Edmonton Business Coach | Don’t Be a Hero Get Help

Edmonton Business Coach | Don’t Be a Hero Get Help

Hi. Welcome back to Inspired Method Marketing here on YouTube. We are your Edmonton business coaches. My name’s Karen. This is my husband, Trevor. And today we’re going to be talking about don’t be a hero. Get help. Seth Godin says your most generous and insightful work needs help finding the people it’s meant to serve, and your most successful work will spread because you designed it to excellent. More than 50% of online US traffic originates from mobile devices. As an Edmonton Business coach, I’d like to give little statistics to give you guys a clue that the world revolves around mobile friendly. Everything. Yeah, everything was really done. Their phones like all kinds of robots. But that that’s our livelihood though, right? So it’s that we function now so many new entrepreneurs adhere to the old thing that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. The this only reveals one thing. You are a crappy manager. I like that. So true. So do people that are drawn to self employment or they also prone to having big Egos?

When you’re talking about yourself, people who are drawn to self employment, they are big. They have big egos, right? They feel they can do everything themselves. The reason they got started in the first place, a lot of them because they were tired of working for somebody who they thought they could do better than and they decided that they’re going to go out on their own and make it happen. And that’s typically when people are drawn to being self employed, that’s just how it is. Was that the way it was for us? Well, yes and no. I didn’t want to work for anybody else because I wanted time freedom and financial freedom and I knew that doing what I was doing was not going to get me there. So, a little bit of an ego, you have to, you have to have a little bit of that self confidence, a little bit of that, “I’m going to make this happen”. If it’s going to be, it’s up to me that has to be part of your ego. Otherwise you’re just going to stay in slave mentality and not make that shift.

Yeah. So, what can Edmonton business owners learn from doing it themselves first, Edmonton business coach?

Well, doing it yourself first shows the rest of your team that you’re willing to do it right. Even if you task back to somebody else in the future, if you’re at least willing to do that task or that thing, whether it’s cleaning toilets and washing the floors, whatever, showing the team that there’s nothing that you won’t do for your own business that you, you’re asking them to do, then it helps build team. It helps build that credibility, spirit and team spirit. Absolutely. So there’s always a good benefit from that. Plus you’ve already done it and you can show somebody else how to do it and you can create the system around what you’re doing so that no matter who is doing that, you’ve got the system in place and you can replicate it no matter who was there. Yeah. This next question is actually a fun one.

What is the 30 day alien abduction test?

Well, the 30 day alien abduction test. Is there a, so imagine that you and your top managers were abducted by aliens.

Would your business still be able to function? Would it still operate without you being there?

That’s the true test as to whether you have a business or if you have a job, you’ve created a job for yourself.

So, as an Edmonton business coach, do you have the systems in place? Are they repeatable, duplicatable, and can anybody do them? And if not, you need to work on that and do the test again. Go through an evaluation and see, okay, so this system here, if I was gone, would that completely fall apart?

There’s always going to be something that run a little bit better when you’re there. But if you can go away for 30 days and your business is still somewhat the same when you come back, then you’ve done a good job. And that means you can take a break. That means you can go on a vacation. He means, if something was to happen to you for 30 days or even longer. So, you got in a car accident or there was something, a sickness or whatever that your business would continue, and you wouldn’t, you could lose it all. So it’s very good to think like an entrepreneur and shift out of the ”I’ve got to do everything myself” mentality.

What should you do with the information gathered from the alien abduction test?

Well that’s the clear winner there is you can learn what systems need to be built. Right now as an Edmonton business coach, we take people through that process and we help them to determine, okay, where are your systems breaking down, what do you have systems for and where don’t you have systems and how can we improve on those?

