Edmonton Business Coach | Marketing and Coaching Together

Edmonton Business Coach | Marketing and Coaching Together

You might be wondering what an Edmonton business coach and marketing have to do with each other. In our approach at inspired method marketing we go beyond a typical website development company. We started our business to help other businesses attract clients. We know that every successful business needs a great website with amazing graphics and a logo that stands out. However, to be successful and beat the odds of being able to stay in business goes beyond just a pretty website.

Edmonton Business Coach

We discovered early on that most businesses succeed or fail depending on how many customers they gather, how much cash they have in the business and if they have built the right team within the business. Without those three things addressed the likelihood of staying in business beyond five years is nonexistent. We are an Edmonton business coach that discovered early on that most businesses need help identifying their goals and the opportunities for growth in the marketplace.

We discovered that most business owners need a lot of accountability to be able to reach their goals in their business. For this reason we have weekly strategy sessions with every client. Our business advice is not feelings based but rather driven by statistics. We have found a proven path that helps small businesses be successful. As your Edmonton business coach we take you through this path specific to your industry.

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We know that the common reasons for business failure are predictable therefore we have mapped out the strategies needed to help you succeed in your business. We not only recommend these strategies to our clients but follow them ourselves. To reach your business growth targets we know that it is necessary to have accountability week after week. We have found that this is the magic spot and staying accountable.

One of the first things we address is Google places. If people do not know where you are they cannot buy from you. We ensure that you are set up properly on Google my business and can start gathering as many reviews as possible. The first biggest goal is to get to 40 Google reviews. After this we start making content for your website and your YouTube channel. We help you to make videos that will solidify your vision and your mission and your purpose. This content is transferable when we are creating your website.

We use a lot of the same information from your initial YouTube videos. This is a good use of our time and your time because we do the work once but get multiple uses out of it. Not only does this help you flesh out the bones of your business it also helps us to write the content relatively quickly for your website.

If you are ready to get started today with your marketing and coaching needs please visit our website and fill out the contact information. We would love to get to know you and what you have to offer in the marketplace.

Edmonton Business Coach | Business Coaching And Marketing

Being a marketer and an Edmonton business coach works well together. You may wonder what the two have to do with each other but I assure you they go hand-in-hand. Many clients come to us with a business idea. They have a passion about something and have seen a need in the marketplace and therefore put the two together to create something that becomes their business. This is not enough to create a successful business. Yes you can market whatever it is you are selling but if you do not know how to attract people to buy what you are selling then you are likely to not stay in business.

As an Edmonton business coach we offer services that are quite different from other business coaches. Our team is experienced in business and knows the common reasons for business failure. We also know the strategies that you need to know to overcome that. Many business owners think that their business is so unique that it will be automatically successful. This is simply not true and we have seen time and again most businesses fail within the first five years of starting. We do not want you to be another statistic and therefore we offer strategies that we know will help you succeed. But the truth is our system will only work if you do.

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Our step-by-step proven strategy helps every small business grow. This predictable path has worked time and time again for us as well as all of our clients. It took decades to solidify this plan and now as an Edmonton business coach we are here to share it with other small businesses. Every one of our clients starts the same way and therefore gets predictable results. We not only want you to have a business but to stay in business.

To stay in business you need three things in place: customers, cash and a great team. Without these three your business is doomed to repeat the statistics. No business can survive without sales. One of the keys to this is having sales scripts so that each member of your team follows a proven method and therefore sales increase.

At inspired method we go beyond just marketing for your business, we sit down with you week after week. In these weekly meetings we strategize and help you achieve big and small goals alike. It is one thing to have goals in mind and a vision for your business but it is another thing to have somebody help push you to do all the necessary little steps to get you to your goal. This is where coaching is the difference maker. We have a team of experienced entrepreneurs and business advisors who have helped multiple businesses grow month over month year-over-year.

If you are ready to get started today please fill out the contact page on our website and we will find a time where we can find out more about you and how we can help.