Edmonton Business Coach | Secrets For Small Businesses

Edmonton business coach | Secrets For Small Businesses

At inspired method marketing and business coaching we have the extreme privilege of working with several local and international small businesses. Being in Edmonton business coach is satisfying and rewarding and we love what we do.
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As an Edmonton business coach I get to work with so many small business owners in the best part of my job is helping them figure out systems processes and checklists that help run their business more smoothly. I also love helping them with marketing and getting to the top page of Google. There is nothing better than seeing your clients face when they have an inbound lead come in from their website.
One common misconception that I see in a lot of small business owners is they assume that everyone is their ideal customer. This is simply not true. The fact is there’s only going to be a small number of people who are gonna be raving fans. These are the people that you want to market to. They’re people who know you, like you, trust you, and refer you to their friends and family. These are people who buy from you not just one time but they buy again and again and again.
However you knew small business should approach their customers, is to define who their ideal and likely buyer is. We do a simple process of defining your customer avatar. We ask what other pain points of your ideal and likely buyer. We ask what are they love, what do they hate? We ask about things like where they live, what news articles do they read, what do they care about? By doing an in-depth discovery of who your ideal likely buyer is, more likely you’re gonna find the smallest viable market to sell to.
Another small business secret that I have to share is there is freedom in discipline. I got this from the book Extreme ownership written by Jocko Willink. Every successful business has systems and checklists and processes to help them be more successful.
When you think about large companies and national chains, the only way they got this way is because they had systems in place that allow them to grow. When small businesses start out, most of the time it’s a technician who got fed up at his job and decided to go on his own.
The problem with this is they have no idea how to run a business. They know how to do the hard work, but they have no idea how to systematize their business in order to hire low skilled workers to do the same job as them. Without systems and processes McDonald’s would not be McDonald’s.
Big companies like Walmart, Amazon, Microsoft, would not even exist in their current form. We love to help new businesses figure this out as an Edmonton business coach should.
Edmonton business coach | winning small business secrets
At inspired method marketing and coaching we love helping entrepreneurs grow their business. As the Edmonton business coach of choice, were going to share some secrets that can benefit almost any small business owner.
Small businesses often assume it’s going to be an overnight success. They think they’ll be able to reach $1 million in the first year. This is delusional and dangerous. The fact of the matter is, that it’s going to take at least 5 to 10 years before they see any significant profit or growth. I know this is sad for some people to hear, and it may burst your bubble, but I’m here as the Edmonton business coach to tell you the truth. And sometimes the truth hurts.
The great thing about it is, once you put in the effort and the time, and the work, you are going to have a business that is vastly different than the one you started. You’re going to have set working systems in place that allow you time freedom and financial freedom. Isn’t this what you want?
The other secret that I want to share with you is about worklife balance. Worklife balance does not look how you think it looks. Worklife balance is by and large a myth propagated by people who want to maintain their 9-to-5 lifestyle yet become a millionaire running a business.
This is absolute delusion. You can have a great worklife, and a great home life. But it takes buy-in from all parties involved. It’s going to take agreement and acceptance. You can be working a lot of long hours, a lot longer than you ever thought you would, and you’re going to be away a lot longer than you ever thought you would.
The way to balance this out, is to not bring work home with you. When you’re at home with your significant other and if you have children when you’re with them, be with them. Don’t allow your smart phone to interrupt important conversations, bedtime routines, story time, or time just relaxing with your significant other. Be engaged with those people, because that’s why you started this business in the first place.
Get agreement from your significant other and from your children that you’re going to be away from home a lot longer then they thought. You’re going to be spending a lot of time working in the business and all the business that otherwise you would have with them as long as they’re okay with that scenario, then it will come as a shock when you’re working six days a week 12 hours a day.
Being in Edmonton business coach is very rewarding and challenging, but it is worth the effort. Just like for you starting a new business all the long hours the years of sacrifice, and the mental and physical toll that it takes on your body is going to be worth it. Because you’re in a have a business that you’re proud of, and that you can either sell or pass down to the generations coming.