Edmonton Business Coach | Helping Your Better Clients Find You

Edmonton Business Coach | Helping Your Clients Find You

A great business has customers says Edmonton business coach. And finding those customers is one of the most important things. That an entrepreneur should focus on. When they open their business.
Edmonton Business Coach

This is so important, and yet something. That many Canadian businesses fail at unfortunately. According to an industry Canada survey. Almost half of all failed entrepreneurs said. That not being able to find customers.

Is actually one of the most common reasons. Why they were unable to succeed. Since 50% of all Canadian businesses. Will fail within the first five years of owning their business. Having almost half of these businesses.

Fail because they are unable to find customers. Shows that it is a very serious problem for businesses. However, many entrepreneurs do not know. How to market or advertise their business.

And they do not know how consistently they need to work at it. Some entrepreneurs believe. That all they need to do to find customers. Is to have a gorgeous, and expensive website. Some people believe it is important.

To go out and do some door knocking. In order to find clients. Because they have in almost nothing marketing budget. Still others, think that they can. Find customers through radio advertising, or billboards.

And while these are great methods. Nothing is as important. As consistency. Especially because entrepreneurs typically have. Almost no time or money. Utilizing the free, or almost free methods first.

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Will be extremely helpful for a business owner. And while having a great website. Is important, it is not something that an entrepreneur. Should spend money on initially in their business.

Rather than doing that, entrepreneurs should focus. On where their clients are going to look. When they are ready to buy a particular product or service. This means, that having a presence online is important.

But that does not mean they need a website. Edmonton business coach says a Google business listing. Not only is free. But it will allow entrepreneurs to start showing up in Google searches immediately.

As well, if entrepreneurs have a address listed. In the Google business page, they will start appearing. On page 1 of Google search results. In the map section of the results.

That way, entrepreneurs do not even need to spend a sense. In order to start getting found by their ideal and likely customers. Another benefit of a Google business page.

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Is that Google is where the majority of customers go. In order to find products that they are ready to buy. This is how an entrepreneur can find. Their ideal and likely customers. When they are ready to buy that product or service.

As well, it is how entrepreneurs are going to be able to start. Getting Google reviews says Edmonton business coach. Google reviews are of paramount importance. Because 88% of all customers use them. To make their purchasing decisions.

In addition to marketing help, Edmonton business coach. Does many other great things. To help entrepreneurs succeed. Contact inspired method marketing and coaching today. In order to find out exactly what. They will do to help entrepreneurs succeed in their business.

Edmonton Business Coach | Helping Clients Find Businesses

When entrepreneurs dream of their business says Edmonton business coach. They know that there are many different skills that they will need to learn. However, they may not know the importance. Of which when they should learn first.

They should focus on marketing and advertising their business initially. Because it will take longer than they realize. For the marketing efforts to work. And start bringing customers to their business.

Most marketing initiatives that are done consistently. And without any breaks, will take approximately. Six months to a year to see the best results. Therefore, if customers want entrepreneurs want customers immediately.

They should have started marketing their business year ago. Another problem says Edmonton business coach, is that entrepreneurs believe. That they can find enough customers through word-of-mouth referrals.

Or by having a great location. And while referrals and location. Are extremely important. They are not enough. In order to attract the number of clients they need. In order to remain viable in business.

And seeing as how almost half of all failed Canadian businesses. Say that they were unable to succeed. Because of not being able to find enough customers. Shows how dangerous misconceptions can be.

Therefore, entrepreneurs should focus more. On finding customers. By selling their minimum viable product. Which is product that they can get to market quickly. And also inexpensively.

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Entrepreneurs should not have to worry about making a huge product line. At least in the very beginning, having one product. That they can make quickly and inexpensively.

Can help them start generating revenue and earning customers, especially repeat customers. Or customers that are going to give referrals. It is important that when they start getting customers, that entrepreneurs asked.

For Google reviews as quickly as possible. The goal says Edmonton business coach. Will be to get to forty Google reviews. As soon as possible. And the reason for this is very simple.

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80% of all customers. Look at Google reviews. In order to make their purchasing decisions. If a business has no Google reviews. Or very few Google reviews. It will cause a potential customer. To look elsewhere for their purchase.

Therefore, by getting to forty Google reviews. An entrepreneur will have more reviews. Then most of the other businesses that have a Google business listing. And will therefore, be looked upon more favourably by potential customers.

Once they have forty Google reviews. As long as they get one review a month. They will start appearing higher in Google search results. Because they are clearly. Very good at what they do in their business says Edmonton business coach.

The initial marketing efforts do not even have to cost money. And take just a little bit of an entrepreneur’s time. However, a must work hard at these marketing and advertising initiatives.

And then ensure in their calendar, that they keep working at them. So that they can find enough customers. To have a functional business, that is bringing in revenue at all times.