Edmonton Business Coach | Why Marketing Should Be a Priority


Edmonton Business Coach | Why Marketing Should Be a Priority

Hi, welcome back to the Edmonton business coach Inspired Method and Marketing YouTube channel. And today we’re going to be, we’ve been talking about why marketing should be a priority.

Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem, their problem. And we love the guy who said that Seth Godin, he’s like the guru. He is amazing. One of our favorite marketers and people that we learned a lot from. For sure. Yeah. Now, quick stat for you, only 29% of people who want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, about 62% will consult a search engine.

So how do you feel about that now? Is that stat from HubSpot? So this is owners feel the same way about marketing as they do about visiting the dentist. They get around to it only when they start feeling the pain can 100% so what are some questions that people might have about marketing or small business?

How important is marketing to small business and marketing for small business is so important?

Um, a lot of people who start a business think about serving the customer is most important. But one of the top reasons that businesses fail is the inability to attract the right customers in enough of them. So that is the number one reason why businesses fail Edmonton business coach. So the number one way to fix that is marketing. Yes, it’s the lifeblood of your business because it brings in sales. Absolutely. You can’t continue without those sales.

So how much time and effort should be put on marketing?

That’s a good Edmonton business coach question. With time, you should dedicate some time every day. At least an hour. I would say when you’re just starting an hour day and if you can’t do that, at least dedicate one time during the week. What is just solely talking about marketing, focusing on your non marketing efforts that are out there. Yeah, absolutely. Should dedicate some time towards doing that on a daily if you can, especially in the beginning and then weekly for sure. The best way to do that is to schedule it in. If you don’t schedule it, it won’t get done.

What is a good budget for marketing and advertising, Edmonton business coach?

A good budget?  Now you’ll hear a few different things out there. Some people are saying 2% of your gross when really if you are in the, in the growth stage and you really want to do something significant, you’re looking at between five and 10% of your gross revenue towards marketing and advertising. That’s where you want to be. Um, some they do the bare minimum really there they’re not going to accomplish much if they are able to maintain the status quo. That’s good. But a lot shows just statistics show that people who are serious about growing their business and want to actually build it and getting more customers, they’re in that between five and 10% range.

What are some of the top marketing priorities that businesses should focus on?

Well, number one, if you have not done it yet, if you have not gone to Google my business and set up your Google places location, you need to get that done. That is for free. And all you have to do is go to google.com, forward slash business click start and then just start answers and start filling on all that information, answer the questions, and then, uh, you’ll get that location, you’ll get it verified. Um, they send you a postcard and there’s a couple of different ways for verification. So it depends on where you are in the world. But typically they sent you a postcard, you went to the verification thing number and boom, you’re off to the races. And then it’s just a matter of optimizing that to adding pictures and posts on your Google my business listing.

And then the all important holy grail is get reviews. That’s the first place to start. After that, it’s figuring out your unique selling proposition, right? Figuring out what your business is all about, Edmonton business coach, your values, what problem are you solving specifically to whom? What is your vision for Your Business? What’s your mission? And write these things out and make sure that you’ve got them all written down. And then from there, what are your company’s values without these initial building blocks? Anything you do, um, you’re going to have to Redo and then you’re wasting more time, more money. And then what comes after that is frustration. And nobody likes that. Nobody likes to be frustrated in their business. Yes, you might be a cake maker, but who is your audience? What kind of cakes do you make? What makes you special? What makes you better than Safeway or Costco or any of these other bakeries where anybody can get baked goods?

What makes you stand out and you need to figure out that before anything else. Before you do any local design or any crafting of that stuff, you need to figure that part out. So that’s a long Edmonton business coach answer, but that’s what I would say.

So when would it be a bad time to buy advertising?

A bad time to buy advertising is too soon. Bad time to buy is when you haven’t figured out your problem, vision, mission, values, you’re differentiating factors and really figured out what your brand is all and you’re buying advertising. Well, you’re going to number one, it’s going to be more of a spray and pray type of advertising. So just send all kinds of messages up there, all different formats and changing logos and changing names and all these different things that I’ve seen people make mistakes and doing cause they think, oh, I just got to sell some cupcakes, who I can continue going on.

