Edmonton Business Coach | Re-Purposing Content

Edmonton Business Coach | Re-Purposing Content

Hello, welcome back to the Edmonton Business Coach, YouTube channel. My name is Trevor  and this is my lovely wife Teratoma. And today we’re going to be talking about repurposing content. So here’s a quote from our favorite Social Media Guy, Gary Vaynerchuk. If you’re not putting relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist. Harsh reality. And here’s a cool statistic for you. More video content is uploaded in 30 days. Then the major US television networks have created in 30 years. And that’s what I got from wordstream.

Wow, that’s actually incredible. Pretty awesome. So video content is not dead. The gurus are right. So the great thing about making content is that you can make it once and use it in several different places to get the most out of it. You do the work once and then repurpose it. So, okay, so Edmonton Business Coach what does it mean to repurpose content?

So you start out by whatever contacted is you’re going to be talking about in your industry. So you might take some sort of long form of content, which could be like a blog about whatever your businesses, maybe it could be if you’re a builder, you could talk about all the different best practices and building. You can have a blog or a video log, which is called a vlog. Maybe you could have a Q and A session or podcasts, maybe whatever industry you’re in, you’re going to take that long form content and then you can actually re-use parts of it in smaller chunks and other places.

Cool. All right. That’s one way. Nice. Um, so why is repurposing content useful for a business?

Well, there’s obviously many reasons. First of all, it’s less work for the business owner. That’s the biggest thing because time is precious. So you do the work once and break it down into smaller chunks. Now when you repurpose it, you’re going to share it to different places. You’re not just going to have it in one place. So you’re repurposing it to other places, even if it’s in the original form. And that way you get a new audience seeing it. Maybe it’s a different platform, different type of audience. Um, and then just makes them most out of your efforts to make the most

cool. And the other benefit is you also are learning how to communicate to different audiences in different places so they expand your skillset.

Yes. Which is important. If you think about, let’s say you started with your blog on your website and then you want to use some of that on Twitter, well obviously you can’t use more than, I don’t know, what is it? 140 characters, I can’t remember. That was increased to 280. Now. They don’t live right, that, that was a while ago. So you don’t have much space to say what you really want to say. So you need to be really clear on the best parts of that content. And that’s how Twitter is consumed. So you have to know what that audience likes. So, yeah. Awesome. So Edmonton Business Coach what are some different examples of content that can be repurposed? I already mentioned some of them, but obviously your blog, so your written form, uh, articles, uh, stories, whatever it is, you’re going to be able to repurpose those.

Maybe you’ve held a Webinar and you want to repurpose some of that. Uh, it could be case studies, videos, podcasts, Q and A sessions. Um, PowerPoint infographic. You can do a lot of translating from one medium to another. You could even go from different websites of different publishing websites for your blogs, not even just your own website. Cool. So it’s more about being creative and thinking of different ways as an Edmonton Business Coach to use that content to get more reach. Exactly. And you should be thinking about, especially if you’re just, even if you’re just writing a blog, he wants to be thinking about all the places that you can republish that log to get more people seeing your stuff and you just being found more on the Internet. Cool. So Karen, how does repurposing content strengthen your messaging? Well, you obviously, if you’re in lots of different places, you’re going to be seen by more people and you’ll maybe start getting more recognized.

Oh, that’s that person or that’s that business you kind of get to be no more and your branding becomes clear. So that’s one thing and it just shows the same consistent message everywhere that you are, that you are who you say you are and it just strengthens your brand. Is there anything you would like to yeah, no, that’s, you said it really well there. When you are putting out the same consistent message across let’s say three or four different channels, then when people see it, like say they’re a heavy user on social or a heavy user and in the uh, the digital world, seeing your same message over and over and over again, just just calm, count it. Right. And so it just builds upon itself. It gives you, it makes you more of an authority. Oh, again, out of the world. Yeah. It gets people to know you, hopefully like you and trust you.

If they keep hearing the same message, they can start to really identify you and identify with you. Maybe there’s one thing that I want to put out there as an Edmonton Business Coach, which is difficult for people to grasp is you don’t want people to love you or hate you if you are kind of in the middle. You’re not talking to anyone. So you want a tribe of people who love your stuff. Who love what you do. And the people that don’t really don’t. So really we don’t want them to follow us at all. But it’s really differentiating yourself, being unique and speaking to that particular audience set that loves you because they’re the ones who are going to buy from you.

No, no fight for your brand. And Yeah, you almost want to be polarizing in that way. We’re, we use, yeah.

Sorry that was just a side note, but I, it came to my mind. I thought it would be good to share it as an Edmonton Business Coach. So, um, now what about, uh, how does repurposing content now you advancing your knowledge, your skillset? Well, obviously the more often you put your message out there, your communication becomes clearer and clearer and you’ve become more effective with it. That’s one thing I would say. So the more often you do that and learn different platforms, how to speak to the people on those platforms, you just become just more of an expert in your industry and really start to sound like you know what you’re talking about. Um, and then you can obviously grow in your expertise and you learn new ways of communicating with your different audiences and it kind of reinforces what you already know. But just to a deeper, better level.

Yeah. So Larry, your knowledge and really expanding, you’re expanding what you know, cause once you, you say it once and do you, you understand it, but then once you are saying it and using it again and again and again, and then it just really builds and helps you communicate that message a lot more clearly to your audience, whether it’s on video or written more in an interview. Um, just help set up a lot there.

You say. Yeah, it’s almost like a muscle. But I mean obviously it’s your, it’s your branding and your message, but it’s the same thing as you use it more and more, become stronger and message just becomes clear. Yeah.

So now how can repurpose in content helped you with search engine optimization?

Well, every time you are somewhere on that digital space, whether it’s Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever it is, your website and your blog, youtube, the more often you’re there in those places, similar messages or very like almost the same content because you’re re purposing it. The search engines look for whatever keywords those people might be looking for and they find you and many places your brand, your voice, and it just helps you rank higher into like hopefully on page one of Google.

That’s, that’s the goal. We want to get onto page one of Google and we want to get there on a number of different search terms so that you are, you’re the brand choice, right? And that’s really what it’s all about. When we’re doing this, we want people to find us the Edmonton Business Coach and why do we want them to find us? Because we want them to be our customers, right? We want to find the right people who are looking for us and then getting them to exchange their money with us for a valuable service or product in return and in and in turn helping them find their customers so that they can stay in this instance.

Wow. Awesome. Yeah, a hundred percent no racing. We’re doing these videos. You said that we can teach people out there about search engine optimization of digital marketing because we want them to succeed. We want you to be winning in the marketplace and this is also an example of what you do to get to the page one of Google making these videos. I mean, they’re not great. They’re not, I’m not going to win an academy award. Seven go viral when we were doing these is that we can show our customers what has to be done in order to win in the search engines.

Yeah. It’s a win, win, win, win, win, win situation when it’s all the way around. Awesome. Yeah, so thanks for joining us here on inspiring method marketing youtube channel, like the video. If you’ve got some good content to leave us a comment, even maybe you in suggestions of what you need to know about your own marketing for your business and remember to subscribe to our channel so that you always get the latest videos and all the latest marketing materials to help you stay in business. Awesome. Thank you. Bye.