Edmonton Business Coach | Employees Follow The Leader


Edmonton Business Coach | Employees Follow The Leader

Hi there. Welcome to the Edmonton business coach Inspired Method YouTube channel. My name is Trevor. This is Karen. And today our topic is employees follow the leader.

Here’s a quick quote from Henry Ford. Work mixed with management becomes a not only easier but more profitable. The time has passed when anyone can boast about hard work without having a corresponding result to show for it.

Here’s a quick stat. 84% of buyers now kick off their buying process with a referral.

That’s true. I’ve actually been in sales, I look back and there’s always that asking for those referrals like before you even start selling. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. But you want to get people’s attention right away.

And the first question, when someone contacts you should be, how did you hear from us? How did you hear about us? Business owners or managers expect their employees and subordinates to follow the rules that they themselves don’t. It’s no wonder there is friction and underperformance in the workplace.

So Karen, first question that we have for you, Edmonton business coach, is can a business owner, expect employees to show up on time if they don’t?

No. If you even look at parenting with your kids, if you say one thing and do another, they’re going to do what you do, not what you say. So it’s the same thing in a employee, employer environment. If you want those employees to show up on time, have you ready to go? You have to set the tone by doing it. You always have to lead by example and that’s actually doing it. You’re the role model Edmonton business coach.

Yes. That is so true. Now the next question is what can business owners expect as a result of taking a sick day?

Oh, if you look at maybe most businesses, I would say things kind of maybe fall apart a little on that day if the owner is way sick. So I think probably those employees probably don’t take everything as serious as they have someone breathing down their neck. It’s an ownership thing, taking ownership. And generally employers are the ones who take the ownership and employees generally aren’t.

And the other thing that you can count on happening is if you take a sick day, everyone else is going to take at least three sick days. Oh yes. No, multiply three sick days by the amount of people you have in your organization. And that is a lot of days just because you decided to take a sniffle day off, a weak sauce day. So don’t do it unless you are willing accept the consequences of that action, Edmonton business coach.

Karen, the other question we have is if you have a habit of brushing off employee meetings, what will they do with their deadlines?

They will brush those deadlines off. They’ll just keep pushing it back because they don’t take you seriously if you’re not meeting those obligations or you know what you intended to do, if you’re going to change it, that sets the tone, that sets the example. And of course, Edmonton business coach, they’re going to do the same thing. Unless they’re really intrinsically motivated, they’re going to adhere to whatever externally is going on.

So yeah, that’s really not going to happen. They’re all going to every time flake out on that meeting. Yeah, that’s it might be one in a million. Yeah. And keep that person.

Another question for you Edmonton business coach Karen, if you speak harshly to everyone, what can you expect from the frontline workers in your business with your customers?

They again, will mimic what they’ve heard and the same tone that they’ve heard is going to definitely come out in how they deal with the clients or potential clients on the phone. Maybe coming into the office and again, it, it really relates to a parent child relationship. You do that in the home. The kids are just going to mimic that. There were kind of just imitate what’s around us, what you know, what we see and what we hear that sets it kind of solidifies it in our actions, in our minds. So yeah, you definitely have to watch that as an employer to keep the tone way you want it. You have to actually do it yourself.

Yeah. It’s a sounding a whole lot like parenting, right Edmonton business coach?

I thought you were coming to hear about Edmonton business coach ideas, but really, yeah, you’re welcome for the parenting episode at the same time, you know? And it feels like that in the office environment, it feels like a family. We have a lot of employees here and, and they’re, you know, younger than us. So we do feel like parents at times, and it’s just the way it is. You’d want to foster the environment the way you want it.

What happens when you don’t communicate your passion for the mission with your staff?

Your staff are left guessing on where are we going. Or maybe they don’t even care. So either they don’t know and they’re not going to ask or they just don’t even care and they just take a paycheck. Right? You need to actually share that and really show the value in that mission and get them to internalize it almost as well as their mission as well. Excellent.

Excellent. Now the next question that I have for you, Edmonton business coach, is can you expect employees to do what you have not, or not willing to do?

No, you can’t expect it because again, it sets the tone. Um, like even if it’s just cleaning the bathroom or maybe putting the dishes in whatever it is, if you want it done, you’re going to have to model it and show that you’re even willing to, you know, not have that entitlement and you’re willing to just do what has to get done to make the business successful.

Oh yeah. That should be motto. Should make a tattoo or a tee shirt out of that because they weren’t good morning. All right. Edmonton business coach. We have line of tee shirts coming out. They’re going to be all the slick sayings that we come up with during our videos. Yeah. Okay.

So once you’ve done certain tasks, is it okay to delegate them to others in order to scale?

Of course. That’s definitely the goal, Edmonton business coach. You don’t want to always be doing those tests. You don’t want to keep cleaning the toilets at the office. You don’t want to, you know, do the mundane tasks that don’t take as much of the skills necessary. You want to be able to scale what you have and maybe I’m hired people that can do that or outsource some of those things to another, like contract them out because that allows you to scale and helps you to really hone your skills where you can use them the best tasks that not everybody can do.

Okay. Now here’s the big question that I think a lot of people would be interested in hearing, Edmonton business coach. Can you expect anyone in your company to work harder than you?

No, you cannot. It’s always going to come from the top down. Everything is always communicated from the top down. So if you, if you want them to work hard, you’re going to have to work even harder. Just like if you don’t want them to take sick days, three sick days, you can’t even take just one. So you have to, yeah, it’s like an exponential difference.

Yeah. You have to put in the time. You’ve got to put in the time if you expect other people to, to be willing to do that. The same thing when being an Edmonton business coach.

Karen, the next question that I have for you is, is it possible to eventually step back and be an owner instead of the CEO?

Yes, it should be. That should be a goal, like you don’t want to, I guess maybe it depends what your goals are, but if you want to do multiple things, you can’t be the CEO of every multiple stream that you’re doing. Eventually you want someone to can take over. That does take ownership. Of course you need to be in communication with them, but yeah, I don’t know if you want to add anything to that.

Yeah, for sure. Well, a goal for us in our Edmonton business coach business is to eventually step back, right? We don’t want to be here doing these videos all the time, let’s say. And we don’t necessarily want to be doing the, the nitty gritty nuts and bolts things. So that’s why you have to set up systems, processes and also develop team members within your company who have the same vision, passion for business and for the customers as you do so that eventually you can nominate that person as the CEO of the company and they can run it for you and do all the things that you’re doing while you can step back and do other endeavors, whether that’s, you know, um, philanthropic ideas or another business that you wanted to get started. Eventually you want to be able to step away from because the whole point of being in business is for that business to serve you, not for you to be a slave to that business for the rest of your life.

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