing plan does not outline this strategy. They should contact Edmonton business consultant for a consultation, and find out what they need to do to help them succeed.