Nothing’s going to be perfect read out of the gate, but at least if you have templates, systems, schedules and things in place, then you can function like a Mcdonald’s, like a franchise system and you can just continue to, to grow, plug people in and build a team. Absolutely. Yeah. So I’m Shannon should and entrepreneurs start this process with the list of passwords. Yeah. You should always start this alien abduction test with a list of your passwords. Because let’s say you, you need somebody to perform a task and it requires going online or going to your different accounts, then you need somebody to be able to go in there and nothing’s worse than tasking somebody with updating something and you don’t have the password so many times to us too. Yeah, I’ve been very frustrated. So you’re trying to get into something, even if it’s just a piece of software that’s web based and you don’t have a password to get in there, stops.

Everything stops the program. So if you have those lists of passwords, then that’s the place to begin. And you can direct people on how to get to that list of passwords and get access to that website or that piece of software and get the ball rolling. So yeah, it’s a good place to start. Should a business use a standardize filing system? Yes. Standardized filing system is critical to the 30 day abduction test because nothing worse than somebody saving a document or a file, an image somewhere and they can’t find it. Right Karen? Yes. That happened to me last night to upload it to submitted for marks. Exactly. So not cool. So having a standardized way to save your files and it means that anybody can find them. It’s like you wrote this for me. No, when I was thinking of you. See we all have our weaknesses. Duction test my, my main weaknesses. You minus. Is there anything else?

Okay, well, can an Edmonton business coach or a  business owner step away from billing and collections eventually?

Yeah. I mean cause you don’t want to be having to do that. Can you imagine if you’re wanting to go on vacation and billing is in the middle of the month and you left the day before and a no money could come into your business for 30 days or two weeks or whatever. That’d be ridiculous. Wouldn’t be able to pay your bills, wouldn’t be able to pay the employees, wouldn’t be able to do any of that stuff. So it shouldn’t be dependent upon you forever and ever. You should have some trusted people with of course checks and balances in place and you look over it of course, but you don’t, you shouldn’t have to do the billing process the payments and all that. Or somebody else in your office.

Yeah, absolutely. Because when you’re in the beginning stages, you’re doing a lot of, wearing a lot of hats and you can create the procedures for doing that. Right. That’s the beautiful thing about doing it yourself first. Yeah. So yeah, find out where the holes are. Yeah. So how does creating checklists and templates help automate those routine tasks? Well, what it does is it allows you systematically make us step by step list of what has to get done in a sequence. It needs to be done so that there’s consistency throughout so that no matter who is doing it, the checks and balances are there and it’s done. Right.

Yeah. Just like an accounting, right. In the opinion of an Edmonton business coach, what is the difference between templates and checklists?

Well a template is something that would follow as the outline and a checklist is just ticking the boxes. So, I need to do this check, I need to do that check. And the next thing on the list, checking and template. For instance, we have templates for creating videos, creating YouTube outlines that as a template. So, it tells us what has to be done, what information do we filled out? And then a checklist is just making sure that each step in the process was completed.

Okay. How does the 30 day alien abduction test help Edmonton business coaches scale their business?

When you’re able to create systems, templates, checklists, schedules, all of these things that are very important to creating a systematized business, then you’re actually able to grow bigger than where you are now. Because just like one of the greatest business systems on the planet, Mcdonald’s, it’s run completely by teenagers, right? Very low edgy education. Cause they’re still in school. Very low aptitude and abilities. Very, very limited experience. But they can run a multimillion dollar restaurant. Right. So think about that because they have systems. If they didn’t have those systems, there’d be no hope that they could build to over, almost 3000 restaurants worldwide serving 40 billion people, every day. It’s incredible what they can do. So that’s the kind of system that you’re able to do in you. I’m not saying you’re going to become like Mcdonald’s, but you’re able to scale and grow beyond where you are now if you have proper systems.

Well, thank you for sharing that with us. So, if you guys need help, contact us at inspiredmethod.com or stay in touch with us here on YouTube. Send us a comment and Edmonton business coaches can help you get started even how to set up your templates and your checklists. Give you some ideas of what resources we’ve used to do that in our business and help you scale your business. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel like the video if you got something out of it and we’ll see you guys on the next video. Bye.