Edmonton Business Coach | Working 5 Days VS 6 Days Per Week

Edmonton Business Coach | Working 5 Days VS 6 Days/Week

Hi, welcome back to the Inspired Method Edmonton business coach YouTube channel. My name is Karen, and this is my husband Trevor. We’re going to be talking about working five days versus six days per week. So quote from Gary Keller of the, he’s an author and his famous book is the one thing he says, time on a task over time eventually beats talent every time. Yeah. It’s called momentum.

Industry Canada says that 15% of businesses fail in year one, 30% fail by year two and 50% fail by year five. That statistic always makes me sad. Yeah. And those are the odds that we want to help small businesses to beat, Edmonton business coach. I want you to stay in business. Number one reason why businesses fail is the inability to attract enough customers and that takes marketing and advertising.

Business owners start a business thinking that they’re going to get immediate time freedom. We all know that this is a big myth. Karen, what are some of the questions that people might have about that?

Okay Edmonton business coach. Should time freedom be a short term or a long-term goal when starting a business?

Well, time freedom, we should be in the long-term goal for certain because there’s no, it is a complete myth or unrealistic expectation that you’re going to start on business and then you’re going to be able to work a four day work week. Um, thank you Tim Ferriss for your book who was great, but it’s unrealistic for let’s say a plumber or electrician or someone like that to start a business and think they’re going to be working four hours a week and be done. Listen to the Edmonton business coach. That’s just not gonna happen. It’s unrealistic. Totally.

Do business owners underestimate the time required for administrative functions?

Yeah, they do. They underestimate how long, you know, making systems and checklist. I’m making templates and you know, let’s say a inbound, call scripts and email scripts and all these other things, training videos or training manuals for their employees. All of these things take time. Not to mention all the accounting functions, right? Your role that that has to go in. Um, you know, dealing with customer phone calls, follow up paperwork, you know, service orders. All these things, they take a ton of time and a lot of people do not take that into account when you start. Yeah.

Do Business owners underestimate the time required for marketing and sales, Edmonton business coach?

Absolutely. They, enough of them don’t put enough time and effort into marketing and sales. Um, you know, they might do some stuff, you know, let’s say some word of mouth things or some networking groups and that sort of, uh, you know, activity but they don’t do near enough of it, especially at the beginning. And then when they begin getting a few jobs, they um, shift gears and they going to service mode. Are they going to technician mode and they start doing the work and then as they continue on their doing the work to the work and then work dries up cause they finished that job and now they’ve got to be on the hunt again for more work. Edmonton business coach, there isn’t enough time and attention paid to it so that it’s more automatic and, and help people stay busy more consistently.

What happens if you don’t set enough time aside to recruit staff?

Well what’s going to happen in his life is going to happen to your staff. Either they’re going to move on to another place, they’re going to get sick or they’re just going to, you know, quit for whatever reason, um, or late one day. Or maybe you’ll just get sick of working with certain people and then you’ll be, um, kind of out of luck because you don’t have anybody to go to and you have to keep somebody on the board who you don’t want to work with any longer, then you’re stuck. So if you’re not continuously recruiting, then as a business owner, you are putting yourself in a bad position. Uh, especially when you get busy and someone’s not there, you can’t depend on, or if things really get hopping, then you are having to stop all your other activities and try to focus on getting more people.

Whereas if it’s part of your regular schedule, Edmonton business coach, what we do is more of a, group interview style. Once you do that, then you can see more people and then you always have a number of people you can draw and when you need them.

What happens when you don’t have enough time to train your staff?

Well, um, I, I’m gonna Butcher this quote completely, but I think it was, um, someone asked Zig Ziglar, you go, what if we train our staff and they leave? And Zig came back and said, well, what if we don’t train them and they stay? Right? I don’t think you put your gun at all the point. Very clear. So I mean, it’s true. There you go Edmonton business coach. You have to make time to train the staff so that they know your expectations, right? They know on recent what they are supposed to do and they know what to expect and you know what you can expect from them and you can hold them to account.

Um, and really it’s only about making things better for your customers and making things better for you so that, you know, you don’t have to hand hold all the time or feel like the, uh, the old adage when people say, Oh, if you wanted anything done, you’ve got to do it yourself. That’s completely silly. And, um, if you want to grow a business, you can’t have that attitude, Edmonton business coach. Not at all.