Um, using the bakery. A analogy. But really when you are paying for advertising too soon, you’re just wasting money. There’s, there’s opportunities that you’re missing. And I know it sounds strange, but if you’re too early to the game, you just need to put your bolt, your money back up, put it back in your pocket, focus on the important stuff. And only after you’ve gotten 40 Google reviews and you’ve got a ton of content ready to go for your website, only then when I think about starting to advertise.

Edmonton business coach, if a business is desperate for sales, can marketing overcome those immediate needs?

Um, I’m going to say for most businesses, the best thing to do is dial for dollars. You’re going to have to make up that dream 100 list of people that you, that can make a difference in your business today of who you, you could sell to today and start emailing them, calling them and doing whatever you can to get in front of them in order to sell them on your products and services.

So in the case of the bakery, who is, who’s going to be using your baked goods more so you can talk to, Oh, I dunno. Um, moms groups who talked to daycare. So we talk to, um, event planning places, right? And just dial them up and say, Hey, I’ve got this amazing company. We make the most amazing baked goods. I’m going to bring over a sample to you. Do you think that I can set up my business cards and you know, we can work out an arrangement where anybody who comes in and they need a cake with a wedding or a birthday party or an anniversary or retirement party, that we can get a referral from you and just go from there and just start dialing for dollars and going forward. That’s the best thing to do, to take care of immediate needs while you’re building up all your content for your website and your digital marketing.

Why should marketing be a priority, Edmonton business coach?

Well, if you don’t make marketing a priority, like you said, it is the lifeblood of any business and if you’re not spending time creating content and thinking about your marketing on a daily basis, a weekly basis, at the very least, then you’re going to go through the slumps. You’re going to have times where you know what’s high and you’ve got lots of sales. Things are going good. You’re working on at, you know, serving the customers and then you’re forgetting about marketing and then, oh my gosh, before you know it, you’re way down here and you know, oh my God, I don’t know if I’m going to make payroll. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to pay for any of my products. I’m going to start marketing again and then you’re back up again. Once you start marketing and selling, and to avoid going up these up and down cycles, you have to focus on it and it has to be a priority on a weekly basis to make sure you’re taking care of those things.

Edmonton business coach, when can a business owner relax on the marketing initiatives?

Never ever short answer, short answer, never ever stop or relax. You might want to rejig or making pivot. Um, think about where your dollars are going. And you know, once you get some data back where your dollars are best spent, but as far as stopping, you should never stop. It’s hard to build that momentum.

How many times do people need to see a message before they take any action?

Well, there’s a few different stories out there. There’s a thing in marketing called the rule of seven where it takes at least seven times for someone to acknowledge that there’s a message there for them. They knew that you’re saying something and it can take up to another eight to 12 times before they actually make a sale. So it takes a lot of impressions for people to make that decision to buy from me.

What kind of automation can be put into place to help with lead generation and lead nurturing?

Very good. So with automation services, once you are established in, you’re starting to, you know, create advertising out there, whether it’s through Google pay per click advertising or something, you can actually start retargeting people who have visited to your site. And that kind of happens automatically. You don’t have to think about it, it just happens, right? So somebody who has visited your site or interested in your product at any given time, um, there is a, uh, a pixel that tracks them. And then, um, if you’re set up on either adroll or Google display network advertising, um, they will target those buyers and put your message back in front of them again. Why Edmonton business coach? Because it takes at least seven times for somebody to acknowledge that you’re advertising to them.

And then from there you can, they can make a decision. Other types of automation is when a lead comes in, um, that you send out an email or they can, they can be subscribed to an email list for you. Then you just send out or create a drip campaign where you continually sending them out relevant information that they want to hear about your business or service. So there’s, there’s more than that. Those are just a couple of examples. Well, thanks for joining us today. That’s it about why marketing should be a priority. Subscribe to the channel and like the video you liked the content.