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Edmonton Business Coach | Start and Stop Marketing

Hello and welcome to the Edmonton business coach, inspired method marketing YouTube channel. Today we’re going to talk about stop and start marketing. My name is Karen and this is Trevor. We are co owners here at inspired method Edmonton business coach. Henry Ford said, a man who stops advertising to save money is like a man, stops the clock to save time. The rule of seven is a marketing principle that a customer needs to see your marketing at least seven times before they start to take

action. It’s a lot of times that’s a lot of times one of the biggest mistakes that new businesses make is start and stop marketing. There are a lot of reasons why our firm stance as an Edmonton business coach is that once you get started in marketing and you should never stop.

No, exactly. It’s not like a one and done. It’s continuous and it changes all the time too. Have you found the rule of seven?

It’s true. Yeah. Absolutely. People don’t react on the first message that you send them. The first post you make on social media, the first time they see you on Google, the first visit to your website. I’m the same way. A lot of times I’ll see a commercial. Um, you know, playing in the background while I’m working and it’ll go and it’ll play 50 times before. I’m like, what is that even about? And then I’ll look at it and go, oh, well that’s interesting. I guess there’s several times where, or even on the radio when I’m driving in a vehicle or seeing ads online, I, I don’t catch it the first time. So it takes several times even for me too, to really click onto what’s there. So, yeah, it is absolutely true.

What is one reason why businesses start and stop their remarketing?

I think the biggest reason in the beginning is that people, they’re just not ready. They’re not ready to start actually marketing the product. They’re not ready to start an advertising campaign. It’s just too premature. They don’t have the budget in place. They don’t have the amount of Google reviews, so they don’t have to know at least 40 Google reviews. They don’t have enough Edmonton business coach content to back up so that when they start getting traffic, um, they have, they know how to do it. They know how to deal with the incoming leads. And then when it comes to starting, let’s say a an actual paid campaign, they get skittish because they don’t have enough finances in place to create a proper campaign with several different levels to it. So I think what happens is they spend, you know, 50 bucks or $100 and they think, okay, now once, once I get all these leads, I’ll make $5,000 zero for delusion. Right? So it takes a lot of a lot of commitment and time to actually get marketing role.

Yeah. How does that affect your business?

Well, if you are starting to, you know, put out Edmonton business coach campaigns and put out ads and see you post on social one week or you know, get a YouTube video at one week and then four weeks later you have another one or 17 weeks later you have another one. It’s just inconsistent. And if you’re inconsistent, people just lose interest. So if you’re trying to gain an audience and build a following for your business before you’re even a personal brand, if you’re inconsistent in your delivery of the marketing materials on a regular basis, then people will just be disinterested in, in unfollow, like getting attention. It’s hard. Keeping attention as hard and once you get started and you have some attention, you got to keep going with it. Yeah. Yeah.

How does having a marketing strategy help businesses to succeed?

Uh, having a strategy, having a well thought out plan that actually works is massive because, you know, it’s tried, tested and true. Like our Edmonton business coach system here at inspired method. It’s a tried and proven system. It works every time. Yeah. Um, so how many a marketing plan and your system in place is huge to a business becoming successful. And when you are, when you’re not ready or when you are in the middle of changing, maybe you’re a website or maybe you’re in the middle of, you know, changing the direction of the business, a new offering or something. It’s the time rent then to, you know, set in place. Oh, well-defined thought out strategy and just start plugging away and being consistent with it. Hmm.

What are the signals that our business is ready to start buying ads?

Well, uh, I alluded to it earlier about you’ve got to have Google my business listing number one, you need to be at least 40 reviews if not more for the Edmonton business coach benchmark got to be there. And then you shouldn’t have a youtube channel with at least a dozen videos in there cause you can even start ranking on videos in your searches in, in uh, sorry, local Google search engine results by your videos too long. So you got to have those in place first. And then you also need to have all of your other stuff figured out. So you’ve got to have the, the problem that your song figured out. You have to have a vision statement, a mission statement. You got to have your company values for your dog and your branding and all of these things. And before you can get started on a marketing campaign.