 What happens if you don’t have time set aside to write checklists and templates?

Well, if you don’t set aside time for that, it’s not going to get done and then it’s just going to become hard for you to manage and scale your business going forward. Especially when bringing on new staff or when you have an influx of customers and you don’t have proper system is in place to deal with let’s say new people coming on board, whether they’re clients or employees.

You don’t have any checklists in place for um, you know, customer complaints. You don’t have any, you know, all these systems and processes that are so important to streamline and make the business run smoother. If you don’t make time for that, then you’re just going to create all kinds of work. It’s going to be disorganized. You’re going to have, you know, paperwork all over the place and you’re going to forget things and nothing’s worse than when, you know, you had talked to somebody saying, I’m going to be there at certain such and such a time that you scheduled it a week out and it was written down on a sticky note and you’ve lost that sticky note and it just completely slipped your mind cause a million other things have come up. And then you get that phone call from a customer saying, where are you? You’re supposed to be here, I think three o’clock, five o’clock, what’s your deal? That’s a bad phone call again. So having those systems and checklists, Edmonton business coach, helps prevent that kind of stuff.

So when starting, can all of these tasks normally be scheduled in a 40 hour work week?

Nope. Short answer. Edmonton business coach answer. No, you can’t get it done in 40 hours. I find I get a lot of my focused work done on the weekend on Saturdays, right. I’m able to work on Saturday and get some focus things done. Um, and working late, right? We started early, we work late and we work on Saturdays. We work six days a week. And that’s because we have a lot of things to do and we’re growing this, this company. Um, and if I don’t do it, it’s not going to get done and it’s just going to take longer or we have the risk of becoming a statistic. And I don’t want to be a statistic. So I mean, it’s just unrealistic to think that you can work, um, you know, 40 hours or less when you’re just starting out. What’s the risk in saying that some of these tasks will be done in your free time?

Well, what happens is life. You’ve got, you know, an art kids who’ve got kids and they’ve got piano lessons and swimming lessons and they’ve got, you know, things that they need to be that maybe has helped with homework or maybe they just need time alone with you or, um, you know, just things happen. And then when you think, oh, I’ll do it while I’m watching television. Um, you know, it’s, it’s half baked and you don’t really have the focused attention that it takes. And then you’re interrupted. And then, uh, think statistically it takes 23 minutes to get back on task once interrupted by in whether it’s social media or by an outside source or phone call. Yeah. So I mean really, you don’t get your best focus work done when you say you’re gonna do in your free time. And then if you do, what happens to your free time? You’re working in your free time. So then you feel like you’re always working and always have to be on all the time. And that to me is just not the Edmonton business coach life that I want to build. And um, I don’t know. What do you think?

Yeah. No, you want to keep those boundaries because free times should be free. Sunday should be a day of rest. That’s our day off. And we open up the computer. Not only do we feel it, but our kids feel it too. So it takes away that the quality and the quantity of our time.

Do most businesses have customers who value evening and weekend meeting times, Edmonton business coach?

You know, customers, they, would really appreciate like with us in particular because they’re business owners, they don’t mind coming in and on the evenings and on the weekends because it’s the time that they’re available for free. You know, first thing in the morning, we’re middle of the day isn’t the best time to meet with them. So yeah, we have some of that, but then there’s other types of industries where, um, you know, they, they don’t, you know, respect your time. Most people don’t respect your time. So if you don’t set up boundaries and set up those clear markers when they can reach you and get in touch with you, then they’ll just take advantage of that every time. All right, last question. All right.

How does committing to a long schedule and keep you from being overwhelmed?

Well then you can actually create the time slots that you need to get the things done that you, you are committing to, right? You can set up your Edmonton business coach schedule in a weekly format or a monthly format, but in those times you’ve got time for marketing, time for administration, time for client work, time for staff training and all these different things. I’ll need different business functions you created time slots for, and if you do that, your life’s going to be a whole lot better and you don’t feel alone. And then when you’re at home, having that home time, you’re at home, we’ve got to think about work. Yeah. Great.

Well thanks for all those great answers and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel like the video. I’m sure a lot of this will be relevant for you starting at winning business, and we’ll see you on the next video. Bye.