Edmonton Business Coach | Holding Entrepreneurs Accountable

Edmonton Business Coach | Holding Entrepreneurs Accountable

Even though business plans are extremely beneficial in helping entrepreneurs succeed says Edmonton business coach. Entrepreneurs also need someone to help them execute that plan. And hold them accountable to all of the tasks they need to have done.

Just like a coach for a sports team or for an athlete. A coach is there to help those athletes do their best. And stay on top of their game.

A coach will be able to get them on the right program, and keep them going. Especially when they start lacking motivation.

In fact, at coach can also see the weaknesses that athletes might have. And help them improve their techniques, and practice until they have things correct.

So that when they go to play the game, or engage in their sport. They know what it takes to succeed in their game or their sport.

This is exactly what an Edmonton business coach can do for entrepreneurs. Helps them get on the right program. Help keep them going when they lack motivation.

See what areas of their business needs work or help. So that when business owners are working in their business, they know exactly what they need to do in order to succeed.

However, one problem that a lot of business owners have. Is that they think that because they have worked in their business for so many years. They do not need a business coach.


However, it is very important that entrepreneurs understand. That just because they know the industry that they are working in. Does not mean they know how to run a business in that industry. Which is where hiring a business coach comes in very handy.

In fact, business coaches can be so beneficial. That entrepreneurs are putting their business at risk if they do not hire one. According to industry Canada, 15% of all business owners in Canada fail within the first year of opening their business.

As well, by the time Canadian businesses have been around for two years, 30% of them have failed. And half of all Canadian entrepreneurs will fail by their fifth year in business.

Hiring a business coach can help entrepreneurs overcome those odds. And be the businesses that succeed. Because they know exactly what they need to do in order to succeed in their business as well as grow.

When entrepreneurs and oars are hiring the right Edmonton business coach for their business. They need to hire someone who has experienced growing a business.

Someone who has been there before. So that entrepreneurs know that all they are doing is following that business coach along the path of success. Rather than pulping someone who has never experienced success before.

With how important a business coach can be for business. Entrepreneurs need to make sure that they put in their business plan. That they plan on hiring a business coach.

So that as soon as they open the doors to their business. They are checking in with someone who is helping them execute their plan. And hold them accountable to all of the tasks they need to do. In order to grow a successful business.

Edmonton Business Coach | Holding Entrepreneurs Accountable

There are many different things that entrepreneurs are learning how to do when they open the doors to their business says Edmonton business coach. And since most business owners have never run a business before. They are learning this, while trying to increase the revenue to succeed.

This is why many entrepreneurs can benefit by hiring a business coach in their business. Because it can help them learn the strategies they need to implement. In order to be as successful as possible.

Just like sports organizations, athletes and musicians hire coaches. That can help them succeed in their field. Business coaches can help entrepreneurs succeed in growing their business as well.

In fact, even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. And the most successful CEOs have all hired business coaches as well. So that they know what they need to to do themselves. In order to be as successful as possible.

One thing that business owners should do when they are looking at which business coach they should hire. Is hiring a company that has a set of systems and processes that have been proven to work.

Entrepreneurs can do this by ensuring that the company that they hire has been able to grow their own business, and have a team of successful people surrounding them.

In addition to helping entrepreneurs execute their business plan. And hold them accountable to the tasks that they need to do to succeed.


Edmonton business coach is going to help entrepreneurs create systems, templates as well as processes. The reason why, is because these are the tools that are going to help an entrepreneur grow their business.

By creating templates and checklists. Entrepreneurs can ensure that they will be able to hire employees who can follow the systems, to accomplish any tasks in their business.

By having checklists for onboarding new customers, hiring staff, hiring staff. As well as doing all the tasks within the business. Entrepreneurs can hire people for their business. So that they can focus on growing their business instead.

One mistake that many entrepreneurs tend to make. Is thinking that they have to be involved in every single duty of their business.

Which makes it hard for entrepreneurs to grow their business. Because they will not be able to spend that much time working on the tasks of the business.

Which is why their business coach will get them to create systems, templates and checklists. So that they will be able to make their business duplicatable and repeatable. So that an entrepreneur can focus on which truly important. Growing their business, and becoming successful.

The sooner entrepreneur can hire and Edmonton business coach that can help them with this. The more likely they are to grow into succeed early on in their business. And avoid being one of the Canadian entrepreneurs that fail early on.