Edmonton Business Coach | Why Role Play Is Important


Edmonton Business Coach | Why Role Play Is Important

Hi there, and welcome back to the Edmonton business coach YouTube Channel with Inspired Method and our topic for today is why role play is important. Here’s a quick quote from Henry Ford, be ready to revise any system, scrap any method, abandon any theory if the success of the job requires it.

I just wrote a quote like that on LinkedIn today, like don’t read, don’t finish the book. If it’s boring, don’t settle for less. That’s basically what that’s saying. Switch figure what you need to get you where you want to go. Don’t buy into that sunk cost fallacy. It’s kind of interesting. Really good. Yeah. No.

Here’s a quick statistic from HubSpot. One of my favorite places to go for great information around three and four organizations use classroom training as their primary way to train salespeople. That’s kind of cool. Yeah, I like that. Here’s a quick story for you.

The best in the world train and get coaching. The best in the world train and get coaching.  Yeah, think athlete. Yeah. Athletes, one of them, and not only athletes, but top businesses and businesses. Yes. Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook. They were all taught and trained and coached by one guy will talk about him in another time, but they had the same coach. If there’s a book out there, it’s called the trillion dollar coach, you should read it.

Now why should your team be any different if you expect to get top performing results? Call us at Inspired Method and schedule a call with the Edmonton business coach. If it’s good enough for the best in the world, it’s good enough for you. So Karen, what are some questions people might have about role playing? Okay.

 How do most people react when others are abrupt on the phone?

Everybody loves getting on that call. Don’t you just get angry and upset when someone else is salty on the other end of the phone? You’re like, wow! I don’t know what happened to you this morning on your drive in or maybe you need some coffee or some happy pills. But wow. It’s just very disturbing when someone’s abrupt on the phone, just not nicely say hello.

I had somebody else doing some cold calling the other week, calling back some people from our business bootcamp and I called them. And this was how they answered the phone.


And they came to our business bootcamp of their own free accord, Edmonton business coach. Yeah, exactly. And that’s not the way to answer the phone. So I just put on a smile and said, hey, this is Trevor from inspired method marketing and you know do you remember, you might’ve seen me at the business bootcamp. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And then it was, you know, different from there. But don’t answer the phone like that. Pretend you know that other person. Right. Sounds so logical Edmonton business coach. But the most logical things just go out the window because people get so caught up in their own thing. Yeah. So most people react negatively. Negatively if the tone is abrupt. Most people, yes, most human beings will respond the same way. They will be a mirror of the way that you respond. Even the best people respond negatively. True. Wow. That wasn’t a slice or anything towards me. Now was it?

Yeah, you’re the best people. And sometimes I’m a little bit salty, right. To that, you know, lower level for sure. That’s right. So anything else? That’s pretty self explanatory. I know. Again, logical, right?

Why should you smile when on a phone call?

Why do you smile on a phone call? People can pick up on the tone. I learned this the other day from one of the books I’ve been listening to. Never split the difference. Very good. But there is this a 7-38-55 rule, 7% of communication is what you say. 38% is how you say it. 55% is in your body language. And because you’re on the phone, you can only get as high as 45% of what you’re saying to another person to be picked up. So that is a big, big number. Even 38% is based on the tone, the inflection. And people can hear if you’re smiling on the phone or if you’re not smiling on the phone. I always teach this to my Edmonton business coach clients.

So why is it that some companies are always good on the phone?

Why is that? Well, they probably come to the Edmonton Business Coach to get coaching and they’ve practiced, right? They’ve been coached, they’ve practiced and they get better at it. So usually the companies that are the largest with the biggest teams, you’d think maybe the quality would suffer and go down. But no, those are the people that actually get it right. Because they train, they do it again and again until they get it right and they have somebody listening in on the calls to make sure that they’re doing it right. So, and if there’s something that’s going a bit off, they can, you know, stop them and say, Hey, you know what? This is how you reacted in this call. Stick to the script, go back to this and try that again. Okay. So there’s always the continuous coaching that’s going to help them.

Yeah Edmonton business coach.

Why is it ideal to have three people in that role playing together?

Well, you can have two people. One person being the customer, the other person being the salesperson or the, the appointment keeper and another person being an objective bystander. Just kind of listening to it and tweaking the conversation as you go along and everybody gets a turn to try and make their critiques and get feedback. Exactly.

So that you’ve got more than one person, you know, talking against a wall or a mirror trying to get good at your script. You have more than one set of ears and just the mirror.

So what if you don’t have three people, Edmonton business coach? Is it okay to use friends and family?

 Yeah, for sure. You can definitely use friends and family if you don’t have those people that train with, find a buddy online who is in a similar line of work and say, Hey, you know, I want to practice my calls.

Would you be willing to work with me and trained together so we can both get better at this? And you’ll find you, there’s people out there who’d be more than happy to do that with you. Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Should the script being next to every phone?

You should put the script next to every phone so that no matter who is at the phone, whoever answers it, the script is there, they can follow it, they can go through it. And if they’ve been trained on it, they know how to handle every call and schedule those Edmonton business coach appointments for you. Yeah.

And should, the way you handle objections be standardized, Edmonton business coach?

Yes. You don’t want to go off script and go rogue with every new call that comes in there needs to be a set way of answering questions, dealing with stalls and objections when people are calling in, getting gathering information, have a set way to do it so that nothing gets missed.

Right. If everybody answers the call differently, gathers different information, doesn’t do the right thing with it, then you’re going to have a mess and it’s not scalable or sustainable. And really, there’s only so many different responses you’ll get that just said maybe a different way. So you can definitely standardize it and categorize it and, and you always want to leap back seeking control of that call. That’s right. Get all of the information from them that you want. Yeah, because at the end of the day, they called you. So they want information and the best way for you to give them that information is to have a standardized way to either get them in or get out to give them a quotation or something of that nature. Um, but at the end of the day, they’ve called you and you need to take control of that situation and get them the information they want, the way that you deliver it, not the way that they wanted necessarily.

Hey Edmonton business coach, should you practice a new client inquiry scenario?

Yeah. Because that’s, that’s really an ideal situation. We have a new client who is, who’s calling in and they want to, you know, get on board with your company. Um, you don’t want be like acting like it’s never happened before. Yeah.

Oh my gosh. Hey, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do here. I’m not sure. Um, where, where, who are you? What are you calling from? What is, how did you hear about us? You know, have a way to answer that call because they’re, yeah, they’re going to lose confidence in you if you don’t have a system, a systemized way, set the right word, systemized way to answer their questions or ask them proper questions. Um, so yeah, it definitely takes some practice.

I’ve been, you know, answering the phone for a long time. Um, there, there’s still lots of room for growth, a lot of room for improvement that I can make because it’s not always fun. Right? It’s fun when people call me and they’re like, yeah, I am looking for marketing help. I’m like, absolutely. Where’d you, hear about me telling your friends? Right. Um, but making the outbound calls a little bit of a different story, it’s a little bit more, okay, I just have to realize these people can’t hurt me. The worst they can do is hang up and then I’m just going to call them back until they cry, buy or die. And that’s just the long and short of it. So. Awesome Edmonton business coach!

Well, thanks so much for joining us here on YouTube. You’re Edmonton business coaches at Inspired Method Marketing. And don’t forget to subscribe like the video and we’ll see you on the next one. Bye.