Edmonton Business Coach | Ensure Your Marketing Yields Results

Edmonton Business Coach | Ensure Your Marketing Yields Results

Putting together a marketing plan is vital says Edmonton business coach. And yet, even though it can help most entrepreneurs succeed. It is not done by many. And, they will not succeed the way they should because of it.

Edmonton Business Coach

In fact, there is an extremely high failure rate. For entrepreneurs within Canada, and while people might think. There is a multitude of reasons why. Entrepreneurs could not succeed. The fact of the matter is quite simple.

While the failure rate for businesses in Canada is at approximately 50%. There are only three reasons. Why these business owners fail. And the number one reason, is because they can’t find enough customers.

Since not being able to find enough customers. Is number one reason why entrepreneurs are not successful. That shows how important a great marketing plan is. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with this.

Especially because they’ve never had to put together marketing plan before. And there are hundreds of different types of marketing. And most of them, cost an exceptionally large amount of money.

Money, incidentally that entrepreneurs. Have very little of. Especially in the beginning. And therefore, they don’t part with easily. Especially on marketing, that they are not sure will be effective.

This is where Edmonton business coach comes in handy. They do know the best marketing initiatives. Especially for small businesses. And especially for businesses on a budget. But, before people start pouring money into it.

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They need to do a bit of work in their business. So that they can be sure. That their marketing initiatives. Are likely to convert to potential buyers. Into customers that spend money with the business.

One of the first exercises that they will work with their clients on. Is figuring out their differentiation factors. What these are, are the things that make the business. Different than their competition.

We can have a great brainstorming session. And think of as many things as they can. And then, they will focus on the few. That are the most unique. Or the most sought after.

It could be things like they have better service, better products or materials. They have better locations. Or that they have found something innovative. That no other business like there’s has.

This often is very easy for the entrepreneurs to do says Edmonton business coach. Because they have likely been in their industry. For many years, and are driven to open their own business.

Because they see that their industry is locking something. And that’s what they want to bring to the industry that they know very intimately. Once they have the differentiation factors.

That is going to be what they sell on. And who their ideal customers will be. Are the people that find those differences important. When they have this information. It will be more likely to get results from their marketing messages.

Because they will know their ideal client is. They will know the message to send to them. And, Edmonton business coach will know how to find them. They are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Edmonton Business Coach | Ensure Your Marketing Yields The Best Possible Results

Marketing is one of the most important things in business says Edmonton business coach. However, few businesses focus on this at all. And if they do, they don’t focus on it enough.

Marketing is perhaps one of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do. Simply because they will not find the customers they need. Without doing some kind of marketing.

This is why it should be the first things that an entrepreneur does. In order to help them succeed in business. According to industry Canada, not only do 50%. Of all small businesses fail within five years of opening their business.

But the number one reason why these businesses fail. Causing about 43% of them to shut the doors to their business permanently. Is that they are unable to find customers they need. To remain viable in business.

This just goes to show that marketing needs to happen. And it should be something that is done consistently, before the lifetime of their business. The sooner they can focus on it.

The more likely they will be to find the customers they need. To sell the products and services to. But what message they send, and how they get that message out. Is important.

Edmonton business coach happens to know that 88% of all customers. Look at Google reviews before they decide to purchase products or services from a company. The matter how they found that company.

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Whether they found them online, word-of-mouth referrals. Or drive-by the location. Customers will look at that important social proof. So that they will have confidence that the business is good at what they do.

If not nor does not have enough Google reviews in their business. Then they can drive traffic to their business all day long. They will be less likely to purchase anything. Without those reviews.

That’s why one of the first initiatives that Edmonton business coach asks their businesses to do. Is to get a Google business listing. And start gathering Google reviews. As quickly as they can, ideally before they even open the doors to their business.

That way, they can start attracting customers. To their business, as soon as they do open the doors to their business. And the minimum number of Google reviews that people should be aiming for. Is 40, the reason why that number is important.

Is because the average business has less than 40 Google reviews and it. So if a business can get to 40. They are better-than-average. And that’s when they are more likely to inspire customers.

To buy products and services from them. As well, there Google search results. Start appearing higher. When they get that many Google reviews. As they will clearly be very good at what they do.

When entrepreneurs are ready to work with an Edmonton business coach that will help them. Achieve the success they desire. Inspired method marketing and coaching is ready to work with you.