Okay. Yeah. How often should a business work on their marketing content

marketing content? You got to work on it weekly you to have a weekly times when you’re set apart to work on marketing, um, ourselves and because we were a marketing company and we’re pushing ourselves really hard, I’m working on Edmonton business coach content every single day for us and for our clients. So we’re a little bit different, but that’s because we want to absolutely dominate and show our clients the proof. Yeah, this really works. So we’re doing it every day, but with our clients, we have them once a week, once a week we come in, we hammer out all the marketing and he tells me to get the all the work done and then we, we leave it off for the next two weeks so they can work on once a week when they employ an Edmonton business coach like us who is fighting in their corner working on their stuff when they’re not. Right. Yeah. What are some misconceptions about marketing that people have?

misconceptions about marketing is that it’s, it’s a magic bullet and then it’s easy and then it’s instant. And that attends tension, right? Oh, soon as I put on her now flooded with calls. It’s, it’s a delusional, the rules then the rule upset and exactly. So it’s, it just a myth that you’re going to knock it out of the park first trap. Any type of viral video that you see it, they’re usually doesn’t have a company attached to it. It’s just a fluke and a people get famous after that from video. Yeah. But any viral videos that are created are started by big brands already a big brand. So, um, I think for smaller companies, so you just select the tortoise and the Hare, right? You got to just be consistent. Right. You gotta be consistent pushing out that content on a regular basis. Because even Google likes consistency. When Google sees that your website is changing on a weekly basis, they can have, it has comparisons. It likes that. No. When YouTube sees changes, add it into their system on a weekly basis. They like that. Edmonton business coach likes seeing consistency. Why? Because they know human nature is, we like consistency and routine and schedule. Yeah. Even though nothing else will meet your runs that way. We like that as two beings. So they tried to create a system around a human nature. Okay.

How long did you wait before you started buying ads?

Well, we really didn’t start buying ads until you’re one end of the end of year one. Yeah. Yeah. And we started buying ads because the things weren’t just ready yet. We weren’t ready to start putting money behind paid advertising. Um, because we wanted to get all the other things in place first and make sure that there was a place for people to go and a consistent flow. And we knew that we were going to rent how the Yahoo. So we want to make sure we’re good on the local search engine results pages as well as the map section, a of who will, and we also want to dominate Edmonton business coach on YouTube. So until all of those things where we’re rolling and we can get momentum, uh, flying there, we weren’t going to put any money behind ads. And it’s the same thing for our clients. When you’re not ready, we’re not going to be taking your money and spending it on to the social media. You can’t, we’re not going to give your money away to Google and for no results, we’re not going to give your money away to a different display networks to get zero results because that’s foolishness. It wouldn’t be wise as an Edmonton business coach to recommend that.

So you’ve kind of already answered this then. Is there anything else that, would you remember why it took so long to decide to pay for ads?

Yeah, the um, I wanted to make sure that we had the right messaging. We have the right service and we have the right funnel activity in place, in order to drive traffic to a working website. Is that when people are there, they know immediately what we want them to do, which is fill out a form and schedule a consult with us. So we have a no brainer offer. It’s the first month of marketing services is $1. And in that first month you get a ton of value. And our hope is that you like it. Well not if you stay on with us and we help you launch and grow your business to the next level. So

what are the key things that you do, Edmonton business coach, for your business?

Stop. We’ll never stop getting Google reviews a little bit better. Never stop creating YouTube content and we will never stop. Um, adding those transcripts to our website. That’s something that I’ll never stopped. We will never stop paying for ads. That’s one thing that’s going to happen forever and ever will just get much more, uh, better at it. And we’ll be at running different ads at the same time and creating campaigns and, you know, really defining, be the right audience for our ads so that they’re more effective.

Sounds good. Yeah. Thanks for joining us here on inspiring method and marketing. We will have more Edmonton business coach videos coming up for you. Subscribe to the channel so you always take notified that they’re coming out. We’re having lots of new content coming out all the time. Like we said, we’ll never stop and we’ll see you on the next one. Bye.