Edmonton Business Consultant | Advertise to People Looking for Your Product

Edmonton Business Consultant | Advertise to People Looking for Your Product

Business owners who fail to Market their business is Edmonton Business Consultant often end up failing in business. Marketing is so vital to the success of business. That if entrepreneurs are not engaging in any type of marketing. They are putting their business at risk.

However, by not marketing correctly. Or putting their time, effort and money. Into an effective marketing strategies can be just as bad for a business. With the exact same kind of outcome. In fact, it is the number one reason why entrepreneurs in Canada fail.

According to Industry Canada, half of all entrepreneurs that starts their own business are going to fail within five years. Edmonton Business Consultant has industry Canada also did a survey in order to understand why these businesses were failing. And discover that 42% of them were not able to sell enough of their product and service to customers to increase their revenue.

Therefore, business owners not only need to understand that they must advertise their products and service. But they also must markets their products and services in the most effective way possible in order to survive. However, it can be very overwhelming as well as confusing says Edmonton business consultant. To understand what marketing methods they should be engaging in.

However, by understanding some of the most ineffective or toxic ways to advertise. Can help entrepreneurs understand what to avoid so they can be more likely to choose what is effective.


Invasive advertising is incredibly difficult to engage in. Not only because it takes an extremely large marketing budget says Edmonton Business Consultant. But because it also upsets a lot of people in the process. When entrepreneurs start out. They need to be marketing to a smaller area. And they cannot risk alienating those people with an invasive marketing campaign.

If people are not sure what invasive marketing is does Edmonton business consultant. They only need to think about the ads that they see when they are not trying to view ads. For example, the commercials that show up while a person is watching television is an example of an invasive ad.

Another form of advertising that business owners should avoid are clickbait ads. The idea behind clickbaits according to Edmonton business consultant. Is that it will get enough people to click on the ad.. Chances are quite high, that some of them will be interested in purchasing the products or services that are being advertised.

But clickbait upset people. Because they use deceitful advertising in order to get people to click on it. They often use a very Sensational topic. Or are very vague about what they are offering. Hoping that people will click on the app to find out more information.

Edmonton business consultant says well most people end up feeling duped. It works on some people because it is still around. If business owners of small businesses want to be successful. They should avoid clickbait as well as invasive advertising.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Advertise to People Looking for Your Product

Advertising and marketing is so vital to the success of all businesses no matter how big or small they are says Edmonton business consultant. But it can be very confusing for entrepreneurs to understand how they should be marketing their own business.

It’s so important, that business owners should come up with a marketing plan along with their Edmonton Business Consultants. And put that marketing plan directly into their business plan. In fact, some financing companies will not loan money to a business unless they see that they have an effective marketing strategy. I will be more likely to pay that money back.

A great strategy is for business owners to get on Google as quickly as they can. Google is responsible for 94% of all of the organic search engine traffic on the internet. and business owners should be advertising here.

Edmonton business consultant says entrepreneurs will have a difficult time affording advertising on Google AdWords when they first start out. But they can get a start by signing up for Google my business page or a Google Places page. Edmonton business consultant says not only are these free. But they can often replace a website in the first year or two of the business. So that they don’t have to spend so much money on this cost.

What a Google my business or Google Places site will also allow an entrepreneur. Is the opportunity to start generating Google reviews. The more Google reviews business has, the higher they’re going to start ranking in Google organic search results. And once they hit 40. Not only will an entrepreneur be more likely to land more consumers. And convert more leads into customers.


But also, once they get to 40 Google reviews or more. They’re Google AdWords are going to cost them a significantly less money as well. Google reviews are so important says Edmonton business consultant that everything that an entrepreneur does for marketing. Is going to build on the fact that they need to get to 40 Google reviews as quickly as possible first.

In fact, consumers even if they see advertising from a business will tend to shy away from businesses that don’t have 40 Google reviews yet. In favour of businesses that do says Edmonton in business consultant. And the best part about all of this is, that Google reviews are free to get. All an entrepreneur needs to do is set up a free Google my business page. And start asking people.

When people are ready to start advertising on Google AdWords. They will be more likely to convert those leads into buyers. Because they will also see that the business has enough Google reviews to give them confidence.

The best part about advertising this way is that business owners don’t have to resort to clickbait ads, or invasive advertising in order for it to be effective. It can be free for the first couple of years. And when a business owner has enough Revenue to start spending on Google AdWords. They can set their own marketing budgets and increase it as they grow.